Acupuncture to Relieve Migraines
Women are more likely to have migraines
Migraine headaches can be unbearable and debilitating. Even though there are medicines to prevent and control this condition, there is no complete cure. Acupuncture for migraines is fast gaining popularity, as it is considered to...
Acupuncture to Relieve Allergies
Acupuncture for allergies
Fall, winter, and spring are the seasons of allergies. Acupuncture not only relieves allergies, but also helps maintain the balance of the body. It regulates the flow of energy and helps keep other infections at bay.
Is Acupuncture Safe?
Acupuncture safety
Acupuncture therapy is safe as long as the person administering it is a professional acupuncturist, who keeps his clinic clean and uses disposable medical equipment.
Acupuncture to Relieve Depression
Acupuncture for depression
Acupuncture is an ancient therapy that has been used in China for over 5000 years. Even today, it is successfully practiced in China, Japan, Korea, and other Asian countries. In the United States, this therapy is used to relieve...
Acupuncture Theory
Acupuncture theory
The theory of acupuncture is based on the flow of Qi (energy) in the meridians. It is believed that there are specific acupoints. The activation of these points helps in the treatment of pain and illness.
How Does Acupuncture Work?
How acupuncture works
Acupuncture therapy is based on the concept of "chi" (pronounced Chee), which is the subtle energy of the universe present in all living forms. This energy flows through various channels in the body known as meridians, to...
History of Acupuncture
Fact about acupuncture points
Acupuncture is a therapy that ensures good health based on the concepts of 'vital energy' and maintaining the 'energy balance'. It is useful in curing ailments like depression, physical pain, and also, aids weight loss.
Acupuncture to Get Rid of Acne
Acupuncture to treat acne
Have you ever thought of undergoing an alternative healing therapy like acupuncture for acne treatment? Acupuncture is considered to be a safe procedure, provided one seeks the services of an experienced acupuncturist. If you wish...
Korean Hand Therapy
Korean hand therapy
Korean hand therapy, or Koryo hand therapy, is a type of alternative medicine that involves applying pressure to various points present on the hand. KHT was studied and developed by Dr. Tae Woo Yoo. Between 1971 and 1975, Dr. Tae...
Acupuncture for Weight Loss
You may be looking for various options to lose excess weight if you've just lost your heart to that sexy pair of skinny jeans you saw while shopping last week. Acupuncture has emerged as one of the best and convenient methods for...
Does Acupuncture Hurt?
How can it not hurt when multiple needles pierce your skin? Or does it? Read right ahead to find out how acupuncture feels like.
Can Acupuncture Treat High Blood Pressure?
High blood pressure can be dealt with various treatment options, such as medications, natural remedies, and alternative treatments. Acupuncture is one of the most commonly used alternative treatment options for high blood pressure.
Acupuncture during Pregnancy
Acupuncture during pregnancy
Acupuncture is an ancient technique practiced in China where needles are used to stimulate the nervous system and restore energy. Acupuncture helps to deal with the distress-causing symptoms during pregnancy.
Acupuncture for Acid Reflux Disease
Acupuncture for acid reflux disease
Acupuncture is an alternative medicine, claimed to be beneficial in many disorders. Does it work for acid reflux? This Buzzle article elaborates.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Acupuncture
Acupuncture is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine and has been practiced for thousands of years. Even though acupuncture is used for treating many health problems, the credibility of this ancient medical practice is...
Can Acupuncture Curb Menopause?
A lot of women experiencing menopause look to various methods of treatment to ease their suffering, one of them being acupuncture. Let us see whether acupuncture can curb menopause symptoms.
Acupuncture for Hypothyroidism
Acupuncture is a popular method of treatment that originated in China. It is a medical practice in which the patient is relieved from pain and other symptoms of ailments by the piercing of needles on various parts of the body. In...
Acupuncture Vs. Acupressure
This article will give you some points to understand the basic difference between acupuncture and acupressure. So read on and get enlightened.
Laser Acupuncture Therapy
Laser acupuncture is becoming an increasingly popular option for dealing with various addictions and ailments. Read on to know more about this treatment.
Acupuncturist Salary
The aim of this article is to explain the salary details of an acupuncturist, along with the job description in brief.
Acupuncture for Anxiety
Acupuncture is considered to be an effective remedy for treating the problems of stress, depression, and anxiety. Read on to know more about effective acupuncture treatments for anxiety.
Acupuncture for Smoking
Acupuncture for smoking cessation is said to help with nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Here is some more information about the subject...
Acupuncture for Cold Sores
Cold sores or fever blisters are a type of skin infection, caused by the Herpes Simplex virus. Acupuncture is one of the most commonly used alternative treatment options. It is used for effectively treating various ailments,...