Tips for Buying Rustic Furniture
Tip to buy rustic furniture
The best way to achieve a log cabin effect in your home, is to invest in rustic furniture. Buzzle will be your guide to choose and create a classic look to your home d├ęcor.
History and Characteristics of Art Deco Furniture
Characteristics of art deco furniture
The period between World War I and World War II gave birth to escapism through art, which transcended into every walk of life. This luxurious, extravagant, and stylish revolution came to be known as 'Art Deco'. Buzzle traces the...
Art Nouveau Furniture: History and Characteristics
Art nouveau furniture characteristics
The Art Nouveau culture liberated art from the typical designs that it was caught in. Many modern designers and decorators were a part of this culture, that started during the 1890s. This style was included in architecture,...
Distressing Furniture Techniques
While most people yearn for brand new furniture, there are some who love vintage pieces with a weathered look. If you belong to the latter category, you may try distressed furniture. Here are some tips for distressing furniture at...
Wooden Bread Box
A wooden bread box may be a collectible now, but initially it was a charming item to be kept in kitchens. Read more about it, in the article below.
Chippendale Furniture
British cabinet-maker Thomas Chippendale made the popular Chippendale furniture in the 1700s. Today, it is one of the most prized antique furniture. This article discusses the history of this furniture, its characteristics, and its...
Antique Furniture Styles
Antique furniture spells out class, elegance, and beauty. Those who collect this type of furniture know how they beautify any living space. Given in this Buzzle write-up is a description of the different styles of antique furniture.
Antique Door Knob Identification
The most impressive style statement any home owner can possibly ever make is through the door knob! While most household varieties involve a simple mechanism, there are some that are antique and complex designs.
Antique and Decorative Cabinet Hardware for Home Decor
Antiques never fail to add a charm and class to the interiors of a house. Read on to know about how to choose different types of antique and decorative cabinet hardware.