Facts on Paul Revere
Paul Revere fact
A silversmith by profession, Paul Revere is remembered as one of the greatest heroes of the American War of Independence. Paul Revere was born on 1st January, 1735. He played an important role in the war against British by serving...
What Does 'No Taxation Without Representation' Mean?
'No Taxation Without Representation' meaning
One of the most igniting factors that gave birth to the American revolution is the 'No Taxation Without Representation'. It was a slogan used by the colonists to protest against the unfair tax levy made by the British Parliament,...
8 Myths and Facts About the Boston Tea Party
Myth and fact about the Boston Tea Party
The Boston Tea Party was an important event in American history, but is surrounded by a number of myths and legends. We will examine some of the most popular of these myths, and debunk them.
Interesting Facts About the Battle of Camden
Fact about Battle of Camden
One of the most important battles in the American Revolutionary War was the Battle of Camden. Facts about this war bear out the story of where this war was won and lost. Here is a brief account of the Battle of Camden.
George Washington and the Revolutionary War
George Washington led the American forces against the British in the Revolutionary War of 1775 and became the first President of the United States of America. Read on to know more about his involvement in the American Revolutionary...
African-Americans in the American Revolution
Fact about African-Americans in American revolution
The American revolution was a blessing in disguise for many African-Americans, as it paved the way to freedom from slavery, and helped them to embark on a journey towards equality and civil rights.
American Revolution: Causes and Effects
In 1492, when the Americas were discovered by Christopher Columbus, colonization soon found its way into the New World giving rise to avarice and exploitation on a large scale. Thereafter, the natives and early settlers struggled...
Facts about The American Revolution
American Revolution fact - Boston Tea Party
An important and a crucial juncture in the history of the world, the American Revolution marked the beginning of a new era of liberation, development and prosperity. Highlights of this revolution are presented through facts...
Major Battles During American Revolutionary War
The American Revolutionary War was a rebellion against colonization and unjust laws. The final victory was the result of cumulative display of grit by the Americans in a number of battles and confrontations with the British...
Summary of the American Revolution
The American Revolution and American War of Independence played an important role in the formation, of what we see today as, the United States of America. Read ahead for a summary of the American Revolution.
Timeline, Effects, and Significance of the Battle of Yorktown (1781)
Fact about Battle of Yorktown (1781)
One of the most important battles in the American Revolutionary War, was the Siege of Yorktown. Let us look at some interesting facts about this battle of 1781, and find why it took place and its after-effects.
Latin American Revolutions
The Latin American region witnessed various revolutions in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. The result of these revolutions was the formation of independent countries in Latin America.
What Caused the American Revolution?
Do you know what caused the American Revolution in the year 1775? This article will give you all the information about the various causes of American Revolution and will also touch upon the revolution in brief. Read on and learn...
Battles of the Revolutionary War
The Revolutionary War was the pivotal point in American history that shaped the future of the country. The following article will enlist the various battles, fought between 1775 to 1783.
Poland's Contribution to the 1776 American Revolution
One of the most important players in the history of the American Revolution is also one of the most ignored and overlooked - a Polish immigrant.
Timeline and Biography of Paul Revere
Paul Revere was an American patriot, who made significant contribution to the American Revolution. He was silversmith and a military officer.
Samuel Adams and The American Revolution
Samuel Adams, also known as 'the Father of the American Revolution', played an important role in the first and second Continental Congresses in the pre-independence period of America. This Buzzle article throws some light on Samuel...
Battle of Fallen Timbers
The Battle of Fallen Timbers marked a major turning point in the fight at the Western Frontier and resulted in an important victory for the United States Army against the natives in the Northwest Territory. Read on to know more...