Reverse Socialization
Reverse socialization refers to the act of nursing injured or abandoned animals to health and training them to survive in a natural habitat.
Animal Rights
Why do we need genetically manipulated transgenic animals anyway, when you can't behave well enough with the existing genetically unmanipulated, non-transgenic creatures of both the four-legged and two-legged variety?
Facts About Animal Rights
Fact about animal rights
In theory, the concept of animal rights needs no introduction. However, most of the facts about its history and various laws pertaining to it continue to elude the human mind.
17 Things You Do if You are an Animal Lover
Traits of an animal lover
Some of us absolutely love animals, so much so, that if we had to pick between friends and a pet, we wouldn't hesitate in picking the obvious choice. So, if you too are one hopeless animal lover, this Buzzle article is definitely...
How Wildlife Crossings Can Help Reduce Animal Accidents
Wildlife crossings help reduce animal accidents
Underpasses, overpasses, viaducts, and all the other barriers that are designed for the safety of animals are broadly called wildlife crossings. These have been successfully implemented in various countries around the world, and...
Wildlife Rehabilitator Salary
Fact about wildlife rehabilitator license
Wildlife rehabilitation is not a regular 9 to 5 job, it is a way of life for a wildlife enthusiast. While this career does have a below average pay scale, the growth rate for this job is expected to increase more than average. One...
Wildlife Rehabilitator Career
A wildlife rehabilitator career can be developed properly with the help of knowledge and dedicated service for the welfare of animals. One shouldn't expect high paying jobs in this field. This kind of job is for those who want to...