Did You Know?
Although an oral mucocele can be quite bothersome, many a time, treatment isn't necessary as it often heals on its own.
The moment we notice a mucocele form in the oral cavity, thoughts of a minor surgery to remove the cyst start popping in our head. However, surgical intervention is the last resort, and initially, one should consider home remedies for removing these cysts. Oral mucocele that appears as a large bluish purple-colored, mucus-containing swelling on the inner lip, often responds to home treatment. Following are the home remedies found to be beneficial to facilitate healing.

✦ Alum
Applying hydrated potassium aluminum sulfate, commonly referred to as alum, is another way to facilitate the healing of oral mucocele. Although it is used as a food additive, it is particularly useful to clear this lesion of inflammatory origin. Due to its application, the size of the cyst increases rapidly until it bursts. Thus, alum is applied to force the cyst to rupture without any manual intervention. Smear a small amount of alum powder on the affected site, and let it stay there for just 15 minutes. You can also make a paste by mixing a drop of water with the alum. After the stipulated time, rinse and then swish using a Listerine mouthwash for 2 minutes. This antiseptic mouthwash prevents the infection from aggravating further. Apply alum on the affected area, and it is just a matter of a few days before you notice the cyst popping out. Once this happens, you will see whitish liquid oozing out of the ruptured cyst. Just rinse it off, and over time, you will notice new skin forming at the infected site. Continue applying alum followed by use of mouthwash until normal skin begins to appear.

✦ Honey
Honey is celebrated for its antiseptic properties, and hence, its application can work wonders to treat this painless cyst effectively. Its antiseptic activity can certainly help reduce the inflammatory response around the cyst. Generously apply honey on the infected area just before retiring to bed, and let it remain overnight. Follow this skincare routine every night, and you will soon notice impressive results. However, this treatment works when medical-grade honey is used and not a commercial-grade one. Use the medical-grade manuka honey to treat these inflammatory reactions.

✦ Warm Saltwater
The table salt that we use everyday to add flavor acts as a natural antiseptic, meaning it can help destroy harmful microbes. No wonder, saltwater displays excellent antiseptic properties. So, swishing with saltwater (a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of salt) often destroys the infectious agents causing oral mucocele. Swish 2 times a day followed by mouthwash rinse to clear the cyst within a week.

✦ Evening Primrose Oil
Evening primrose oil has a high therapeutic value and is well-known for its healing properties. Its application too can prove helpful to clear the cyst. Its action is akin to that of alum. So, applying evening primrose oil can also compel the cyst to rupture. Primrose oil is available in the form of capsules. So, simply break open the capsule, and apply its contents to speed up healing. So its daily application can cause the mucocele to grow rapidly, and eventually, it bursts. Continue using the oil, until the skin heals completely.

When all treatment options fail to subside the inflammation, or the mucocele keeps recurring, surgery is the only option to heal the cyst. Surgical removal involves making a small cut in the affected area to drain the cyst. It will take at least a fortnight for the area to heal completely after surgery.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.