Main Characters from The Madagascar Movie Series
Main characters from The Madagascar movie series
Madagascar! The series has actually turned out to be a maddening but fun journey of four friends from the zoo. From New York to Africa to New York again, they have been through a fun of a joy ride! In case you feel like refreshing...
Main Characters of the Despicable Me Movie Series and Their Roles
Main characters of the Despicable Me movie series
The super-awesome storyline, the eccentric characters, and the humorous dialogs, all of have contributed in making the Despicable Me movie series a total success. If you wish to be reminded of the minion-agical experience yet again...
List of Main Characters from Kung Fu Panda Movies
Characters and voiced by from Kung Fu Panda movies
What do we love the most about Kung Fu Panda movies, the animation, dialogs, background scores, humor? Come to think of it, all these elements would have been pointless if it weren't for the awesomeness of the characters of this...
List of Main Characters and their Roles in the Ice Age Series
Quote by Ice age character Manny
Manny, Diego, and Sid have been amusing us ever since the first Ice Age movie released in 2002. Buzzle takes you behind the scenes to get up, close, and personal with the most fabulous pack of animals there ever was.
Cartoon Movies List
List of cartoon movies
Children like to watch cartoons and animated movies because they are transported, for those two hours, into another world where their fantasies come true, where fairytales are possible, and where their imagination is not...
Animated Movies that Make you Cry
Sad animated movies
For as long as I can remember, I've been an ardent admirer of animated movies. These films have been always associated with fun and happy memories, but there are a few that are considered as the epitome of sadness. I think the...
A Review of Wreck-It Ralph
The 2012 animated feature Wreck-It Ralph breaks with the prevailing trend in children's movies by including adults in the fun. Instead of having only one or two "grown-up" jokes, like most kids' movies seem to, Wreck-It...
Best Kids Movies of All Time
Best kids movies of all time
Movies made for kids should not just be entertaining but they also need to have some educational value. Vivid portrayal of sequences, extreme imagination and at the same time simplicity of presentation are some of the important...
Best Animated Movies
Best animated movies
A long day at work or just an off day?? Well there's nothing quite like an animated film to get you smiling. Here's a look at some of the best animated films out there, and some quotes from them to get you laughing.
Animated Movies for Kids
Regardless of age, every individual, a kid or a child at heart should see animated movies at least once in their lifetime. Read the Buzzle article for a list of must-see animated movies for kids that teach us something wonderful.
Animated Movies 2010
I have heard some great reviews about animated movies 2010. Do you want to know which animated movies are the best ones to pick. This article will help you out.
Animated Movies List
Do you like to watch animated movies? Then here is a list of animated films from different genres that you must watch...