What are Asteroids Made Of?
Composition of asteroids
Asteroids, also known as minor planets or planetoids, are small rocky and metallic celestial bodies that orbit the Sun. Read this Buzzle post to gain more information about these bodies, especially regarding their composition.
Interesting Facts about Asteroids
Belief about asteroid impact in Mexico
One of the most mysterious, yet interesting celestial bodies of our solar system, asteroids have captured the imagination of several scientists and researches, especially regarding their origins. They also have been represented in...
Earth-bound Asteroid to be Knocked Off by Russia
Russia is planning to knock off an asteroid that is bound for our planet Earth.
Impact of Asteroids
Among the various theories which try to trace the cause of mass extinctions on the planet, one widely accepted theory hints at the impact of asteroids. It is backed by the fact that there do exist some examples of hard-hitting...