Things You Can Do At 18
The number of things you can do at 18 is huge! Browse through the ones mentioned in this article, and revel in your new found freedom!
Media's Effects on Teenagers
Media's effects on teenagers
Teens often watch commercials, that plant seeds of thought into their minds about what they have to buy and use, as opposed to what they actually need. It creates images that are superficial, as the ultimate goal to find lasting...
7 Things You Realize When You are in Your Mid-20s
Thing you learn in your mid-20s
"Life is just a bowl of cherries"; your mid-20s is the time when you begin to catch on the ironies of life. It is the time of reinventing yourself, and you are actually in the process of it all the time, but on a very...
Things You Should Know about Personal Fable
Concept of personal fable
Adolescence is a period of transition and hence a period of great stress and disturbance for the young. This phase may be divided into three stages; early adolescence (ages 11 to 14), middle adolescence (ages 15 to 17) and late...
Changing Concepts of Enjoyment Among Youth
Surfing the Internet is an enjoyment source among youth
What does enjoyment mean to you? With rapid growth in the entertainment industry and technology, there are new platforms that have opened up for seeking enjoyment. But with good comes bad. This Buzzle article talks about the...
Understanding Imaginary Audience With Examples
Imaginary audience meaning
Though the term imaginary audience seems a bit eerie, it is a psychological state that is mostly seen in adolescents and is perfectly normal. Buzzle gives a definition and in-depth description of imaginary audience. Check it out!
How to Enjoy Life as a Teenager
Tips to enjoy life as a teenager
Teenage life is quite dramatic but that doesn't mean you cannot enjoy life in these years. Even with your daily episodes of melodrama, life as a teenager is not very hard to live if you know how to deal with the complications.
How to Deal with Adolescent Behavior
Dealing with adolescents can get very difficult at times. At times like these, it helps to have certain guidelines in the way to deal with adolescents. And in this article we hope to take you through some of these guiding points so...
Adolescent Behavior
The following article will take you through certain common adolescent behavior patterns and help you understand how to deal with them. Read to know more.
Adolescent Development Stages
Adolescents display peculiar behavioral and mental characteristics in each of the three development stages. The following article explains these stages in detail.
Why Quality Parental Time is Important in Adolescence
Dealing with teenage is very different today than what it was 10-20 years back. In this article, we'll see how spending quality parental time with kids in their adolescent years can help them in the future.