Knitting Patterns for Kids
Knitting for kids
Knitting is easy. Yes, it is! Nothing can beat the satisfaction of knitting up a blanket or a cardigan yourself for your baby. Regardless of the pattern you choose to knit, a homemade knitted item created with love will be a...
6 Must-read Tips to Buy Affordable Designer Baby Clothes
Tip to buy affordable designer baby clothes
Today's parents want to go an extra mile to dress their babies in luxury apparel. Be wise, though, when spending for designer baby clothes, considering the fact that babies outgrow them pretty quickly!
Tips for Buying Newborn Baby Clothes That Young Parents Swear By
Tips to buy clothes for newborn babies
Buying newborn baby outfits can be tricky, because there are several things to be kept in mind regarding comfort, size, safety, and other similar factors. Buzzle enlists the factors that are important to consider before buying...
Read These 4 Tips Before Choosing the Right Swimwear for Your Baby
Choosing the right swimwear for your baby
When choosing baby swimwear, don't just choose the cutest outfit in the store. Check for other factors such as comfort, fit, and protection as well. Buzzle lists the factors that are important when choosing the right swimwear for...
How to Make Headbands for Babies
Looking to make some cute little headbands for your precious baby girl? Take a look at the instructions on making these pretty accessories, and the different varieties that can be made after learning the basics.
46 Really Funny and Cute Baby Onesie Ideas
Cute baby onesie idea
A baby onesie with a funny slogan or illustration is creative, practical, and can fetch you a lot of adorable pictures of the little one. With Buzzle, you get 46 different ideas of making your baby's onesie one of a kind.
Unisex Baby Clothes
Selecting baby clothes gets us excited, and effusively emotional. If you are expecting, it is time for you to pick up unisex baby clothes. So put on your shopping shoes, and get the shopaholic in you to buy the best for your baby!
Easy Knitting Patterns for Babies
Wondering what to knit for your bundle of joy? Scroll down for some easy knitting patterns and make scores of things for your baby.
Baby Clothes Sizes
Babies grow very rapidly. Hence, the clothes you received for your baby shower are likely to be too short for your baby, within weeks. Here is a complete baby clothing sizes guide that will help you shop.
Information on Organic Baby Clothes
Eco-friendly clothes are good for your baby's delicate skin, protecting it from skin allergies and various illnesses. They are made from organic cotton, which is grown without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals.