Harmful Effects of Cleaning with Ammonia
Harmful effects of cleaning with ammonia
Ammonia is a chemical, which is widely used in the manufacture of household and industrial cleaners. However, its use can have some negative impact on humans and the environment, which we have discussed in this Buzzle post.
Explanation of Haber-Bosch Process for Ammonia Production
Haber-Bosch process for ammonia production
Ammonia is an important compound, essential to man for a variety of diverse uses. It is used as a fertilizer, cleaning agent, antimicrobial agent, etc. Such a diverse applicability, has caused large demand for its production. The...
Information about Anhydrous Ammonia Fertilizers
Anhydrous ammonia happens to be one of the most preferred form of nitrogen fertilizers used in the agricultural sector. This Buzzle article throws light on the benefits and risks associated with this fertilizer, and more.
Dangers of Mixing Bleach and Ammonia
Mixing ammonia and bleach together, is an absolutely bad idea, as it can be hazardous to health and is therefore, not at all recommended. To know why, read this article.
pH Value of Ammonia
Ammonia is a compound used for numerous household and industrial applications. However, its usability mainly depends upon its pH value.
Ammonia Uses
Ammonia has numerous uses that are wide in range. This article will help you learn some household uses of this compound.