Wonderful Nautical Theme Decoration Ideas for a Cute Baby Shower
Are you looking for some interesting theme for baby shower? Then how about a nautical theme. In this article we are going to discuss nautical decorations for a baby shower. Read on...
Throw a Stunning Safari-themed Baby Shower That No One Can Beat
Planning to have a safari themed baby shower? Take a look at the article given below to know how to plan one with this theme.
How to Plan a Fun Monkey-themed Baby Shower They'll Be Crazy For
Planning to have a monkey-themed baby shower? Kudos on thinking of such a great idea to have the most exciting party to celebrate this special news of arrival of that little one. Now that the theme has been decided, you will need...
7 Wonderful Gift Ideas to Acknowledge Your Baby Shower Hostess
Gift ideas for your baby shower hostess
If your close friend or relative has thrown a wonderful baby shower party for you, what better way to thank her than gifting her something she would love! Here, we bring you some gift ideas for your baby shower hostess.
You Can't Go Wrong With These Baby Shower Invitation Templates
If you are planning a baby shower for your sister or best friend, then you need to make sure that the baby shower invitations are perfect. You can use some unique invitation templates.
Super Macho Baby Shower Favors for the Men Not to Feel Left Out
Baby showers are no more an 'all women's event', as more and more people are hosting a co-ed baby shower. Let's discover some ideas on baby shower favors for male guests, through this article.
Superb Centerpiece Ideas for a Girl's Baby Shower You Can't Miss
Making creative baby shower centerpieces is not as difficult as you think. Scroll down to find interesting and easy ideas on making baby shower centerpieces.
Eye-catching and Creative Prize Ideas for a Memorable Baby Shower
The perfect baby shower party is incomplete without amazing prizes for the guests. Here are some options that will make choosing prizes a little easier for you.
Adorable Homemade Baby Shower Centerpieces New Moms Will Adore
If you've been looking for homemade baby shower centerpieces, then let us look at some easy ways to make them.
These Inexpensive Baby Shower Decorations Will Thrill Your Guests
A baby shower is a way of celebrating the impending arrival of a baby into the lives of the parents and family. It is a happy event, that is generally celebrated by women, along with the mother-to-be.
Super Charming Sayings for Baby Showers to Make You Super Glad
Baby shower sayings are the best way to tell your near and dear ones about the impending new arrival. The following article will help you find some interesting sayings to convey your joy.
Beautiful Homemade Baby Shower Gift Ideas New Moms Will Treasure
Homemade gifts are a good option if you are don't want to buy a gift for a person. The following article provides information about the various gift ideas for an expecting mother on the baby shower.
Innovative and Fun Co-ed Baby Shower Games That Men Will Love Too
Are you planning to throw a co-ed baby shower instead of the traditional women only party? Well, if you are, then here are some fun games that you can have at the party that you are hosting to celebrate the imminent birth of a kid.
You Can Make These Awesome Baby Shower Gifts at Home Itself
If you have a baby shower to attend, and are on too tight a budget to buy a gift, then you can try to make a gift at home. In this Buzzle article, we give you a few ideas for baby shower gifts that you can easily make at home.
These Emotional Baby Shower Thank You Sayings Will Melt Anyone
Baby shower thank you sayings do not have to be flowery. All you need to do is let the other person know how much you are grateful for him/her to join in the celebration.
Touchingly Sweet Thank You Wordings Perfect for Any Baby Shower
As the guest of honor at a baby shower, you will be expected to send out notes after the party. In this article, we give you some verses and wording examples that you can refer to draft your own thank you cards.
Lovely Baby Shower Thank You Notes to Express Your True Gratitude
After the baby shower, it is necessary to send thank you notes to your friends for their presence and gifts. Presented below are some tips and examples for writing baby shower thank you cards.
Men, Cry No More! Here are Some Cool Baby Shower Games for You All
A couple baby shower is unique with all aspects, like the favors, decorations, games, etc. Here is an article that will guide you with some exciting and interesting baby shower games for men.
Fun Games to Play at a Baby Shower That Guarantee Entertainment
There are quite a few games that can be played at a baby shower, that can make it a fun experience for you and your friends. Read this article to know which ones are they.
Must-know Etiquette for a Second Baby Shower to Avoid Any Hiccups
Throwing a second baby shower is no more a taboo, where it is perfectly fine to arrange one for the mother-to-be. Let's take a look at the rules of etiquette when it comes to a second baby shower.
Who Says You Can't Have a Thrilling Baby Shower for a Second Baby?
Are you planning a baby shower for second baby? This article will help you with all the necessary things you need to keep in mind while having a baby shower for your second baby. Read on...
Your Ultimate Checklist to Plan a Great Hassle-free Baby Shower
Planning a baby shower may seem to be a daunting task, but if you chalk out a checklist, your job will get easier. Here is one such checklist which would help you to avoid any last minute confusion and running around.
Steal These Super Cute Baby Shower Decoration Ideas Immediately
Baby shower is an endearing occasion for to-be-moms and dads. So, they want this party to be unique and best. Here are some decoration ideas to beautify the party room.
Easy and Ingenious Homemade Baby Shower Favors You Can Make
A baby shower is a party hosted in honor of a mother-to-be, usually by her friends or family members. Traditionally, a shower was attended only by women, though some contemporary showers include men.
These Warm Wording Ideas for Baby Shower Invites Will Melt Hearts
Framing invitation wording for a baby shower, can be a very daunting process because you want it to be unique and the readers should find it very short and sweet. Here are some cute samples of baby shower invitation wording ideas...
Making Your Own Baby Shower Favors Was Never This Easy
Baby showers are thrown to welcome the arrival of your baby in this world. As a token of thanks, you would wish to gift your guests with something. This article will give you ideas on how to make your own baby shower favors.
Yeehaw! Must-know Extraordinary Cowboy-themed Baby Shower Ideas
A cowboy-themed baby shower is a fun-filled way to celebrate the birth of a child. It is a medium to 'shower' the baby and mother with best wishes and necessary items required for baby care.
Get Crafty With These Effortless and Fun Ideas for a Baby Shower
Planning a baby shower party? Thinking of making crafts for baby shower party decorations? Then, check out the following wonderful ideas for crafts to make for baby shower.
You'll Love This Entertaining Candy Bar Game for Any Baby Shower
The baby shower candy bar game is one of the most popular ones that will fill the celebration with fun and excitement. Read the following article to understand the activity.
Finally, a Sports-themed Baby Shower for All Those Neglected Men
A baby shower is a traditional occasion which is generally attended by female friends and relatives of the expectant mother; though nowadays, men are also seen attending couple baby showers. When there is such a gathering, a sports...
Really Creative Baby Shower Gifts You Can Choose From
Oft, people are perplexed about what to give as a baby shower present. This article provides some ideas for creative baby shower gifts.
Have You Heard of These Amazing and Uber Cool Baby Shower Themes?
Want to delight the mom-to-be who is awaiting the arrival of her little one? Then, throw her a cute theme-based baby shower, complete with the right invitations, decor, menu, and much more, to help her and the other guests...
5 Unexpected Baby Shower Activities That Will Intrigue Everyone
Games add a fun element to any kind of celebration. Use the ideas given in the following article to plan a fun-filled baby shower.
The Best Ever Baby Shower Gifts to Make New Moms Glow With Joy
Choosing the perfect gift for the moms-to-be, need not be a headache with this list of the best baby shower gifts. Here are some amazing gifts that are sure to bring a smile to the face of the expectant mother.
Super Marvelous Baby Shower Ideas and Themes to Surprise Everyone
Baby showers are a fun gathering of friends who bring gifts and well wishes for the mother-to-be. This article lists some ideas and themes to make it a memorable day.
Simple Baby Shower Decoration Tips You'll Be Amazed to Know About
Are you spending sleepless nights worrying about the baby shower that you have planned next month? Here are some tips which will help you in making your plan a grand success and a memorable event.
8 Incredible Baby Shower Party Favors You'll Want to Steal Now
When it comes to a baby shower, thinking of party favors is not very difficult. There are many different ideas that you can consider. This article provides some suggestions.
Yummilicious and Cute Chocolate Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower
Chocolate lollipop bouquet
Chocolate is divine and almost everyone simply loves it. Why not use it as a gift to give a mother-to-be and brighten up the rest of her days during pregnancy? Why not give it to guests as a little thank you for sharing your joy at...
Cute Baby Shower Poems for Girls and Boys That'll Make You Go Awww
Baby shower poem
Baby showers are organized to celebrate the impending arrival of a baby and wish the expecting parents well in their new endeavor. Buzzle presents some short and cute poems on baby showers; be it a boy, girl, or twins, we have...
Bonny and Cool Owl-themed Baby Shower Decorating Ideas
Owl-themed baby shower decorating ideas
Picking an owl theme for a baby shower is a great idea because it can be used for a boy as well as a girl. This not only allows you to make last-minute changes, but also enables you to pick a neutral color in case the gender is not...
Top-class Baby Shower Table Centerpieces You Can Try
Cupcakes as baby shower centerpiece
A Baby shower is a special occasion for the mother-to-be. That's why, the decorations for the baby shower have to be exceptional. There are numerous baby shower table centerpiece ideas that you can incorporate in your party to make...
Highly Appreciated Baby Shower Thank You Note Wordings
Thank you note wording for baby shower guests
Sending thank you notes is the appropriate way to show your gratitude to your guests for their presence and gifts. In this article, you will find examples of wordings that can be used while making baby shower thank you notes at home.
Creatively Enchanting Homemade Baby Shower Invitations
Baby shower invitation
While baby showers have become quite the extravagant and creative affair, the invitations to these things are taking on a more creative spin as well. Here, we will give you examples of how to go about making some of the best...
Incredibly Special Baby Shower Table Decorations
Baby shower table decorations
The baby shower table is the center of attention of the party. It's decorated with themes synonymous to the auspicious occasion along with gifts and presents. Here we have explained the various ways to ornament a baby shower table.
Insanely Cute and Amazing Diaper Party Ideas
Diaper party idea
Diaper parties are not only gaining a lot of popularity these days, but they also have several concepts added to them, like beer parties.
For a Unique Baby Shower Try These Amazing Fall-themed Ideas
Fall-themed baby shower ideas
A fall-themed baby shower is perfect if you're looking for a theme to coincide with the grandeur that autumn comes with. Here are some ideas on how you can make it a roaring success.
Celebrate Your Baby Shower With These Fun Baby Trivia Games
Baby trivia games for your baby shower
The room is decorated, food is on its way, guests are arriving with their gifts, mommy and daddy too are ready and greeting the guests. The checklist is almost all checked out ... Oh wait! You forgot the baby trivia game!
Best Melodious and Joyful Songs to Play at a Baby Shower
Songs for baby shower
Music and celebrations go hand-in-hand, and if you are celebrating the arrival of your little bundle of joy, then the happiness just doubles. Buzzle lists out the best songs to groove at a baby shower.
Fabulous Ways How You Can Plan a Baby Shower on a Budget
Tip to plan a baby shower on a budget
Planning a baby shower doesn't have to cost the earth and a half anymore. We have some nifty ideas to help you throw a wonderful bash for the mommy-to-be while maintaining an even more wonderful budget.
It's a Girl! Lovely Princess-themed Baby Shower Ideas
Princess-themed cupcakes
A royal baby shower is a wonderful way to help the mommy-to-be to start creating memories for her soon-to-arrive bundle of joy. Buzzle has some lovely princess-themed baby shower ideas that will take the celebration of the baby's...
Winsome and Cute Giraffe-themed Baby Shower Ideas
Giraffe-themed baby shower card idea
Of the many themes that have become popular when hosting a baby shower, the giraffe-themed shower is probably one of the most versatile ones to bring into practice. We will take you through the varied ways in which this theme can...
Amazingly Creative Ideas for Planning an Eco-friendly Baby Shower
Eco-friendly baby shower invitation idea
Are you planning a baby shower for a mother-to-be who prefers a greener approach? Check out these innovative baby shower ideas that bring "reduce, reuse, and recycle" to a new level.
Delightfully Great Ideas to Organize a Blessingway Ceremony
Blessingway ceremony idea
A Blessingway ceremony is usually a more traditional, low-key alternative for a baby shower. It is an intimate ceremony that is sure to bind the guests and mother-to-be in a special bond as they join in the celebration of the birth...
Purely Magical and Awesome Under the Sea Baby Shower Ideas
Under the sea baby shower food ideas
For terrestrials like us, the world under the sea is intriguing. It's home to many different life forms. This variety and their beauty is so enchanting, that all of us feel like bringing a little bit of it home. And that's the...
Truly Wondrous and Amazing Rustic Baby Shower Ideas
Rustic baby shower idea
Someone has quite aptly said that a baby is a bit of stardust blown from the hand of God. The welcoming of a newborn with a baby shower is a wonderful way to tell all your kith and kin that a new member is on the way!
Rundown Instructions for Playing the Dirty Diaper Baby Shower Game
The dirty diaper baby shower game
A riotous, fun-filled game that will have all your guests in splits for sniffing diapers at the Baby Shower! Buzzle gives a hilarious account on how to create instructions for playing the Dirty Diaper Game.
What to Write in a Baby Shower Card to Phrase Your Endless Joy
Oftentimes it's tough to know what to write in a baby shower card. Let our words be yours as you let the mother-to-be know how proud you are of her and what awaits her in the future...
Unimaginably Unique Baby Shower Invitation Wordings
A baby shower wording reveals the pleasure and excitement of becoming a mom. Here are some unique samples of wording for baby shower invitations, take your pick.
Baby Shower Favors to Make at Home
There are tons of ideas for baby shower favors that you can make at home. Some of these have been mentioned in this article. Read it and you won't be so worried about them anymore.
Ideas for Cheap Baby Shower Favors
Simple gestures of admiration and gratitude go a long way in creating beautiful memories. Baby shower favors are one way of doing just that for your guests! Here are some ideas for cheap shower favors.
10 Printable Baby Shower Games Your Guests will Surely Enjoy
Baby shower game
Tired of the same old sentimental baby shower games? Buzzle has compiled 10 crowd-pleasing games you can print and enjoy playing with the guests.
Cute and Fun Halloween-themed Baby Shower Ideas
Halloween-themed baby shower
Truth be told, Halloween and baby shower don't make a humble union, and perhaps it may not be your first choice as well. However, this theme does play a unique and interesting role when it comes to planning a baby shower.
Free Printable Baby Sprinkle Invitations
Baby sprinkle invitation
The first step towards organizing a baby sprinkle for a family member or a friend is the invitations. To find the perfect design, Buzzle has provided 17 free printable baby sprinkle invitations in the following article.
Minnie Mouse-themed Baby Shower Ideas
Minnie mouse-themed baby shower ideas
Want a classic and fun theme for a baby shower? Try the Minnie Mouse theme, featuring the iconic Disney character with her huge bow and polka-dotted dress. This Buzzle article provides some great Minnie Mouse theme ideas for a...
A Guide to Plan a Baby Shower for Twins
Tip to plan a baby shower for twins
Planning a baby shower for twins is not as easy as it may seem. Hence, we've provided a simple guide and checklist that will help you plan this party successfully.
Homemade Baby Shower Decorations
Homemade baby shower decorations are a great way of using creative decoration ideas at an economical price. Scroll down to know how to make some cute and easy decorations for a baby shower...
Baby Boy Shower Themes
Baby boy shower theme
If thought over carefully, one can come up with numerous shower themes for a baby boy. They may seem a little complicated to arrange in the beginning, but can turn out to be brilliant if enough creativity is used while planning.
Coed Baby Shower Invitations
Having a coed theme can be a different sort of celebration than the traditional 'girls only' event before the arrival of the little one. Some unique coed baby shower invitations and wordings are given below.
Baby Shower Invitations for Twins
The D-day is nearing and you have to throw the biggest baby shower bash, as you are expecting twice the joy. Can't find the perfect baby shower invitations for twins? Here are a few invitation ideas that you can pick from!