The Gruesome Dog Meat Festival of Yulin
Fact about Dog Meat festival of Yulin
For most people, dogs symbolize absolute loyalty and love, and it is unthinkable to cause any harm to these amazing, intelligent animals. However, at the dog meat festival of Yulin, a city in China, thousands of these poor animals...
Why Blood Sports Should Be Banned
Blood sport is any sport, activity or entertainment in which animal cruelty is involved. There are various animal sports which come under the term blood sport and in this article we will discuss why such sports should be banned...
Types of Animal Cruelty
In today's world where animals are slaughtered and tortured for selfish/petty, gains, the cruelty inflicted on these creatures have reached new heights. There are many different types of animal cruelty which people need to know...
Facts About Dog Fighting
This article on dog fighting facts is an attempt to make people stop this inhuman behavior against man's best friend. Learn how disastrous dog fights can be for dogs as well as humans.
What is Animal Cruelty
Animal cruelty is an alien concept for most of us, despite the fact that at some point of time or the other we may have been perpetrators of the crime ourselves. What is animal cruelty? If you are unaware of what these malignant...
Animal Abuse Quotes
Milan Kundera on animal abuse
We feel that animals have the same rights as a retarded human child because they are equal mentally in terms of dependence on others. - Alex Pacheco, Co-founder of PETA. Animal abuse is an issue that many people feel strongly...
Why Do People Abuse Animals?
Reasons for animal abuse
There are many reasons behind animal abuse. It could be done unintentionally or intentionally. But the question is how correct or how wrong it is? Both morally and practically.
Information on Animal Cruelty
Looking up information on animal cruelty? This is one article that you must read to add to the important information. Issues like animal cruelty need more attention than we give them now, and you can help this cause after equipping...
Animal Abuse Statistics
Animal abuse fact
Animal abuse statistics show a grave and depressing scenario when it comes to suffering of animals at the hands of man.Here is some statistical data that will help you get a good understanding of this sensitive issue.
Animal Cruelty Facts
Fur trade statistic
Animal cruelty, often viewed with subdued interest is perhaps the most neglected fact on a humanitarian level.
The Truth About 'Swim with the Dolphins' Programs
Information about 'Swim with the dolphins' programs
With the increasing popularity of the 'Swim with the Dolphins' programs has resulted in a large number of dolphinariums to crop up. But the bitter truth remains that these dolphins are treated like nothing more than what they are,...
Animal Cruelty
Fact about animal cruelty
Every act of animal cruelty is inhumane. It robs the planet of its inherent nature of co-existence. This Buzzle article brings to light some eye-opening facts about this moral issue, and briefs you about the steps that you can take...
Animal Cruelty: Animal Abuse Facts and Statistics
1 billion rabbits are killed to make coats
Most people think that animals in circus and movies like what they do. However, this is not the case as has been glaringly pointed out and proved. Here are some facts about animal cruelty.
Animal Cruelty Statistics
Animals are often used for the benefits of the humans, at the cost of their life. The problem of animal cruelty is on the rise, eventually leaving them to die. Here are some statistics, to give a little idea about the torture that...
Cow Tipping - Fact or Fiction
Cow tipping is a story that has been told and retold without any concrete proof. The following Buzzle article will try to uncover the truth about this kind of animal cruelty.