How Do Different Bit Rates Affect the Quality of Sound?
Difference between high and low bit rate
If you love listening to music, be it jazz, dance, rock, or house, understanding bit rates is important. Buzzle helps you understand the concept of bit rate, and choose the appropriate one while downloading music.
How to Convert Audio to Text
If you want to convert audio to text, you would simply require an appropriate software and some input devices. This article centers on how to convert audio to text, software that is used for this purpose, and services that convert...
AAC Vs. MP3: Which One Has Better Sound Quality?
Comparison between AAC and MP3
AAC and MP3 are two of the most commonly found music/audio formats used today. But which one of them is the better audio compression format? Read this Buzzle article to find out.
How to Convert CDA Files to MP3 Format
Tip to convert CDA files to MP3 format
The formats available for listening to music are numerous, the most popular one being MP3. This Buzzle article tells you how to convert a CDA file to MP3 format.
Explanation of Speaker Impedance With Examples
Explanation of speaker impedance
We audiophiles just need to have the best sounding audio system. Custom making one appeals to us, but if we don't know what terms such as 4 ohm or 8 ohm that are mentioned on the speakers mean, then surely there will be a problem....
Difference Between Mono and Stereo Sound
Difference between mono and stereo sound
Many of us must have seen the word 'stereo' printed over our headphones or speaker systems, without giving any thought as to what it means. Some of us might even have heard about a seemingly obsolete term - mono. What are they? In...
Everything You Need to Know About the Ogg File Format
Fact about Ogg file format
A container or wrapper format defines the way in which audio, video, and metadata exist together in a computer-based file. The 'Ogg' file format is one such well-known free format available, which is designed mainly for quick...
Best Audio Mastering Software Reviews
With constant upgrades in technology, there is an escalating competition between good Digital Audio Workstations (DAW). You can have great DAWs that are free to use and paid ones like Pro Tools that offer great live audio...
Amplifier Problems
Troubleshooting problems in guitar amps or in car audio systems is just a matter of cross checking the connections and searching for defunct components. This article puts light on diagnosing common amplifier problems.
How to Make an Audio File
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How to Convert Audio into MIDI
Find simulating sounds of instruments fun? Learn how to convert audio into MIDI format, so that you can easily play around with the tempo, pitch, and octave of your music.
Best Audio Editing Software
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What are .shn Files
Wondering what 'shn' means? It stands for 'shorten', the name of an audio compression format. It enables compression of files without affecting the quality of their audio content. Here's more on SHN files.
Who Invented the CD Player
The CD player has come a long way from its antique beginnings as a gramophone. Learn about who invented the CD player and how it began a revolution in music-playing.
Audio CD Mastering
Audio CD mastering involves three steps. It is a mysterious technique that is known only by a few who are musically inclined. Take a look.
How to Remove DRM from WMV files
DMCA ideally makes it an offense to get around DRM technology, but there are ways for removing it legally. The article below will tell you how to remove DRM from WMV files.