Intro to Nonreligious Beliefs
If someone says they are nonreligious, they may mean one of many things, and understanding what this means is important in today's culture...
Top Five Reasons I'm an Atheist
With so many religions, the world over, is atheism a safe retreat for people who want out of this 'religion' retrace? As a scientist, I always followed logic over belief, and I present my personal favorite five reasons to be an...
Atheist Quotes
A compilation of some celebrated atheist quotes, which question the basic existence of God. Beware though, as these quotes may trigger a thought process in your mind, which may make you doubt the existence of the superior entity...
12 Misconceptions About Atheism
Misconception about atheism
Atheists do not accept any religion as their faith system, or do not believe in the existence of God. However, this thought is not well-received by others, and they're often criticized. This post speaks about some incorrect and...
Struggles of Being an Atheist
Struggles of being an atheist
God, religion, beliefs, and faith are very personal topics of choice. Religion and God(s) are often followed blindly; mostly because our forefathers believed in them. Atheism challenges such beliefs and forces us to look at life...
Atheist Vs. Agnostic
Atheist vs. agnostic
Atheist vs. agnostic, is the subject of this Buzzle article. The two terms are often used interchangeably. However, there are marked differences in the meaning and use of the words. Read on this article to know more on them.
The Church of Satan
Satanists claim that when all is said and done, they're really no different than anyone else.
Broken Mirror Superstitions
Why is it said that breaking a mirror results in seven years of bad luck?