Adolf Hitler's Rise to Power
Among the many dictatorships and tyrants of history, Adolf Hitler was one of the most feared and awed. His actions brought about the Second World War, the Holocaust and shaped Germany's future. The ascent and journey of such a man...
Facts About Adolf Hitler
Fact about Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler is one of the most notorious figures in history, yet one who generates a huge amount of curiosity in people. Here's a short glimpse into the life and times of Hitler.
How Did Hitler Die?
How Hitler died
Adolf Hitler is widely believed to have committed suicide in his bunker in Berlin on April 30, 1945. But is that really the whole truth? Read on to find facts, conjecture and some conspiracy about the death of one of the most...
Adolf Hitler's Childhood
Fact about Adolf Hitler's childhood
If you're looking for information on Adolf Hitler, you've probably referred to excerpts from the 'Mein Kampf' already. A quick glance at his childhood and his stemming into an extremely fierce patriotic bigot and a major...
Reading This May Change Your Opinion about Hitler
Fact about Hitler
We all are familiar with the holocaust and how Hitler was blamed for it. He has been made out to be one of the most evil persons who killed millions of innocent Jews. But what if it's not entirely correct? This Buzzle article will...
Adolf Hitler Timeline
A timeline which traces Adolf Hitler's life from the small city of Braunau am Inn to his suicide following a humiliating defeat in the World War II.
Adolf Hitler Quotes
It is virtually impossible to explain what Adolf Hitler was in an article or two, but going through his quotes will give you an idea about his charismatic personality.
Hitler's Legacy of Fond Memories
Adolph Hitler was responsible for the suffering and death of millions of people, but for one woman, he brings back fond memories of kind words and gentleness. Rosa Mitterer, mutters for her boss.
Adolf Hitler's Life: Mein Kampf
The German economic distress gave birth to a fierce Nazi, Adolf Hitler, the writer of Mein Kampf. He created the scenario for the World War II. Know about German nationalism in the hands of Adolf Hitler and its effects on world...
Nazis and Music
It was 14 November 1936 and Herr Hitler had been in power long enough to make his position on Jews blindingly clear. There was no place for them outside concert halls or, for that matter, inside concert halls.
The Swastika: Past and Hitler's Story
The 'Swastika' stands for good fortune, peace, and harmony. Hitler turned this symbol the other way round, to denote evil and black magic. This article throws light on this symbol that terrorized the world during the World War II...