Australian Aboriginal Art Symbols and their Meanings
Australian Aboriginal art symbols
The use of symbols is very prominent in Australian Aboriginal art, and goes back to their cultural history. It is very evident from their rock paintings, cave paintings, body paint, ceremonial clothing, and sand painting. This...
Interesting Facts about Melbourne, Australia
Fact about Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne has been 'Top Five Most Livable Cities' in the world in the survey conducted by Economist Group's Intelligence Unit. Why not take the plunge and discover this land for yourself by finding out interesting facts about...
Top 10 Things to Do in Melbourne with Kids
Planning a trip to Melbourne with your family? Then you need to do little homework before you start packing your bags. Read on to know the top 10 things to do in Melbourne with kids, so that you don't miss out on any fun!
Australian Aboriginal Culture
This article will attempt to give you a glimpse of Australian Aboriginal culture and what all it covers. Have a read and explore this wonderful culture.
Places to See in Australia
Beaches and barbecues, smiling sun, pristine vivid waters, vibrant night-life, unusual wildlife, a rich spirit-land of Aboriginal Australians, whose enticing ancestral magic all comes together and has continually breezed in the...
Sydney Opera House History
Australia's cultural hub, the Sydney Opera House is a magnificent site and the pride of Australia, a monument that has stood firm as the symbol and icon of their tastes and history.
Australian Aborigines
Australian aborigines or Indigenous Australians are natives of the Australian continent. These descendants of the earliest known human inhabitants of the continent and the nearby islands are today forging ahead in every field.
Australia Can Be Exciting―But Look Out for Danger Down Under
Thousands of tourists head south to Australia each year for memorable vacations, but there are a few hazards that visitors should be aware of. Here is more on what you should be aware of on an Australian vacation.
The Whispering Wall of Barossa Valley
Barossa Valley is a beautiful region in South Australia known for its wine. In this Buzzle article, we give you some more information about the dam in this picturesque region.
A Civilized Savagery: The Story of Stolen Generations
The story of Australia's stolen generations is the story of cultural bigotry. Thousands of aboriginal children were forcibly taken away from their families, owing to the government policy. It is a story that raises questions about...
Meaning and Facts About the Australian Aboriginal Flag
Fact about the Australian Aboriginal flag
The Australian Aboriginal flag represents the Aboriginal people of Australia. It was designed by Aboriginal artist Harold Thomas, during the land rights movement in the early 1970s. Buzzle will enlighten you with some interesting...
Best Beaches in Sydney
Best beaches in Sydney
Sydney harbors some of the best beaches you can find across the globe. Read the following article to find out the best beaches in Sydney, Australia that you shouldn't miss out on...
Harbor Bridge - Sidney's Pride
One of the most graceful constructions, the Harbor Bridge is Sydney's pride. Inaugurated in 1932, this bridge continues to attract tourists apart from serving the people of Sydney. Here is more on this.
List of Australian Prime Ministers Since 1901
Australian prime ministers
Since 1901, Australia has had 28 Prime Ministers. Many have served one term, while there are few who served for two or three terms. This Buzzle article provides you with the entire list of Prime Ministers in the order of their term...
Interesting Facts About Mount Kosciuszko
Mount Kosciuszko facts
Australia is home to some of the most splendid attractions of nature. Among the many places to visit, there is Mount Kosciuszko, which is a treasure, filled with rare species of flowers and plants. This Buzzle post enlists some...
Australian Food Facts
Fact about Australian cuisine
From lamingtons and pavlova to kangaroo burgers and emu steaks, Australia has a cuisine that is as unique and varied as its wildlife and vegetation. Here are some interesting facts about Australian food.
Best Places to Visit in Australia
Places in Australia
Planning a holiday? Well, Australia can be your answer. If you like to explore the places on your own, then you always have the option of biking across different cities. However, if you do not have a longer vacation, then flying is...
Fun Facts About Australia
Kookaburra unique to Australia
Did you know that the Parliament House of Australia is one of the largest buildings in the Southern Hemisphere? It is located in Canberra.
Interesting Facts About Australia
Fact about Australia
The Land Down Under is an anomaly in many regards. It is an island, a country, and a continent at the same time. In many ways, Australia is a different world in itself. Perennially isolated geographically, the people and natural...
Facts About the Incredible 12 Apostles of Australia
Fact about the 12 Apostles of Australia
The Twelve Apostles of Australia refer to the row of limestone stacks which line the shore along the Great Ocean Road in the province of Victoria. Buzzle has a compilation of the most interesting facts about the incredible Twelve...
Common Australian Slang Terms With Their Meanings
Common Australian slang terms with their meanings
One of the most distinguishable traits among Australians is their thick accent. Here's the meaning of some of the more common Australian slang words, terms, and phrases.
List of Famous Aboriginal Australians
Famous Aboriginal Australians
The indigenous people of Australia have kept their community vibrant with a unique cultural mix of the contemporary and traditional types. Some of them have achieved local and international fame for their accomplishments. Buzzle...
Coober Pedy: The Underground Town of Australia
Fact about Coober Pedy
Coober Pedy, or the opal capital of the world, is popular for two things: first, the opal, and second, its exclusive underground housing. Get to know more about this barren-looking Australian land of mines, that actually nestles a...
Popular Foods in Australia
Popular foods in Australia - Meat Pie
A look at the Australian cuisine introduces one to a wide variety of interesting and delectable food items. So which are the ones commonly relished by people here? Let's find out with this article.
Interesting Facts About the Bungle Bungles
Interesting facts about the Bungle Bungles
Did you know that the Bungle Bungles is a mountain range in Australia? Well, here are some interesting facts about this unique geographical wonder.
Interesting Facts about Australian Wildlife
Fact about Penguin Island, Australia
A kangaroo hopping across the road is the first thing that is likely to cross your mind when you picture the Australian Outback. Though this semi-arid desert of Australia, known to be one of the least populated regions of the world...
Australian National Flag: History, Meaning, and Important Facts
Australian national flag day
Australia, one of the most developed nations in the world, has a flag that has survived a century of fame and success. It is laden with a rich historical background that accounts for its meaning and facts. This Buzzle article tells...
Budget-friendly Tips to Plan a Trip to Melbourne
Money saving tip at Melbourne
There's just that one thing which keeps us from hopping on a plane to Melbourne and enjoying a fabulous holiday there―the sky-high cost. But in this Buzzle article, we're attempting the unlikely, which is planning a trip to...
Ways to Save Money on Your Australian Vacation
Saving money on an Australian vacation
Seasoned travelers are in the know about how expensive Australia can actually be. However, irresistible as the country is, we've all got to visit it at least once. If you agree, read this Buzzle write-up that talks about planning...
Sydney Opera House Facts
Sydney Opera House, the landmark of Sydney is an architectural wonder. It's amongst the most recognizable prototypes that define the modern world. There are many fascinating facts regarding the inception of this marvelous complex.
Interesting Facts about Tasmania, Australia
When Tasmania was discovered by Abel Janszoon Tasman, it was not 'Tasmania' but 'Van Diemen's Land'. More interesting facts about Tasmania coming up in the following...
How to Plan a Trip to Australia
Has Australia been on your wish list for quite a while now? Then read the following article on how to plan trip to Australia, to get a step-by-step process...
Top Three Expat Paradises: Australia, Canada, and Thailand
A recent survey has come up with the conclusion that Australia, Canada, and Thailand top the list of 'best places to live and earn'. The survey, done by research company Freshminds, claim to have used many parameters when making...