Evernote Vs. OneNote
Comparison between Evernote and OneNote
As far as note-taking apps are concerned, Evernote and OneNote rule the roost. They serve a similar purpose of organizing your notes. We compare their features and help you make an informed decision about which one to use.
Legends and Myths About the Bite in Apple's Logo
Legend about the bite in Apple logo
Have you ever wondered why there is a bite on Apple's logo? If you have, but don't know the answer to it, then you have landed on the right page. Click here to find out what the many legends and myths say about the significance of...
10 Apps That Will Earn You Money
Apps that will earn you money
How many apps have you bought till date? We all spend money on fancy apps that make our life simpler. But now, you can get paid by using an app. It's payback time guys!
8 Popular Apps like Kik Messenger
Apps like Kik messenger
Kik messenger has a great fan following since a long time. This messaging app is easily accessible and is available for many different operating systems. But, there are many different apps like kik which we would like you to know....
MacBook Vs. MacBook Pro
If you are in a conundrum about which MacBook would be the best for you, this article will offer you some help in that matter. We present a one-on-one comparison between the new MacBook and MacBook Pro, to help you decide which one...
5 Good Alternatives to iPhoto
Alternatives to iPhoto
iPhoto is one of the built-in apps that any Mac computer comes with. It allows one to easily sort and browse through all the images on their system as well as perform minor photo editing. Just like every other app, it has its...
6 iOS Applications to Convert Your Voice into Text Message
iOS apps to convert speech to text
If you are overwhelmed by the impressive ability of modern-day apps that double as a virtual secretary, that can perform a variety of tasks when you command it with your voice, and all you want is a simple voice-to-text converter...
Top 8 Games Like Pokémon for iOS and Android
Games like Pokémon
The Pokémon game has gained considerable popularity on several consoles as well as mobile-based platforms, which include Nintendo DS, Gameboy, Gamecube, iOS, and Android. The mobile platforms require emulators to run the game....
Virtual Assistant Face-Off: Google Now Vs. Siri Vs. Cortana
Feature of Cortana
A digital personal assistant is a badge of honor these days among mobile software giants. Apple, Google, and now Microsoft have one. So how are the Cortana vs. Siri, Cortana vs. Google Now, and Siri vs. Google Now battles shaping...
Best Mobile Web Browsers for iOS
Today, iOS is the most preferred mobile platform for surfing the Internet. This Buzzle article lists some of the best mobile browsers available on the platform, which further add to its dominance.
Apple iWork Vs. Google Docs
Apple iWork vs. Google Docs
Apple iWork and Google Docs are cheaper alternatives to the industry leader Microsoft's Office suite. If given an option, which would be your choice of office suite?
BBM for Android and iOS - Features
BBM for Android and iOS
BBM has finally found its way to Android and iOS powered phones, much to the delight of faithful BlackBerry fans the world over. This Buzzle article looks at the features of the new and improved messenger on these platforms.
9 Ways to Improve Battery Life with iOS 7
Way to improve iPhone battery life
The latest version of iOS brings in a host of new features, but along with it a major battery drain problem. Here are some simple tips that can help you get the most of your iPhone's battery on iOS 7.
Top 10 Note-taking Apps
Note-taking apps
Nothing quite matches up to the convenience of taking notes on your smartphone. This Buzzle article lists the top 10 note-taking apps available in the market today.
iOS 7 Features: What's New and Different
iOS 7 holds the key to Apple's fate-whether it gets back to the top, or sees its stocks take a nosedive. This Buzzle article looks at some of the new features of iOS 7.
Top 10 Must-Have Road Trip Apps for Travelers
Road trip apps
Road trip apps for travelers can help them with a lot of their traveling tasks like locating a good hotel, finding great restaurants or places to see and even in finding a cab. Here are some great road trip apps that can help you...
Best Camera Apps for Your Smartphone
Best camera apps for smartphones
As the latest generation of smartphones get better and better, so do their cameras. This creates a need for updated and more advanced camera apps that can offer users with high-end camera phones more. Whether you are an avid...
WhatsApp Alternatives for Your Smartphone
Alternatives for Whatsapp
Tired of WhatsApp? Fret not as there are far better options in the app market today. Take a look now.
Best Apps for Nature Lovers
Apps for nature lovers
The following article talks about some of the best applications that mobile platforms have to offer for nature lovers. There's no need to carry an atlas or nature's guide for exploration anymore, all that you need to know about...
Top 9 Apps for Practicing Yoga
Yoga apps
No time for learning yoga and still wanna stay fit? Your smartphone and iPhone/iPad can help you in this feat. Check out the popular apps that you can download on your mobile devices in order to practice yoga.
Google Now or Siri - Who's the Better Personal Assistant?
Google Now Vs. Siri -- Apple would hope and pray that with time, Siri would turn out to be what its name actually means, Norwegian for 'beautiful woman who leads you to victory.' Google, on the other hand, would believe that Now is...
Best Apps for Dads-to-Be
Going to be a proud dad in the near future, but are clueless about the important things that makes man a responsible partner and an amazing dad-to-be? Don't worry, here you'll find helpful apps for prospective fathers using Android...
New Features on the iPhone 4S with iOS 5
The new iPhone is here! If you're thinking about getting one, check out the new features you'll enjoy.
How to Update Social Networks with Siri
Tweeting and updating status messages was never an easy task. With launch of the new iPhone 4S, you no longer need to type your updates. Just talk to Siri and the task is complete. Let us have a look at how to update social...
Alternatives to Apple's Siri
Siri has created a ruckus in the world of mobile technology. If you are not an iOS user, there is no need to get disappointed. There are many Android alternatives to Apple's Siri. We shall go into the details of the best Siri...
Will Siri Change the Facet of Mobile Phones?
Siri, an innovative voice search technology, has recently been unveiled on the new Apple iPhone 4S. This latest application has all the qualities that will change the way we use our mobile phones. Let us have a look at the...
Apple iOS 5 Features
A short write-up on Apple iOS 5 features which will tell you what's there in store for Apple users this time around, and how it differs from its predecessor iOS 4.3.
What is New in iOS 4.3
The much awaited iOS version 4.3 for the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod was released in March 2011, before the launch of the new iPad. In this article, you will be introduced to what's new in iOS 4.3 for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad 2.
How to Get Free Apps without Jailbreaking
If you are curious about how to find and install free apps without jailbreaking, this article will be an insightful read.
What is Bonjour?
Not many people in this world know about the Bonjour software, let alone its capabilities. Read the following article to understand how this Apple's implementation works, along with its features and functionalities.
History of Apple Computers
Are you interested in knowing about how the Macintosh computers came into being? This article tells you about some interesting facts and evolution of one of the most successful organizations.
When was the First Macintosh Computer Built?
Macintosh, as most of you might know, refers to the series of personal computers developed by Apple Inc. When was the first Macintosh computer built? Let us find out.
History of Macintosh Computers
Macintosh is the brand name used for the personal computers developed by Apple Inc. To peek into the history of Macintosh computers, you must read this article.