How to Get Rid of Bats
Here are a few tips to get rid of bats, when they leave their roost in search of food.
How to Build a Bat House
Bats are peaceful nocturnal creatures that live in the hollows of trees and in caves as well. But due to the loss of natural habitat, they are often left without any choice of where to go. Feel the need to help these creatures, and...
Facts about Bats
Bats do not depend upon their senses for their night-time vision. Instead, they make fast, high-pitched squeaks which are called ultrasounds.
Facts about the Grey Long-eared Bat
Facts about the grey long-eared bat
The grey long-eared bat is a rare, medium-sized European bat. This nocturnal mammal is an intriguing creature, and it is often confused with the brown long-eared bat. Buzzle presents some facts about this interesting nocturnal...
Facts About the Egyptian Fruit Bat
Fact about the Egyptian Fruit Bat
The Egyptian fruit bat is a fascinating creature, and many people have started keeping them as pets. This Buzzle post enlists some interesting facts about this flying mammal.
List of Different Types of Bats
Types of bats
Broadly speaking, there are just two types of bats, megabats and microbats. However, between them, they account for more than 1,240 extant species of these flying mammals. In this Buzzle article, we take a general overview of the...
Why Do Bats Hang Upside Down?
Reason why bats hang upside down
You must have seen them hanging upside down. But why do bats hang that way? Read to find out.
Is it Possible for Bats to See in the Dark?
Bats are nocturnal mammals, who have an amazing night vision. The following article elaborates on how these mammals use their senses to navigate their way through the night.