Texas State Animal - Nine-banded Armadillo
The nine-banded Armadillo, the state animal of Texas, is a distant cousin of the sloth and the anteater. It is the only mammal which has a protective armored shell on its body. This article provides more interesting facts about...
How to Get Rid of Armadillos
Tip to get rid of Armadillos
Armadillos are infamous for their digging habit, and they can wreak havoc in your garden, yard, or landscape. Here are some tips for eliminating these animals, who can also climb fences.
Facts about Armadillos
Screaming armadillo defense mechanism
Armadillos are small to medium-sized mammals from Dasypodidae family, which is closely related to sloths and anteaters. They are unique creatures in many ways.
Armadillos as Pets
In the considerably lengthy list of exotic animals which are preferred as pets, you are likely to find the armadillo somewhere at the top. But is it really a good idea to keep this animal as a pet?
How to Trap an Armadillo
On a digging spree, armadillos can cause damage to your lawn, garden or building. Trapping is one of the options, if you want to get rid of these animals. Read on for a brief overview about how to trap an armadillo.