Acoustic Vs. Electric Guitars
Acoustic vs. Electric Guitars
If you're a beginner learning to play the guitar, then you might have some confusion regarding which guitar to choose-acoustic or electric. This Buzzle post talks about the merits and demerits of each. Have a look!
Top 10 Acoustic Guitars
Top acoustic guitars
Music is to the ears, what peace is to the mind. Though it is all about sound, music is more soothing than silence, and works as a therapy. Acoustic guitar is one such magical instrument in the guitar family, that satisfies the...
Great Acoustic Guitar Songs
If you have an acoustic guitar, then you got to have some great numbers to play on it too! To help you out with it, here is a list of some good acoustic songs you can hum while playing your guitar...
Top Acoustic Guitar Songs
Top acoustic guitar songs
A good acoustic song is always easy on the ears and heavy on the heart. The acoustic guitar being the most popular of all instruments, you can bet there are a ton of songs made specially for the six unadulterated strings.
Best Acoustic Guitar Amplifier
Acoustic guitar amplifier
The following Buzzle article will take you through the specs and features of some of the best acoustic guitar amplifiers. Read through to get a better understanding of the same.
Best Acoustic Guitars Under USD 500
Best acoustic guitar under USD 500
A budget of USD 500 is good enough to get you a decent acoustic guitar, especially if you are a beginner. Buzzle provides you with information about the latest brands and models of acoustic guitars, which can be purchased without...
Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Brands
Looking for an acoustic electric guitar? This article gives you the top ten models, some budget-friendly options, and helps you make a wise choice.
Best Acoustic Guitar Brands
Best acoustic guitar brands
Yamaha has been the choice for beginners and pros alike, when it comes to acoustic guitars, followed closely by Takamine. But very few brands match the quality of Martin, Gibson, or Taylor. Read the full review below.
Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners
Acoustic guitars for beginners
There are many acoustic guitars that are appropriate for people learning to play the guitar. This article throws light on the best acoustic guitar for beginners...
Types of Acoustic Guitars
The more culturally diverse or globally accepted an instrument is, the more variations you will find for it. The same goes for a guitar. With the similarity of the structure ending with the hollow box and the fretboard, here are...
Acoustic Guitar Tuner
In order to tune an acoustic guitar, the best choice is to use an electronic clip-on acoustic guitar tuner. This article concentrates on acoustic guitar tuning.
Cheap Acoustic Guitars for Beginners
Even though it is recommended that beginners learning to play the guitar start out with inexpensive models, you should make sure that the instrument has a decent tone. Brands like Yamaha and Epiphone do produce cheap acoustic...
Easy Acoustic Songs for Beginners
Easy acoustic songs
Can't find the perfect list of easy acoustic songs for beginners, to begin with your guitar classes? Read on for some help.
How to Change Acoustic Guitar Strings
Knowing how to change acoustic guitar strings is one of the first lessons in learning to play the guitar. This article will let you know how to replace acoustic guitar strings.
How to Choose the Best Acoustic Guitar Strings
Using good strings on the acoustic guitar is one of the major factors that have an impact on the sound produced. There are two types of strings to choose from viz. steel and nylon, about which we are going to discuss in this article.
Best Acoustic Guitar Strings
Those searching for the best acoustic guitar strings to buy can go in for Ernie Ball or D'Addario brands. This article guides you through choosing good acoustic guitar strings for beginners and intermediate guitarists...
Acoustic Guitar Chords for Beginners
Learning guitar chords is the first and foremost thing to do for any beginner trying to learn how to play the guitar. Read this article which will help you just get started with acoustic guitar chords.
Tips for Buying an Acoustic Guitar
Are you one of those people who have just found a new interest - learning how to play a guitar? Then read on to learn how to select the best acoustic guitar for beginners.
Acoustic Guitar Tabs for Beginners
Acoustic guitar is one of the most melodious instruments that can be mastered easily with the help of simple finger exercises for beginners. This article provides some brief and easy tabs for acoustic guitar; begineers will surely...
How to Play the Spanish Guitar
The Spanish guitar is a very versatile instrument that originated in Europe during late medieval period and Renaissance. This article gives you some information on how to play the Spanish guitar.
How Does an Acoustic Guitar Work?
The acoustic guitar is a melodious instrument that has gained a lot of importance in modern music. It is a fairly complex instrument comprising different parts that contribute to its working. Here's more...
History of the Acoustic Guitar
The melancholic sound of an acoustic guitar has enamored people all over the world. This instrument occupies a vital position in the synthesis of music, and has a significant past.