Cute Aztec Names for Baby Boys
Aztec baby boy name
Aztec names are just the right choice for a couple who want their baby boy to have a name, that is different from anyone else's. Buzzle lists out a variety of Aztec names with their meanings, so you pick the most suitable one for...
61 Cool Aztec Names for Your Baby Girl
Aztec name for your baby girl
Searching for a unique name for your baby girl? Well, Buzzle has listed out some names of the Aztec origin.
Aztec Pyramids
There were many interesting features about Aztec pyramids with regards to the kind of symbolism either in terms or color of forms. Here is a look at some details about the Aztec pyramids.
Aztec Mythology
The polytheistic mythology of the Aztec civilization is credited with over 100 gods and creatures with super-natural powers, who gave the world a unique and intriguing structure of religious beliefs.
Aztec Story of Creation
The Aztecs have their own version about the creation of earth. It may not connect with us very well especially with the theory of evolution known to us, but this was very prevalent during the olden times.
Aztec Temples
Fact about Aztec civilization
The Aztecs were prolific builders. They erected some of the most imposing and magnificent temples of their time. Here's a peek into what went in the creation of such marvelous edifices.
Facts on Aztec Rituals and Sacrifices
Did you know that the Aztecs had a hierarchical/ grading system for their Gods? To discover some amazing facts about the Aztec rituals and sacrifices, go through this Buzzle article...