Beaches of the Philippines
Philippines, which comprises 7,107 islands, is also sometimes referred to as "The Beach capital of Asia". Read the following article to know more about the exotic beaches of this country.
Brazilian Beaches
Brazilian beaches are known for their beauty and rocking nightlife. Here's a look at some of the most popular beaches in Brazil.
Cancun Beaches
Whether it's a lazy evening by the seaside, or one that is filled with adventure, Cancun beaches have loads in store for you. Here's a peek at some of the most frequented beaches and the kind of fun you can expect on a trip there.
Top 10 Beaches in the World
Relaxing at the beach can be a beautiful getaway from a busy lifestyle and is also one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. If you enjoy lazing in the sand, or surfing, or gazing at the endless stretch of water,...
Best East Coast Beaches for Families
Beaches are a favorite vacation spot for many of us. Nothing can be as pleasurable as watching and taking a dip into the clear blue sea. The following are some of the beaches, that come with some of the best activities, dining and...
Best Beaches in Sydney
Best beaches in Sydney
Sydney harbors some of the best beaches you can find across the globe. Read the following article to find out the best beaches in Sydney, Australia that you shouldn't miss out on...
Best Beaches in USA
The United States is covered with water from most of its sides, so to find the best beaches in USA is a difficult task as there are many options. Let's explore some of the top most beaches in the US where you can unwind with...
Best Beaches in France
France has the most beautiful beaches in the world, a fact that can never be disputed. Ranging from quiet, secluded beaches to ones bustling with activity, France has it all.
French Riviera Beaches
The French Riviera beaches are among the most popular in Europe, and are frequented by well-heeled Americans and Britishers. The French Riviera comprises endless stretches of sun-kissed beaches washed by gentle waters.
Best Beaches in California
Give yourself a break from your mundane life and get a revitalizing treat in some of the best beaches in California. What are these beaches? Find out from the guide below.
South Carolina Beaches
Are you feeling stressed out? Need a break? Then pack your bags and don't forget your swimsuits, because here is information on some great beaches in South Carolina that are sure to enchant you with their moderate swell and great...
Best Beaches in Florida
Located between the Gulf of Mexico to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Florida has an enviable 1100 miles of beaches. Come and explore its best beaches.
History of Daytona Beach
The Sun, the sand, and the sea with bikes, car racing and a friendly society is awaiting your arrival! Welcome to Daytona- world's most famous beach. It is the perfect holiday destination for every age and a popular choice for...
History of Long Beach, California
Long Beach California―this is where the action begins. Boat cruises, spectacular aquariums, historical ranches, and scrumptious food. California is even richer than its vivid scenes you witness today. Take a trip down memory...
Best Pet-friendly Beaches in the United States
Pet-friendly beaches in the United States
A trip to the beach just isn't fun if you can't take your beloved pooch along. But fret not, as Buzzle brings you a list of the coolest pet-friendly beaches across the United States.
Top 10 Most Dangerous Beaches in the World
Why some beaches are dangerous
Never thought that a place as beautiful and magical as a beach could be dangerous? Time to give that another thought. Apart from high tides and rebellious underwater currents, find out what makes beaches dangerous. Brush up your...
List of Most Crowded Beaches in the World
Aircrafts fly low over crowded Maho Beach
When someone says that the beach is where the world takes its vacation, it is certainly not an exaggeration. If you don't believe me, take a trip to any of the beaches mentioned here. Presenting the most crowded beaches in the world.
Think Twice Before Entering These Waters
Fact about Nile river in Egypt
Swimming or water surfing is what people love to do on vacations. It is indeed a great way of spending time. However, one needs to be aware of the dangers of waters before taking the plunge.
7 Best Beaches in Mexico
Best beach in Mexico - Playa del Carmen
Mexico is one of the prime spots for coastal vacations. It has a huge variety in its coastal destinations, and none disappoints. Here is a list of some of the best beach destinations in Mexico.
Beaches in North Carolina
North Carolina beaches
North Carolina lies on the east coast of the US and is a popular seaside destination. Here's a look at some of the best beaches adorning its 300-mile coastline.
Costa Rica Beaches
Costa Rica beaches
Warm waters year-round, naturally beautiful landscapes, pristine white sand, deep blue sea, and lush green rainforest, Costa Rica, meaning 'rich coast' in Spanish, is an apt name for this tropical beach paradise.
Best Beaches in Puerto Rico
Best beaches in Puerto Rico
Sun, surf, and sand―Puerto Rico's beauty, among other things, also lies in its beaches. Buzzle brings you the best beaches of the region in this article. Beach fans, begin to take notes.
Secluded Beaches in Florida
Sunset at Bowman's beach in Sanibel
Florida is one of the most amazing holiday destinations in the world. The long stretches of beaches, the soothing weather, and the natural beauty prevalent throughout the state ensure tourists flock to it year after year. While...
Best White Sand Beaches in Florida
White sand beaches in Florida
Yes, we're all aware how Florida is every beach lover's favorite destination. But we aren't talking about just any beach here. Buzzle lists the best white sand beaches in the Sunshine State.
10 Best Secret Beaches in the World
Best secret beaches in the world - Anse Source d'Argent, Seychelles
Exploring untrodden paths is both exciting and challenging at the same time. Buzzle brings to you an interesting list of some of the so-called secret beaches, which are, as of now, under the radar.
Top 10 Shelling Beaches in the US
Top shelling beaches in the United States
Avid shell collectors are always on the lookout for different beach destinations to fulfill their hobby. Buzzle gives you a list of the topmost shelling beaches in the United States.
Best Beaches in Phuket You Should Not Miss
Kamala beach in Phuket
Sun, sand, surf, and Phuket. Seriously, what more does a beach bum need in one lifetime? Phuket is every beach-seeker's dream destination, which is why Buzzle article all the lowdown on the island's best beaches.
8 Famous Beaches in Los Angeles
Santa Monica Pier - Famous Beach in Los Angeles
Los Angeles is famous for more than its longstanding association with Hollywood. Read on, to know more about its fantastic beaches, which are a huge draw for tourists the world over.
Must-visit Beaches in New Zealand
Koekohe beach, New Zealand
New Zealand boasts of numerous beaches, each having its unique characteristic. This Buzzle article brings to you a list of some of the must-visit beaches in the country.