Are Cyborgs Limited Only To Fictional Movies?
Cyborgs are not limited only to fictional movies
With the latest advancements in the field of robotic engineering, will there be a day when we see cyborgs in real life too? Well, though not it the literal sense, man has started using cybernetic parts to overcome his limitations,...
10 Real-life Human Cyborgs You Probably Didn't Know About
Human cyborgs
A cyborg refers to a being composed of organic as well as biomechatronic parts. While most of us are familiar with cyborgs in popular literature and music, and think of them as a thing of the future, quite a few human cyborgs do...
10 Applications of the SixthSense Technology
Application of the SixthSense technology
The future belongs to augmented reality projected through wearable technology. An enhanced digital lifestyle and a device that tracks gestures to capture the world around us sounds nothing less than surreal. This Buzzle article...
Best Augmented Reality Games
If you are a smartphone owner, the smart game to play on your phone has to be an augmented reality game. Read on to learn which are the best of the best AR titles, irrespective of smartphone OS.
Augmented Reality Games for iPhone
This reality takes you by storm with its next-gen technology features and awesome graphics. Take a look at the best augmented reality games for your iPhone, and take a step ahead in gaming!
Augmented Reality Games for Android
Android is a mobile computing OS that is used by millions of people from all around the world, and Augmented Reality is a phenomenal new technology that combines real-time images with virtual programs. As a result, there are...
Best Augmented Reality Apps
With iPhones and Android based phones getting extremely popular, the need for some innovative and useful apps is now stronger than ever. Augmented Reality is a technology that is being incorporated into some apps to make them far...
Augmented Reality Technology
One of the most interesting recent developments in mainstream mobile technology is the implementation of Augmented Reality technology. This enables us to see real objects and get real time virtual information about what we are...
What is Augmented Reality
Augmented reality is going to usher in the era of wearable technology and help people use it, in a better way. The basic concept is explained in this article.