Amazing Tattoo Design Ideas For Dog Lovers
Tattoo design for dog lovers
Celebrate the fact that you have been blessed with the boundless love for a dog, and can sport a tattoo that says it all. A dog tattoo may mean a thousand things to its wearer, but mostly, it signifies pure love and a friendship...
Deer Skull Tattoo Design Ideas and Their Meaning
Deer skull tattoo design idea
A deer is associated with kindness and gentleness. It holds a high significance culturally and spiritually, and is believed to convey the transition between life and death. The antlers have widespread popularity these days. Buzzle...
15 Awesome Owl Tattoo Designs
Awesome owl tattoo design
Owls are one of the most mystical creatures on the planet, often associated with wisdom, magic, secrets, and the underworld. There are many facets of this creature, each inspiring us humans in one way or the other, thus, making owl...
Hummingbird Tattoo Meaning
Hummingbird tattoo meanings
One of the most popular tattoo ideas for women, a hummingbird represents a variety meaning. Read this Buzzle post to find the various symbolism you can associate your tattoo with.
11 Impressive Hummingbird Tattoo Designs
Hummingbird tattoo design
From geometric styles to a simple black ink technique, getting a hummingbird tattoo requires a lot of research and patience at your end. But with Buzzle, you can trust to find impressive tattoo designs that will blow you away.
Seahorse Tattoos
Seahorse tattoo
Seahorse tattoos make a style statement and are a cool tattoo design to have on your body. They are very popular among women. Seahorse tattoos are also said to be a symbol of fatherhood.
Dove Tattoos
Dove tattoo design and meaning
The most popular meaning of a dove tattoo is peace and love. But, did you know that a dove represents many other meanings and symbolism?
Starfish Tattoos
Starfish tattoos
Starfish tattoos not only look great, the symbolism of starfish make it an interesting choice for a tattoo. You can try inking them with other sea creatures to make an unusual and attractive tattoo.
23 Amazing Bear Tattoo Design Ideas
Meaning of bear tattoo design
Bear tattoos are more than just animal tattoos; they also symbolize a spiritual side of life. With various meanings and values, this theme has the ability to appeal to one and all. Buzzle gives you 23 amazing bear tattoo design...
10 Bee Tattoo Designs and Meanings
Bee tattoo design
A bee is such a tiny little wonderful creature that carries a great symbolism in this big wide world. Bee tattoos are increasingly gaining attention because their meanings are awe-inspiring. Buzzle will give you 10 amazing bee...
Leopard Print Tattoo: Meanings and Design Ideas
Leopard print tattoo meanings
For those looking for dynamic and slightly aggressive-looking designs, a leopard print tattoo can deliver the intensity for both men and women. Buzzle gives you 5 breathtaking designs along with the meanings that this tattoo idea...
5 Amazing Octopus Tattoo Design Ideas
Octopus tattoo design idea
If you're not the one to shy away from doing what's extreme, an octopus tattoo will surely mesmerize you. Buzzle gives you 5 amazing octopus tattoo design ideas that will leave you speechless.
Shark Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas
Symbolism of shark tattoos
Sharks being one of the most fearsome creatures of the sea, symbolizes fearlessness and confidence among other traits and characteristics that it possesses. Getting a shark tattoo inked on your body could indicate the presence of...
Crane Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas
Crane tattoo design
Cranes hold a deep symbolism in many cultures, which sure makes them one of the best options in tattoo designs. This Buzzle piece has amassed some very beautiful crane tattoo designs along with their meanings.
Cardinal Bird Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings
Cardinal bird tattoo design and meaning
Even though cardinal birds aren't one of the mainstream designs, with their brilliant red feathers, many choose to get these tattoos to represent the bird's traits and attributes. In this Buzzle post, you will find 8 wonderful...
9 Bat Tattoo Design Ideas and Their Meanings
Bat tattoo design and meaning
Bats are usually associated with darkness, evil, misfortune, and even death! Why would anyone sport a tattoo of such a creature, right? Well, to your surprise, the symbolism of bats extends to far more than malefic. Buzzle will...
Fox Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas
Fox tattoo meaning
Animal themes have always been a vogue among tattoo enthusiasts, and if the animal is a fox, the tattoo becomes all the more foxy! A fox is associated with many traits, both good and bad.
10 Amazing Giraffe Tattoo Designs And Their Meanings
Giraffe tattoo on wrist
Beautiful and elegant writ large, a giraffe makes an incredible sight while it moves rhythmically with a sinuous grace. Resourceful and vulnerable, this lissome animal gives us a message to pass the tests of our lives without...
Elephant Tattoo Meanings and Design Ideas
Elephant tattoo design and meaning
Even though the lion is said to be the king of the jungle, most people would agree that nothing is as majestic as an elephant. For centuries they have been symbols for their strength, size, wisdom, and grace. In certain parts of...
5 Awesome Mermaid Tattoo Design Ideas
Mermaid tattoo design idea
Getting a mermaid tattoo is not just about a design, but about what it means too. This tattoo has several connotations to it. Right from what could mean beauty to a vengeful, angry mermaid, you have to be sure before getting one...
Spider Tattoo Meanings and Design Ideas
Spider tattoo meaning and design idea
A spider has been associated with fear, phobias, evil, traps, danger, and mystery. While it is mainly known for its negative image in the public, it does have a positive outlook as well, which is why it has been sported by many as...
Awesome Deer Tattoo Design Ideas
Deer tattoo design idea
A deer tattoo is symbolic of several concepts and emotions. One can use it to bring in the 'cute' factor (much like Bambi), or to portray the all-powerful stag with its mighty antlers and bring forth a sense of power. We will take...
Dog Paw Tattoo: Meaning and Designs
Dog paw tattoo meaning and design
The importance and love that your pet commands in your life can NEVER be replaced!
Penguin Tattoos
If you are looking for the cute tattoo designs, then penguin tattoos are just for you. Check some awesome penguin designs and their meanings here.
Dragonfly Tattoo Designs
Looking for a unique tattoo design? How about using the modest dragonfly as an inspiration? Here is more information on designs and meanings associated with dragonfly tattoos.
Bumble Bee Tattoos
Insect tattoos have become very popular these days. In them, bumble bee designs are a big hit with tattoo lovers. The following passages elucidate more information on the same.
Lion Tattoo Designs
Getting a tattoo of a lion indicates strength, drive, and confidence in life. Read the Buzzle article as it illustrates which type of design you should go for.
Frog Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas
Frog tattoo symbolism
Nature has always been an inspiration in everything, including tattoos. People love to get inked with their favorite animal or plant designs. It is very common to see memorial tattoos for dogs and cats. But even animals like frogs...
Ladybug Tattoos
Ladybug tattoos are small, but they can look quite sensational. Find out the symbolic meaning of a ladybug tattoo, along with some simple and cool designs to create an unique tattoo.
Bull Tattoo Designs
The bull has always been a symbol of fierce, masculine strength. If you wish to get this creature as a tattoo, use some of these design ideas, with an explanation of its symbolism.
Pit Bull Tattoo Design Ideas and Their Meanings
Pit bull tattoo design idea
Strength, ferociousness, agility, and a fight till death attitude is what a pit bull symbolizes. So, are you game for flaunting this brave tattoo on yourself? If yes, then we have the best design ideas and their meanings, in this...
Amazing Raven Tattoo Designs and their Meanings
Raven tattoo design and meaning
Commonly associated with death and evil, raven tattoos also symbolize intelligence and wit. This Buzzle article gives you some amazing raven tattoo designs and their meanings.
Bull Tattoo Ideas
Tattoos interest many, and each one wants to be different with the design. If aggression and strength is what you want to convey, a bull tattoo is worth considering. This is because, bulls are known for their aggression and strength.
Dove Tattoo Ideas
Dove tattoo designs
Like the idea of getting a dove tattoo but don't know much about it and what to look for exactly? In this article we will give you a brief look into what a dove tattoo represents and what you can do with it.
Animal Tattoo Ideas
Animal tattoo ideas are depictions of human desire to be as free as them in thought and being. Read on to know what animal tattoo designs mean.
Eagle Tattoo Designs
Eagle tattoos designs are very popular, and this Buzzle gives you some interesting ideas you can use if you are contemplating getting this tattoo done.
Rooster Tattoo
Ever thought of getting rooster tattoos? This Buzzle article features some really interesting designs to get you started.
Peacock Tattoo
A peacock tattoo is perhaps one of the most beautiful tattoos that tries to highlight and capture the intricacies of the peacock feather. Usually, the image of the male peacock is used for making tattoos, as it is the male peacock,...
Fish Tattoo Designs
Considering getting a fish tattoo inked? Perhaps the following article can help you finalize a design and make it your own.
Turtle Tattoos
The turtle tattoo is one of the unique designs found today. This article will give you more information on meanings of these tattoos with different designs ideas.
Sparrow Tattoo Designs
A sparrow tattoo symbolizes love, freedom, loyalty, etc. This write-up provides information on its meaning and design ideas.
Duck Tattoos
Are you in search of some unique tattoo designs? Bird designs are in vogue today, especially ducks. There are loads of these designs available and each one has a different meaning. So, one needs to be careful that the design...
Sea Turtle Tattoos
Sea turtle tattoos are probably one of the most popular tattoo designs in the world. It can be due to the fact that there are many variations in the designs which you can choose from. Read on to know more about the symbolic...
Cat Tattoo Designs
Cats will always be a subject of scary tales and myths. Whether you love them or hate them, you cannot deny their presence in our day-to-day lives. Same goes for cat tattoo designs.
Bull Tattoos
Raging bull or bull head tattoos are the most popular masculine tattoo designs today. Here is more information on it.
Peacock Feather Tattoo
A peacock feather tattoo is a design, in which there is no exaggeration, no artificial coloring, and no unusual theme attached to it. Here is more information on this wonderful tattoo design.
Dolphin Tattoo Designs
Dolphin tattoos look elegant and beautiful, on both men and women. These designs are a part of the traditional Hawaiian tattoo designs.
Bald Eagle Tattoos
Eagle tattoos are able to capture the majesty and beauty of this regal bird of prey. Of all the various tattoo designs, ones with the bald eagle are the most popular among body art aficionados.
Turtle Tattoo Designs
A lot of people can identify with the symbolic significance represented by turtles. There are different theories when it comes to meanings associated with a turtle, hence, different people get tattooed with turtle designs for...
Tiger Tattoo Designs
When it comes to tattoo designs, there's no paucity to the array of motifs available. Let us take a quick look at the popularity of tiger designs today.