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The 2014 Winter Olympics torch relay is the longest torch relay in Olympic history, traveling over 40,000 miles, and to places as far as the North Pole, and even space!
The opening ceremony of the 22nd Winter Olympics was a lavish affair, albeit among rumors of broadcasting edited footage. In what may be a technical glitch, the Olympic rings that were depicted during the ceremony showcased only four of the rings instead of five.

As part of the opening ceremony, 5 snowflakes descended into the stadium, and were supposed to change into the Olympic rings. However, one failed to open up, leaving the Olympic logo incomplete with just 4 rings. Interestingly enough, some audiences saw all five rings, prompting thoughts that the footage was edited. Barring that, the ceremony was spectacular, with many proclaiming it to be the best opening ceremony for the winter games. Indeed, the rest of the schedule is also proceeding without any problems, laying to rest speculation of the city being unable to handle the Winter Olympics.

With more than USD 50 billion spent, you would expect something spectacular. But if you thought spending so much money was astounding, the following facts will truly blow your mind. Here are some facts about the Sochi Olympics that will leave you amazed.

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Sochi, Russia, the venue for the XXII Winter Olympic Games
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15 Facts About the Sochi Olympics that You Might Not Know

While some of you might know all of this, chances are high that a few of these facts will come as a surprise. To be honest, a few even shocked me, and that's something, as getting a reaction from yours truly is nigh on impossible. Well, here's a look at what USD 50 billion can do.

Vanessa-Mae, the popular violinist will be taking part in these Olympics, not as a violinist, of course, but as part of the skiing team for Thailand.

The gold medal at Sochi actually contains only 6 grams of gold, and 525 grams of silver, and takes about 18 hours to make.

Although the opening ceremony was scheduled for 7th February, events at the Sochi Olympics actually commenced on 6th February, 2014.

All the 230 athletes competing for USA will be wearing outfits designed by noted designer, Ralph Lauren.

The city of Sochi was a favorite haunt of none other than Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union (1922-1952), who had a vacation home in the city.

While the Olympic Village in Sochi can host 6,000 athletes, it can host even more members of the press. Organizers have issued almost 13,000 press credentials, or more than 2 press representatives per athlete. Talk about being well covered.

Russia had originally estimated the games to cost close to USD 12 billion. By the time the opening ceremony was aired, costs had ballooned to more than USD 51 billion, making Sochi the most expensive Olympics ever.

The average temperature in February for Sochi is 8.3 degrees Celsius (47 °F), making this the warmest ever Winter Olympics. In fact, organizers have even kept snow and ice making machines in reserve, in case warm weather disrupts any of the events.

Besides hiring big names for apparel, USA has also roped in leading car manufacturer, BMW, who have designed an advanced bobsled for the team, complete with carbon fiber and advanced aerodynamic engineering.

The official logo of the 22nd Winter Olympics,, is the first logo to feature a website address. The URL redirects to the homepage of the games.

In addition to hosting the Winter Olympics, Sochi will once again be in the limelight after 4 years, being a host city of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Leading cell phone manufacturer, Samsung, has said that it will be giving their latest flagship model, the Galaxy Note 3, to every participant at the Sochi games.

The XXII Winter Olympics will be the first Olympic Games to feature surveillance drones.

Once the Olympics at Sochi conclude, the infrastructure will not remain unused, but will make way for a Formula One street circuit, which will be host to the Russian Grand Prix from 2014 to 2020.

And last, but not the least, the popular fast food chain, McDonald's, will be the official restaurant of the Olympic Games. For the Olympics, McDonald's have promised to serve healthy food, though it also said that 'Big Macs' will continue to be available.

The first Olympics in Russia, and though mired in a few controversies, everything seems to be on track now. The above were a few of the many, many amazing facts about these games, and as the days go by, we are sure that many more will continue to pop up. If you think you have a fact about the games that is bordering on the unbelievable, the comments box awaits you. To end, let's use the Sochi Olympic motto-HOT. COOL. YOURS.