Cultural Hearth: Definition and Examples
Cultural hearth example
Civilization, culture, and cultural diffusion are the offshoots of a larger concept of cultural hearth. Buzzle strives to understand the definition and meaning of the same with the help of a few examples from a new perspective.
Understanding the Social Structure Theory With Examples
Social structure theory example
The social structure theory studies the way how a society is divided into different sections and classes on the basis of various parameters, and its impact on the mindset of the society. It also studies how oppression of a class...
Difference Between High-context and Low-context Cultures
Difference between high-context and low-context cultures
Every country in the world possesses its own culture. Due to its unique nature, people from different parts of the world may experience cultural differences when communicating with each other. Examination of these differences with...
Environmental Possibilism Vs. Environmental Determinism
Difference between environmental possibilism and environmental determinism
Environmental possibilism and determinism are theories, put forth in order to comprehend and understand the role played by the physical environmental conditions in the emergence and progress of any human culture or society in a...
Branches of Anthropology
Branches of anthropology
Anthropology is a holistic subject that covers all facets of human life including biological, cultural, as well as economic aspects. There are various branches of anthropology such as cultural, linguistic, forensic, medical, etc.
The Concept of Naive Realism Explained with Examples
Concept of naive realism
Naive realism is a part of the study of perspectives, and states that our senses have the ability to see things as they are, physically. Psychologically, it states that we see the world through our perspective, and we have a...
Cultural Determinism Meaning and Examples
Cultural determinism meaning
What actually determines human behavior? Is it the natural settings within which a human being survives or is it the genes? This Buzzle article explains the meaning of cultural determinism with examples to identify human behavior...
Understanding Material and Non-material Culture
Example of material and non-material culture
Material and non-material culture make up the overall culture of any society. Material culture boasts about the rich architecture, art, food, attire, etc., of a society, whereas, non-material culture speaks about the thinking,...
Explanation of Social Evolution Theory
Explanation of social evolution theory
Social evolution theory, as the name suggests, is the evolution of social behavior over a period of time. Know more about it, as you read the definition and explanation of the theory in this Buzzle piece.
Understanding Cultural Bias with Examples
Cultural bias example
Cultural bias is the interpretation of any phenomena based on one's own cultural standards. On the other hand, it also refers to the bias created due to the norms of the majority ethnic group. The concept of cultural bias is...
Sequent Occupance: Definition and Examples
Definition of sequent occupance
Sequent occupance can help us understand why the United States shows such a rich cultural diversity. But what does this term actually mean? Buzzle tells you the meaning of sequent occupance in geography, using its definition and...
Understanding Cultural Region With Examples
Cultural region example
The diversity of the world we inhabit cannot be measured in terms of physical features alone. Cultural regions transcend political boundaries and help us gain a better understanding of the world and its people. This Buzzle post...
Environmental Determinism: Meaning and Examples
Environmental determinism meaning
Environmental determinism is a theory put forth in the 19th century, that proposes that the geographical and physical attributes of an environment shape the development of the indigenous human societies. Learn more about this...
Cultural Assimilation: Meaning and Examples
Cultural assimilation meaning
Cultural assimilation believes in a homogenous, rather than a diverse society. Buzzle reveals more about this concept, by telling you the definition of cultural assimilation, along with its examples for better understanding.
Cultural Ecology: Meaning and Examples
Cultural ecology example
Cultural ecology is a branch of human ecology, which defines the factors that shape the culture and how culture shapes its environment. Buzzle gives a brief insight into cultural ecology, along with a few examples.
Cultural Identity Explained With Examples
Cultural identity meaning
Cultural identity is a step ahead of one's own identity. It is not just an extension of one's own identity, but has also got shades of culture mingled within. Let's spot the features which make this a subject of study for many...
Understanding Cultural Transmission With Examples
Cultural transmission example
Our behavior, attitudes, thoughts, and actions represent the concept of our culture. How we acquire these traits is explained by the process of cultural transmission. Buzzle helps you understand it with the help of examples.
Cultural Diffusion: Meaning, Types, and Examples
Example of cultural diffusion
Culture is a broad terminology, and cultural diffusion is even broader. Through this Buzzle article, let us find out the definition of cultural diffusion, and the meaning it adds to our lives.
Similarities and Difference Between Cultural Relativism and Ethnocentrism
Fact about cultural relativism and ethnocentrism
The present world consists of a variety of unique cultures. The differences and similarities observed between various cultures determine the way the people of those cultures interact with each other. The way individuals perceive...
Forensic Anthropologist Salary
Forensic anthropologist salary
Do you intend to pursue a career in forensic anthropology, and would like to know the average pay-package? Then, continue reading this Buzzle article that provides brief information regarding the same...
Anthropologist Salary
The salary of an anthropologist is not the sole criteria why people are interested to work in this stream. Diverse challenges and a deep driving desire to learn about the various facets of humankind with respect to their culture,...
What Does Cultural Nationalism Mean?
Cultural nationalism meaning
Cultural nationalism is the sharing of cultures in a nation. Get a complete understanding of this term as we explain to you the definition, meaning and examples of cultural nationalism.
10 Examples of Ethnocentrism to Help You Understand it Better
Example of ethnocentrism
Though we may choose to vehemently deny it, all of us are ethnocentric in some way or the other, with the marked exception of a few people. In case you're wondering what the concept of ethnocentrism exactly is, this Buzzle article...
Ethnography Paper Examples
The study of ethnography requires that you understand the intricacies of different societies and record your observation. This field requires that you socialize with people with an open mind, and dwell into their way of life and...
Cultural Anthropologist Job Description
If you are wondering, who a cultural anthropologist is, and what are his duties in the anthropology world, then this article will inform you exactly about the same.
Forensic Anthropologist Job Description
In simple words, the job description of forensic anthropologists can be presented as the activity of finding reasons behind a person's death using information about remains of the body. In-depth study of human anatomy, genetics,...
What is Cultural Anthropology
The study of cultural anthropology helps us understand about different customs and practices followed by different societies. Let us understand what is cultural anthropology through information presented in the paragraphs below.
How to Become a Forensic Anthropologist
Becoming a forensic anthropologist is indeed a tough job but certainly not impossible. This article tells you about that.
What does Anthropology Mean
Understanding who we are, and how we came to being. Keen on knowing about anthropology? Read every word of the content that follows below.
An Introduction to Medical Anthropology
Medical anthropology is a very broad interdisciplinary sub-sector. It deals with evolution of the concept of medicine and health in diverse cultures, alternative forms of medicine, as well as the impact of culture and society on...
Famous Anthropologists
An anthropologist focuses on the study of human societies and human nature. Some of the famous anthropologists who contributed in understanding the modern concept of anthropology are Franz Boas, Ruth Benedict, Ralph Linton,...
Anthropology of Religion
Anthropology of religion involves the study of origin, development, and classification of various religions, and their diverse natures. It connects the social institutions to the religious ones in the study.
History of Anthropology
Anthropology is the science that deals with the origin and evolution of mankind and civilization. Here, we shall see its progression right from the days of Aristotle to Margaret Mead.
How to Write Ethnography?
Ethnography is a branch of cultural anthropology. A person researching in this field is known as an ethnographer. Read the article to find a few tips on how to write ethnography.