Did You Know?
The type of a restaurant is decided by the food that is served, the service that is provided, and the price of the menu.
Dining at restaurants has been a part of our social lives since most of us can remember. The reasons for eating at restaurants are so varied that it is rather an impossible task to list them. However, if one had to put it briefly, then eating out is usually a result of necessity, or a need to explore a new gastronomic dimension. Either way, we can safely assume that it is the type of the restaurant, which includes its architecture, the cuisine it serves, the way the setup is presented, and above all, the service that is provided, that adds up to the unforgettable experience of dining out.

The composites of a restaurant make us love it, hate it, or remain ambivalent about it. The difference of visceral, physical, and sensual experiences that dining restaurants provide, make them different from each other. To enhance your own experience of dining, it is important to know what are the various types of restaurants. This way, the next time you are craving for a delectable dish, you will know exactly where to go, what to ask for, and how to enjoy it in the best possible way.

Fast Food Restaurants

Fast food joints

We can't live off them, and we cannot live without them! Yes, that is how addictive fast food restaurants are. We have all seen them, eaten at these joints, ended up becoming regular patrons, until we realized that our waistlines were increasing faster than our age. McDonald's, Burger King, and KFC are some well-known and extremely popular fast food chains. Generally, fast food restaurants have a limited variety of food items on their menu, and offer them at affordable prices to cater to a wider array of customers. They are also known to serve their food quickly, typically between 1 to 3 minutes of placing an order. With such fast service, at affordable rates, it is not surprising that these type of restaurants are popular the world over.

Fast Casual Restaurants

Casual dining

Fast casual restaurants offer little more of a dining experience than fast food restaurants. They position themselves somewhere between fast food restaurants and casual dining restaurants. These are especially popular amongst office goers, who can grab a decent meal between work hours. What they offer is slightly upscale food, gourmet breads, and items for health-conscious customers, but not full table service. The per cost meal ranges between USD 8 - USD 15. An example of a fast casual restaurant is Boston Market.



This type of restaurant needs little to no explanation. We are all familiar with cafés, their alluring charm, and a witness to some incredible conversations and memories we've made there. A café is a type of a restaurant which does not offer any table service. The customers are expected to order food at the counter, pay while ordering, and serve themselves. These restaurants originated in Europe, with a strong French influence on the menu and ambiance. The cafés of Europe are marked by outdoor seating, unhurried atmosphere, and frequenting customers. This type of restaurant is probably the cheapest in this list, as serving food is not their forte, but just coffee and some savories.

Casual Dining Restaurants

Family restaurant

Casual dining restaurants, also known as family restaurants, provide families with a relatively upscale, yet affordable, dining experience. The menu at these restaurants is moderately priced. They can serve multiple cuisines, or can specialize in one type of cuisine. These restaurants serve a full-course meal, with proper table service, and liquor too.

Buffet Restaurants

Buffet restaurant

Buffet restaurants are rather budget restaurants given the quantity of food they serve. With a fixed menu at a fixed price, these restaurants offer minimum or no table service. These are perfect restaurants for hosting parties for a large group, as meals here can be great value for money.

Pop-up Restaurants

Pop-up restaurant

Pop-up restaurants are a fairly recent trend in the food world. The peculiarity of these restaurants is that they have unique locations and decor. They are not like other stereotypical restaurants that serve people. Old warehouses, garages, rooftops, and residential buildings are some out-of-the-box locations for these restaurants. The attractive aspect about these restaurants is that they come as a total surprise, and offer a truly different experience to their customers.



Traditionally, pubs were beer houses. However, in modern times, pubs have started serving all types of alcohol, non-alcoholic beverages, and food items. Pubs provide full table service and bar service to their customers. Music, casual decor, a dance floor, a projection screen, and a well-equipped bar are some of the important features of a pub. Pubs have a moderate price range for all the items they serve.

Fine Dining Restaurants

Fine dine restaurant

Fine dining restaurants offer their customers an upscale and proper full-course meal experience. These restaurants try to create a classy atmosphere that speaks of immaculate taste, both in decor and food making. Right from crockery, cutlery, to the waiters, everything follows a code of conduct and strict uniformity. They either operate in chains or have a single unit of operation to maintain exclusivity. They may serve multiple cuisines, but with specialization in one type, or a certain signature dish. The price range for these restaurants range from moderate to expensive.

So, these were the eight types of popular restaurants that are seen around the world. These broad types have further variations and sub types. For instance, a bistro is very similar to a café. There are slight changes, but the general idea of relaxed service remains the same. What really matters beyond the type of a restaurant is the experience you get. Despite the differences in the service and mode of operation, the common meeting point for all the restaurants around the world remains the same―providing customers with the best service and food.