The early symptoms of autism in toddlers are discovered mostly by their parents when they discover the inability of their children in doing those things which are commonly done by kids of their age. Autism is actually a disorder, which is related to the brain and this results into kinds of communication and interaction problems in the toddlers. The symptoms should not be ignored and brought to the notice of your doctor immediately for the right kind of treatment. Given below are the symptoms of autism in toddlers, which can play a major role in deciding the proper treatment for this disorder.

Prominent Symptoms

Though the symptoms of autism in toddlers are many, they can vary from one child to the other. The behavioral symptoms in toddlers include not looking into the eyes of a person or failing to make an eye contact, not giving response to any sort of dialog or expressions of the other people and showing signs of not knowing the people who the toddler sees every day. The inability to hear properly what is being said, making odd and unrequited movements of the body parts such as arms and legs, inability in some cases to convey the feelings and needs to the other person, getting very angry, frustrated or violent at a particular time, facing difficulty in understanding simple daily things and rebelling and not co-operating fully in the daily tasks are also the symptoms in toddlers, which should be monitored carefully.

The toddlers, who show unusual signs such as not being able to give proper response to the different kinds of sounds, which have been heard many times, being much more active than a toddler should ideally be at his/her age, showing no interest in playing or talking to other people and kids on a regular basis, showing lack of interest in eating food, having the habit of walking on the toes can also be the indicators of autism in toddlers. Some children and toddlers suffering from autism do not like the company of other people and they love to be alone and aloof from the rest of the world. Lack of stability of mind and finding it difficult to form correct sentences and speak even if taught many times are also symptoms. There are many toddlers and children suffering from autism, who are not able to bear the brightness of light in a room or outside. Generally, these children are used to doing the same things every day and do not respond in a positive way, if you introduce any kind of changes in their daily activities or routines. The children with autism may not respond even to fun things such as cuddling, smiling or on calling them by their names. The ability of understanding and interpreting information is less in the children and toddlers suffering from autism and they might show you odd patterns of behavior, like having everything only for themselves and not sharing it with others.

The pediatricians make use of the Checklist for Autism in Toddlers (CHAT) to detect the symptoms of this condition. Though autism is a very serious disorder, you can bring the life of your child back to normal (up to a certain extent) by taking all the treatments and precautions suggested by your doctors.