Russian Architecture
Russian architecture portrays the ideas of many cultures. From onion-shaped domes to Neo-Gothic skyscrapers, Russian style has emerged distinctively over the centuries.
What are Lighthouses and How Do They Work?
Have you ever come across huge towers on sea coasts with a rotating flashlight? Well, these huge structures are called lighthouses.
Different Architectural Styles
Various styles of architecture have evolved with time. From the traditional designs to the modern forms, one can see a phenomenal change in terms of design. Here's a look at some of the different architectural styles, which are...
Ancient Greek Architecture
The edifices of ancient Greece are sights, worthy of admiration, both for the tourists as well as for the learners of the subject. Here's a brief insight into the complexity that the ancient Greek architects worked into their...
Mediterranean Architecture
The term, Mediterranean architecture, is often used rather loosely to describe the various architectural styles from the Mediterranean region. In some instances, it is also refers to the Mediterranean Revival style. This Buzzle...
Style and Characteristics of Gothic Architecture
Gothic architecture was the distinguishable style of European architecture of the Middle Ages. Read through this Buzzle article to know about the style, salient features of the style, and how far it flourished.
Designing a Virtual House - Build a Virtual Dream House
Building a virtual dream house is possible with the help of software specially meant for designing a house. These software allow to design the house in a step-by-step manner. If one is planning to build a real house on the basis of...
Shell Houses
Belonging to a genius architect from New Mexico, the shell house project was at the same time retro, unlike the high-tech tendencies nowadays, and closer to the natural. This vision astonishes us by its practical and unusual spirit...
The Tenerife Concert Hall
Discover some of Santiago Calatrava Valls famous buildings and of course the well-known Tenerife Concert Hall.
Different Types of Houses
Design and layout form the basis of the classification of different styles of houses around the world. This write-up provides information about some of the different types of houses around the world.
Virtual Reality in Architecture
There is a lot of significance of virtual reality in architecture and other fields. Let us discuss what is virtual reality, its benefits in architecture, and how to use virtual reality for making architectural designs.
Oldest Buildings in the World
There are many architectural structures around the globe which can be considered as the oldest. This article provides information about some of the most ancient buildings in the world.
Architectural Model Making
The process of model making in the field of architecture, is vital for making viewers understand the appearance of the original structure. The following article provides information regarding the techniques and tools that are used...
Bungalow Style Homes
Bungalow style homes have been adapted from their original style over time to accommodate new requirements. However, there are still some basic characteristics that make them a great choice for homeowners across America. This...
Georgian Architecture
Classical Georgian architecture was a result of renaissance in Britain and is known for its splendid buildings with beautiful proportions, light rooms, and subtle understated style. The houses built in that era still stand erect,...
Architectural Drafting and Design
Architecture can be termed as an art of designing buildings. This field has evolved throughout the history of mankind, and has made it possible to construct many majestic structures throughout the world.
Victorian Style Houses
The Victorian period is considered the golden period of art and architecture. If you desire a house that has the best of modern architecture and romanticism associated with a royal feeling, a Victorian house might just be the style...
Roman Pantheon Architecture
One of the top tourist attractions in Italy is the Roman Pantheon. Architecture of this 2000-year old structure is simply awesome, and is a testimony to the fact that this monument is still standing today.
The 10 Most Beautiful Train Stations Around The World
Beautiful railway station
Traveling alone, or with family, on business purpose, or a getaway from the usual routine, one place you never miss out being at is the railway station. But these places are more than mere buildings. They ensemble the architectural...
How has Roman Architecture Influenced Modern Architecture
Fact about Corinthian columns
Roman architecture had a tremendous influence on modern buildings of the western civilization. The widespread use of columns, domes, and arches is a testament to this fact. Its influence can be seen even today, in some of the...
Oldest Man-made Structures on Earth Still in Use
Caravan bridge is the oldest bridge in the world still in use
How long do you think is the lifespan of a bridge or building made in present times? 50 years! 100 years! Why not more? How are some structures that were made hundreds of years ago, not only still standing, but still in use?...
Stylistic Characteristics of Postmodern Architecture
Stylistic characteristics of postmodern architecture
Postmodern architecture is a new style of construction, which gives just as much importance to the appearance of the buildings as to their functionality. Though seemingly abstract, these buildings certainly make a point. Buzzle...
Interesting Information About the Egyptian Obelisk
Fact about Egyptian obelisks
Egyptian obelisks are a common sight at ceremonial spaces all around the world. What is it about them that you'll find one standing at the most unlikely of places? Buzzle looks to clear the air, by giving you some interesting...
The 11 Most Famous Glass Buildings Around the World
Fact about glass buildings
There are several amazing buildings around the world, famous for their delicate glass work and sound, stable design. Their structures manage to look so breathtakingly beautiful, that these buildings qualify to be the best glass...
Characteristics of Byzantine Architecture
Pendentive segments in Byzantine architecture
Byzantine architecture emerged as the distinct style of construction developed around the new Roman capital of Byzantium (later renamed Constantinople or present Istanbul). Buzzle takes you through the various characteristics of...
11 Most Famous Domes Around the World
Famous domes
Domes have been known to exist in almost every culture in one form or another. In layman's terms, a hemispherical roof is normally referred to as a dome. Initially, the simplest construction of a dome was from 'a shell of...
Understanding All About Barrel Vaults
Barrel vault description
A barrel vault is a type of vault with its semicylindrical arched surface elongated to form a barrel- or tunnel-shaped structure. This Buzzle post gives information about the tunnel vault's history, construction, roof, and ceiling...
Geodesic Dome Homes
A geodesic dome home is a structure that is built on the lines of geodesic domes. It is made of an internal metal framework that supports the shell. Let's learn about the ways in which dome homes could affect our quality of living.
Baroque Architecture
Baroque architecture, as the name suggests, is the building style of the Baroque era, which started around 1600 in Rome. It also spread to other regions of Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth century.
Palace of Versailles: History and Interesting Facts
Fact about Palace of Versailles
The Palace of Versailles is the most renowned landmark, and a prized possession of France. The Hall of Mirrors, the Grand Apartment, the Royal Chapel and other architectural masterpieces of the palace are some of the most renowned...
What is Ashlar Masonry?
Fact about ashlar masonry
Ashlar masonry pertains to finely cut rock, or the masonry using fine stonework usually with squared and cuboid structures. Here is more on this masonic art with some examples of architecture, built using ashlar masonry.
Most Amazing Palaces and Castles Around the World
Bran Castle, Romania is the home of Dracula
Palaces and castles exemplify the richness and might of the people. They sometimes symbolize the culture and history of the place. This Buzzle article brings to you a list of some of the most magnificent and amazing palaces and...
Architectural Wonders of India
Architectural wonder of India - Taj Mahal
As a result of the country's checkered history, the past thousand plus years have given India a rich reservoir of architectural designs. India's past is a mosaic which mingles design and concepts from all over the world. We, at...
Facts You Probably Didn't Know about the Buckingham Palace
Fact about Buckingham Palace
It's astonishing that the Buckingham Palace has a history which dates back to over 500 years, has witnessed the resplendence of the monarchs on numerous imperial occasions, and much of the building which remains today is from the...
Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Hadrian's Wall
Fact about Hadrian's Wall
To form a boundary, to prevent the Barbarians from encroaching your land, to mark the limit of your empire, there have been various theories about the motive behind the construction of Hadrian's Wall. Whatever the purpose, a...
Art Nouveau Architecture: History, Facts, and Characteristics
Art Nouveau architecture example
It was the 1800s when a bunch of creative people collectively decided to do away with the staid and caged designs which defined their times. Art Nouveau was born, bringing with it a sense of refreshed transformation. This Buzzle...
Comparison of Baroque and Rococo Architecture Styles
Baroque and Rococo architecture styles
European designs have always managed to leave a lasting impression on the world of architecture. In this Buzzle post, we're comparing two very similar, yet distinct styles of European architecture, Rococo and Baroque.
Tudor Architecture: History, Facts, and Characteristics
Fact about Tudor architecture
Tudor architecture is easy to spot because of its striking features. But do you know that it is more than 500 years old? This, and some interesting characteristics, history, and facts about Tudor style architecture follows.
Flying Buttress: A Classic Gothic Architectural Member
Flying buttress
Gothic architecture boasts of highly elevated structures with pointed arches, ribbed ceilings, glass windows, and a lot of space for diffusion of light. But the most unique feature of the Gothic architecture is undoubtedly its...
Top 10 Most Amazing Structures in the World
Most amazing structures in the world
The most amazing structures in the world have proved that ingenuity knows no bounds. The following Buzzle tells you about the ten most astounding structures in the world.
Tallest Building in the World
With the fast pace of technology evolution, man is able to come up with bigger, better and bolder projects. With regards to building the tallest building in the world, countries like the US, Dubai, China, South Korea, Malaysia,...
Federal Style Homes
The federal architecture was at its peak between 1785 and 1815, which is when several federal style homes surfaced along the eastern coast of the United States.