How Does Antarctica Affect the Climate of the World
How Antarctica affects world climate
Although a far-flung land mass, Antarctica continues to bear the brunt of climate changes in the rest of the world. What has climate change in Antarctica got to do with the rest of the world? Let's find out through this Buzzle...
Antarctica Facts
Fact about Antartic ice cover
Looking for some 'cool' Antarctica facts and information? This icy land has many interesting facts that will surprise you. The following article on Antarctica will uncover some secrets of the white icy planes.
Facts About Antarctica for Kids
Antartica is a desert
Extremely cold (-100°C), totally dry and very windy! Most of the facts about Antarctica for kids revolve around the freezing, inhospitable conditions prevailing in this region; and that is somewhat surprising, considering that the...
Interesting Facts About Lake Vostok
Fact about Lake Vostok
Lake Vostok is a subglacial lake that is sitting below an ice cap more than 2 miles thick, in the eastern part of Antarctica. Only recently, scientists have drilled this ice cap to explore this freshwater lake. Here's what they...
The Mysterious Blood Falls of Antarctica
Fact about Blood Falls of Antarctica
The Blood Falls of Antarctica refer to the oozing of red blood-like liquid from the Taylor Glacier in the McMurdo valley in East Antarctica. But don't be alarmed, since it isn't really blood. Find out what exactly is the reason...
Complete List of Ice Shelves in Antarctica
Ross ice shelf in Antartica
An ice shelf is a sheet of floating ice that is formed when a glacier or an ice stream flows down to the ocean. In this Buzzle article, we shall check out the ice shelves located on the Antarctic peninsula.