4th of July Quotes - Famous Independence Day Quotes
4th July quote by A. Philip Randolph
4th of July has a special place in the heart of every American. To this day, the US celebrates this day with thirteen gunshot salutes, a formal official Continental Congress dinner, toasts, barbecues, baseball games, carnivals,...
History Behind the Fireworks Display of 4th of July
Fireworks on 4th of July
Fireworks have always been an important part of celebrations and festivities across the world. Americans celebrate the 4th of July with great passion and fervor. Fireworks are an integral part of these celebrations too. The history...
Really Cool 4th of July Nail Art Design Ideas
4th of July nail art design idea
Whether you're looking for a less obvious Independence Day manicure, or would like to go all out, Buzzle has the perfect designs to excite you. Go through the article to find 17 really cool 4th of July nail art design ideas, and...
Red, White, and Blue Accessories to Wear on 4th of July
Wear footwear in the colors of the flag
Finding a hard time zeroing on the right accessories to wear on the fourth of July? Check out this write-up, which has various ideas for inspiration...
Printable 4th of July Coloring Pages to Have Fun this Independence Day
4th of July coloring page idea
With the Independence Day Weekend barely a few days away, a mood of celebration is in the air. With patriotism in mind, Buzzle brings you some amazing Fourth of July-themed coloring pages for your kids and toddlers.
Costumes to Wear for 4th of July
Costumes to wear for 4th of July
If you take pride in celebrating the American liberty, here are some excellent costume ideas to make you look your patriotic best! With the American Independence Day is just around the corner, these costumes will really make your...
Easy Red, White, and Blue Desserts for 4th of July
I simply love the Independence day parties for they are full of colors. I guess the abundant sunshine around the 4th of July adds to the charm of the parties. Making desserts red, white, and blue in color for the party is my...
4th of July Trivia and Games
The Fourth of July, the Independence Day of America, is an eventful day for all Americans. Arrange parties on this day and make it fun with the games described in this Buzzle article.
4th of July Decorations
The 4th of July is just around the corner and most of us have already started preparing for it. In addition to the food, desserts, and music, several Americans ensure that their house is decorated perfectly on this special day. For...
Unique 4th of July Gift Ideas
4th of July gift ideas
When it comes to gifts for the 4th of July the more unique they are, the better, don't you agree? Well, then, let's have a look at some inspiring ideas that you can use for personal as well as corporate gifting this Independence Day!
Interesting Places to Visit on 4th of July
Taking a break from a long workday is just what everybody wants. Be it barbecue parties or chilling out with your friends, it is eagerly awaited by many of us. So let's take a joy ride and visit the most beautiful and interesting...
Delicious 4th of July Appetizers
Looking for delicious 4th of July appetizers? Read on to know some of the easiest recipes, which can be made from scratch.
Significance of Independence Day - Story of July 4th
4th of July 1776 marked a significant event in the history of America. To uncover the significance of Independence Day, read on.
4th of July Food Ideas
Planning to have a picnic, party, or a family gathering on 4th of July? Many times it happens that the hosts of the party are busy with cooking and other preparations and do not get time to enjoy the festivities. To avoid this,...
4th of July Decoration Ideas
Are you a patriotic person and are planning to celebrate it with some decorations? If yes, then do not miss out on some wonderful decorations for 4th of July that has been mentioned in the article.