Aztec Tattoos and their Meanings
Aztec Sun tattoo and its meaning
An Aztec sun tattoo was made in honor of the Aztec sun-god, called Huitzilopochtli. A left-handed hummingbird is used to symbolize a sun-god. The sun-god was the most important god to the Aztecs as he was said to be the guardian of...
12 Mayan Tattoo Designs
Mayan tattoos
Tattoos have always had a spiritual and religious significance in ancient civilization. Mayans marked their male and female offspring with images of Gods and warriors as symbols of protection. Their symbols make for some amazing...
Aztec Tattoo Designs
Aztec tattoos have become quite a rage, especially in the United States and Mexico. The designs vary from illustrating depictions of the Sun and Moon, animals and birds, priestesses and Gods, to warrior depictions, etc. This Buzzle...
Aztec Warrior Tattoos
Aztec warrior designs are one of the best symbols of strength in the tattoo world. Presented below is more information on the meaning of the Aztec warrior tattoo with some ideas for designs.
Tribal Aztec Tattoos
Aztec tattoos in the tribal form are equally popular as their colorful counterparts. Here is information on the meanings associated with some of the most popular Aztec designs.