Thanks to our fast paced life where let alone stopping to smell the roses, we don't even have the time to look at them, it's little wonder that things like diet take a backseat. Yes, how many times have you not had the time to actually sit down and have a good and properly cooked meal? More often than not, we simply reach out and grab that fried and greasy takeaway and stuff ourselves with it, in an attempt to satiate our hunger. So, in the midst of this deteriorating lifestyle, fruits are truly God's gift to mankind. Fruits are high in fiber and natural sugars, due to which they are easily processed in the body. Given below are details regarding the advantages of going on an all fruit diet, how to go about it and what precautions to take regarding this diet.
Advantages of All Fruit Diet Cleanse
All of us are on the lookout for ways to lose weight fast. So, if you wish to opt for something that is as natural as possible, then maybe the fruit diet is for you. This is a diet that is low in calories and mind you, it is different from juice fasts, because this is not a liquid diet. Thus, when a person is on this diet, he does not stop eating anything solid and so, the digestive system doesn't shut down and the metabolic rate is in fact kept constant. This is unlike what is seen in fasting, where the body tends to decrease the metabolic rate in an attempt to save energy. So, a decrease in the calorie intake coupled with a cleansing effect on the body invariably leads to some amount of quick weight loss. Thus, this is basically a detox diet that helps to cleanse the body and bring about weight loss.
How to do the All Fruit Diet
There are variations in the way people go for a fruit diet plan. Some people prefer to spend one day a month eating only fruits. Some people like to do this diet for a week and in that, they tend to select and eat only one type of fruit for one entire day and thus, a different type of fruit for each day of the week. However, one of the most common forms of this diet is where people tend to eat only raw fruits for three days of a week at a stretch. Some people tend to deviate from the all fruit diet plan and instead convert it into a fruit and vegetable diet plan.
The Fruit Truth
So, after all the benefits of this kind of diet, surely, you can't classify fruits diets as yet another fad diet, can you? Well, although this is still debatable there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Is all fruit diet healthy as a weight loss option? A fruit diet is something that you can do only on a temporary basis, because fruits alone cannot provide the body with all the required nutrients. Fruits lack in some major nutrients, like vitamin B12 and other minerals. Thus, you can't possibly live off fruits for very long and you will eventually have to revert to eating regular foods which contain all the three necessary food groups, which are carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Also, if you go back to your wayward ways of munching on fried snacks, then you will pretty much be reversing the detoxification that has occurred and will be nullifying whatever benefits you may have gained while being on the all fruit diet to lose weight.
This was all about the fruit diet. An all fruit diet may be beneficial for you for a short while; however, after a while you will need to go back to eating foods that will help you get all the nutrition that you need. So, a fruit diet may be helpful for you if you wish to temporarily take a break and cleanse your digestive system. However, if you really are aiming for long term healthy weight loss, then rather than opting for an all fruit diet, you could instead watch what you eat and exercise regularly, so that you never end up with any extra weight that you'll need to get rid of in the first place!