Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence
Pro and con of artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence of machines. It is about designing machines that can think. Researchers also aim at introducing an emotional aspect into them. How will it affect our lives? Read this Buzzle article...
Applications of Artificial Intelligence
Applications of artificial intelligence
Applications of artificial intelligence (AI) are a convergence of cutting edge research in computer science and robotics. The goal is to create smart machines, that can perform complex tasks on their own. The applications of the...
Magical Objects That May See a Future in Real Life
Aladdin's flying carpet may see future in real life
What would you call a cloak that makes you invisible, or a carpet that flies? Only fiction? Think again! In this Buzzle article, we take a look at these, and other seemingly fictional objects, which are in fact well on their way to...
Will Driverless Cars Change the Future of Driving?
Fact about driverless cars
Like many of today's inventions, driverless cars too were considered to be a topic of science fiction for a very long time. However, now it is no longer a question of whether these cars will be the future of road driving, but how...
Optical Mark Recognition (OMR): Working Principle and Pros and Cons
Use of Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)
Optical Mark Recognition, as a technology, has been used in our daily lives whether we are aware of it or not. To learn more about the working of OMR, and its pros and cons, go through this Buzzle article.
History of Artificial Intelligence
A brief history of artificial intelligence starting from 800 B.C. up to the present day is presented in short. Interesting facts about the development of artificial intelligence can be found in this article.
What is Pattern Recognition?
Pattern recognition is a process by which various observations in a study are classified and described. It is used in artificial intelligence. Here is more on this...
What is Artificial Intelligence
The primary goal of artificial intelligence (AI) is to improve computer behavior so that it can be called intelligent. The following Buzzle article elaborates more on the applications of AI.
Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence
Does artificial importance seem a fascinating idea? Hold on... It may not prove to be purely advantageous. Read on to know about the disadvantages of artificial intelligence.