Did You Know?
The first stroller was developed by William Kent in 1733. It was a shell-shaped basket on wheels that had to be dragged by a goat or pony.
Strollers are a must-have accessory for every new parent, and finds a lot of use for those who have a new addition to their family. They are particularly useful when a parent has to care for the child and at the same time carry out his/her daily chores like shopping for grocery or go for a walk, or travel. However, most strollers in the market are equipped with only the basics.

Adding newer accessories to the stroller can make a child comfortable and also make the parent's life easier. Not only do accessories provide extra functionality, but they also bring the buggy as close to perfection as possible. Most stroller accessories in the market are universal and can be used with almost all types of strollers.

The different types of stroller accessories help in keeping the baby comfortable and safe, especially in winter. They also help mothers organize and store simple things such as baby bottles, phones, and cups' hands. In this Buzzle article, we provide a list of some essential stroller accessories that every parent should consider.

10 Essential Stroller Accessories

Car Seat Adapters

There can be nothing more distressing than waking up a sweet little sleeping baby to transfer him/her from the car seat to the stroller. Thankfully, with a car seat adapter, you do not actually have to do this. These adapters provide a safe and easy transfer between the car seat and stroller. All you need to do is snap on the car seat into this adapter and onto the stroller. If you are interested in car seat adapters, then do check out the bugaboo car seat adapters and Graco Infant Car Seat Adapter.

Stroller Cover

Stroller covers are perfect to protect the child against rain and sun. You can choose transparent plastic rain shields, made of water-resistant polyurethane coated nylon, to protect the little one from getting wet in the rain. Check out the Joovy ERGO Caboose Stroller Rain Cover, Jeep Premium Stroller Weather Shield, and the Britax B-Agile Stroller Rain Cover.

Adequate sun protection is necessary for the safety and comfort of the child. Most strollers have large sun canopies to protect against the harsh rays. However, for some extra protection, try using sun shields. These must-have summer accessories protect the baby against harmful ultraviolet UVA/UVB rays and mosquitoes as well. Look for good custom-fit sun shield covers such as phil&teds UV Sunny Days Vibe Double Mesh Cover and Summer Infant RayShade UV Protective Stroller Sun Shade.

Stroller Ride-on Boards

Does your toddler refuse to sit in the stroller anymore? Well, then try installing a stroller board. These boards allow the toddler to take a break and safely remain by your side when you navigate through crowds and high-traffic areas. Moreover, these boards are great for families with two kids as the pushchairs with stroller boards are much easier to maneuver and store than a double pushchair. The best part is that, these add-ons are easy to fit and use. If you are planning to get one of these ride-on boards for your stroller, then do take a look at the bugaboo wheeled board and the Stokke Xplory Sibling Board.

Stroller Liners

Strollers liners not only keep the baby warm and comfortable, but also protect the stroller seat from stains, crumbs, and spills. Most of them are padded to provide extra comfort for the baby. They are made of water-repellent fabric, and are machine washable and easy to clean. Stroller liners, such as Skip Hop Memory Foam Stroller Liners and Balboa Baby Stroller Liner, have a range of patterns and designs that are designed to fit most strollers.

Stroller Organizer

Even when you are out on a stroll, you may require all baby essentials at hand. Stroller bags and organizers house all the essentials that you need and keeps them organized so that you do not have to keep fumbling in a large bag for something that you may need urgently. These organizers have drink holders for sippy cups and bottles. Some of them are insulated to keep the bottles warm or cold, as needed. They also have external pockets that can hold your cell phone or car keys. The Velcro tabs ensure that you can attach the organizer to the handlebars and the back of the seat. Some popular stroller bags and organizers include Skip Hop Grab & Go Stroller Organizer, and Britax Stroller Organizer.

Cup Holder and Snack Tray

When you are out, drinks and snacks can mean the difference between a happy child and total meltdown. Moreover, when you are out with the child on a hot day, then cool drinks provide much-needed relief. Ensure that your baby is happy by installing a snack tray for the baby and a cup holder for yourself. If you are looking for cup holders, then do checkout the Munchkin Stroller Cup Holder or the Valco Baby Universal Cup holder. For your child, checkout popular stroller snack trays such as Britax B-Agile Stroller Child Tray, and bugaboo snack tray.

Stroller Lock

If you want to go to the theme park, zoo, or restaurant, but are worried about leaving your stroller behind, then invest in a stroller lock. You can use this accessory to secure your stroller and prevent theft. Stroller locks, such as the Buggyguard Stroller Lock, feature a four-foot stainless steel cable, a universal attachment, a 3-digit resettable combination, and push-button retraction that allow you to lock the wheels of the stroller, or simply fasten it to a stationery object such as pole or a tree.

Stroller Toys

Babies often get bored during long strolls. Keep them occupied with stroller toys that dangle right from the stroller handle. Babies will love swatting and grabbing these toys as they entertain themselves. Check out bright, colorful stroller toys like the Bright Starts Flutter & Link Friend and Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Stroller Toy that feature multiple activities that keep the child entertained while on-the-go.

Stroller Footmuffs

Footmuffs and blankets are must-have winter stroller accessories that keep the baby warm during chilly days and evenings. Footmuffs are tapered accessories made to cover the foot of the stroller, and protect the baby from the elements for a warm and comfortable ride. Stroller footmuffs, such as the Maclaren Universal Expandable Footmuffs, are fleece lined and padded to provide warmth and comfort. It also has a zip liner for easy access and hidden pockets for some useful storage.

Stroller Hooks

Whether you want to hang a diaper bag, lots of shopping bags, toys, or your purse, the stroller hook helps you do just that. Made of strong and lightweight aluminum, stroller hooks are perfect to hold your essentials. Some popular stroller hangers in the market include The Mommy Hook Stroller Hanger and OXO Tot Handy Stroller Hook.

Other Stroller Accessories You Can Buy

Stroller cleaning kit
Smartphone holder
Safety lights
Safety leash
Support pillows
Travel bags

These useful accessories ensure that you get the most out of your stroller. Most stroller brands have their own set of accessories, while there are certain accessories that fit most strollers. Before buying any accessory, do check if it fits your stroller.