Best Adventure Vacations in US
Death valey national park - best adventure vacation in US
If you're looking for some adventure this vacation, these best adventure vacations in US would surely be a treat for you! From driving high to a dive amongst adventures in the ocean, everything awaits you this vacation. Read on to...
What to Take on a Safari
Packing your bag for a safari is a task that needs to be accomplished few days before the date of journey. We have provided you a list of things which would be useful for you on a safari. Take a look...
Adventure Vacations for Women
It is not always easy to play a role of a woman. She is always struggling to maintain a balance between work and home. This may sometimes take your life away from you. Take a look at some adventurous vacations tailor-designed for...
Adventurous Things to Do
Craving for some adrenaline pumping excitement and adventure? Outdoor adventure is what just might make your day!
Bungee Jumping Locations
There are a number of places where you can experience the thrill of bungee jumping. From magnificent bridges to gushing waterfalls, it is all there. Hop on to know about the best places where all you can get your adrenaline pumping.
Adventure Vacation Ideas for Couples
Are you bored of relaxing during vacations? Then read the following article to know more about some adventure-filled and thrilling ideas, especially for couples.
History of the Hot Air Balloon
The hot air balloon is by far, one of the most interesting human-carrying flight technologies to have been invented. Read through this Buzzle article to learn about the history of this amazing creation.
The Rocky Mountains
The Rocky mountains are located in the western part of North America. Also known as the Rockies, the mountain range is a popular tourist attraction.
Family Adventure Vacations
Planning a vacation with your family? How about going on an adventure trip this time? This Buzzle article brings some family adventure vacation ideas for you.
Taking to the Skies in Style: Hot Air Ballooning
There's nothing quite like the spectacle of a late afternoon sky filled with multicolored hot air balloons. What is hot air ballooning, and how can you get involved?
Best Places to Go Sandboarding
Spots for sandboarding
Love skiing, but hate the chill? Love surfing, but have shark-phobia? Well, sandboarding is one activity that combines them both, but leaves the chills and the sharks out. Buzzle tells you where to head if you're game for some...
The World's Best Places for Hot Air Balloon Rides
Best places for hot air balloon rides
Hot air balloon ride! These words alone are enough to create an upsurge of excitement! We can only imagine the rush that we would get when we actually experience it. Find out about the best places around the world for hot air...
Best Places for Adrenaline Junkies to Go Whitewater Rafting
Best place for adrenaline junkies to go whitewater rafting - Colorado river
Wish to go on the ride of a lifetime? Whitewater rafting is what we're proposing, and this Buzzle post is all you need in order to head to the right places.
Top 8 Caribbean Snorkeling Destinations
Caribbean Snorkeling Destination - Stingray City
Best places to go snorkeling in the Caribbean? Well, anywhere and everywhere is perfect, to tell you the truth. But to arrest your confusion, Buzzle brings you the best among the rest.
Famous Glaciers of the World
Lambert glacier size
Are you planning your next adventurous retreat? Why not consider hiking in some of the most scenic and beautiful glaciers our planet has to offer. Here are a few of the famous glaciers of the world that you can choose from.
Top 10 Surfing Spots in the World
Banzai pipeline - Surfing spot in Oahu
When it comes to finding your ideal surfing spot, you will be spoiled for choices. From the exotic beaches of Hawaii, golden shores of Australia, to the more famous spots in South Africa, there are surfing beaches for all level of...
How to Plan an Adventure Trip to the Amazon Rainforest
Tip to plan a trip to Amazon rainforest
One of the most curious regions in the world, the Amazon rainforest offers numerous adventurous activities for those who are interested. Buzzle will help you plan your adventure to the Earth's largest forest.
Top 10 Kid-friendly Adventure Travel Destinations
Top kid-friendly adventure travel destinations - Hawaii
Traveling with kids is never easy, a fact which most parents will vouch for. But when the travel destination is kid-friendly, half of your job is done. Buzzle helps you pick a fabulous destination for your next family holiday.
Best Destinations for Scuba Diving in the World
Best scuba diving destinations in the world
Since the past few years, scuba diving destinations have been occupying important places in travel brochures. Find out more about some of the best places in the world, where you can indulge in this adventure.
15 Incredible Places for Canyoneering That Will Liberate Your Mind and Body
Best places for canyoneering
Canyoneering refreshes you for life. Walking and finding a way to the most serene places on Earth, enjoying the gushing waters of the most secret waterfalls and pools, is like a rebirth to those who love adventure. Here is a list...
List of Equipment Used For Canyoneering
Canyoneering equipment
Canyoneering is all about exploring the beautiful, wild places left on our planet, all the while challenging your ingenuity as you overcome a number of natural obstacles. Over the years, numerous equipment have been designed to aid...
How to Plan a Perfect African Safari for True Adventure
Pointers to plan an African safari
If you are an adventure seeker and going on an African safari is one of your dreams, this write-up will give you some ideas regarding how you can plan your adventurous vacation.
Top 10 Places to Go Parasailing
Top places to go Parasailing
Parasailing is a seaside adventure and recreational sport, and is popular all over the world. Read on, to know some of the best destinations for this adventure sport.
10 Most Extreme Tourist Destinations
Extreme tourist destination - The Empty Quarter
Earth is a planet of extremes. At certain places, there are scorching deserts, freezing deserts, lush jungles, marshy waterland, and towering mountain ranges, all within a stone's throw from each other. Read on, to know more about...
Top 7 Places to Go Mountain Biking in the US
Places to go mountain biking in the US
Mountain biking is a popular activity all over the world, and with the U.S. being blessed with countless mountain trails, the region is one of the most conducive to the activity. Read on, to know some of the best mountain biking...
Top 10 Most Adventurous Cruises in the World
Most adventurous cruise in the world - Norwegian Fjords
Move over luxury, we're going for adventures instead. Following the course of these top adventure cruises, Buzzle tells you how to have an amazing holiday that's a cut above the rest.
World's 10 Best Places to See Wildlife
Best place to see wildlife - Madagascar
With the rapidly growing scale of urbanization, wildlife can now only be seen in pockets around our planet; provided those pockets are fiercely protected. But if you are indeed keen about getting a glimpse of nature's unlimited...
10 Places to Go for Shark Diving Adventures
Places to go for shark diving adventures
Diving with the sharks constitutes as one of life's greatest adventures, at least if you ask me. In case you agree, read this Buzzle article to know about the best places to go for shark diving adventures around the world.
Best Destinations in the World for Snorkeling
Best destinations in the world for snorkeling
Snorkeling is a fun, relaxing, and inexpensive way to view the amazing sights that our oceans have to offer. This Buzzle write-up brings you the best places to visit, if snorkeling is on your mind.
Myths and Facts about Ecotourism
Ecotourism is one of the latest trends in the travel and tourism industry. As a traveler, we are often marketed the idea of ecotourism or geotourism, but we fail to grasp the full meaning of this term. I am therefore listing out...