Memory Games for Seniors
Game for seniors
Memory games not only help senior citizens improve their memory but also alleviate loneliness, and, to an extent, reduce their health problems. Many brain-related health problems such as Alzheimer's, dementia and anxiety could be...
Activities for Senior Citizens
Interesting activities for seniors
Are you a senior citizen? Age should not prevent anyone from having their share of fun. Jazz up your life with some entertaining activities tailor-made for senior citizens.
Fun Activities for the Elderly
Fun activity for elderly - board game
Who said the elderly cannot have fun? On a very personal level, I haven't heard of age being a barrier to having fun. And it shouldn't be, after all, the elderly are the ones who truly deserve to sit back and enjoy their life. Some...
Social Activities for the Elderly
Social activities for the elderly
Social activities give elderly people the opportunity to interact with other people in the society. As a result, they feel that they are a part of the society, and feel wanted. Social activities are essential for the elderly to...
Recreational Activities for the Elderly
Keeping seniors busy and active is the first step towards promoting good physical and mental health. Before you begin your research on different recreational activities for the elderly, read this Buzzle post for detailed information.
Activities for Seniors in Assisted Living
Seniors in assisted living facilities require as many or perhaps more recreational activities to keep them occupied and relaxed at the same time, than youngsters. It makes a whole world of a difference to their lives and makes them...
Brain Activities for Seniors
Keeping the brain active and alert is something that needs to be done daily, no matter what your age is. This article has some brain activities for seniors that will not only help them, but are the ones that they'll enjoy too.
Activities for Seniors with Dementia
There are many easy and fun activities meant for helping seniors with dementia gain more control over their lives. All it takes is patience and interaction, for the sessions to be successful and yield results.
Physical Activities for Elderly People
Growing up is a meticulous process and upkeep of the physical constitution may seem tardy, yet essential. Reaching the ripe old age and keeping par with fitness would seem unappealing and bothersome, however, taking the effort in...
Senior Citizen Group Activities
Senior citizen. Retired. Lots of free time on your hands. Idle. If you find yourself in a similar situation, then it is high time you did something about it. An idle mind can be a devil's workshop, so try to keep yourself busy with...
Activities for the Elderly
A variety of activities can help the elderly get some recreational time from the daily monotonous schedule and live their life with full enthusiasm and joy. Read this article to know some interesting recreational activities for old...
Crafts for the Elderly
Crafts can provide the elderly with the much required peace of mind and recreation after working hard for long hours. Elderly people need to take off some time everyday to master these crafts. To know the different options, read on.