Instant Cucumber Water Recipe!
To get the maximum flavor of cucumber in your drink, soak 1 sliced cucumber overnight in 2 quarts of cold distilled water. Next morning, replace the slices with freshly cut ones, and enjoy your drink throughout the day. To make it more flavorsome, you can add mint and lemon to accentuate the taste.
Who would have thought that a cucumber could be so very healthful, apart from being a great coolant to the eyes, and a great fiber-rich ingredient in our salads? This refreshing green cylindrical fruit spells health from every angle. You slice it into a salad or crush it into the juicer; place it over your skin or eat it to pave its way into your body, there is no way that this melon would disappoint you.

Well, we have already discussed enough of the different ways to avail the great benefits of this summery must-have, one of which is to drink it! We have already told you how to make cucumber water, now we would tell you why to make it. You must have heard a lot about it. Various health magazines, websites, blogs are talking about its varied benefits. Then, why should we stay behind?

The 10 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Cucumber Water

Your doctor must have advised you to fill your plate with as many greens as possible. Now, they suggest you fill your glass with them, as well! Water is the most essential drink that you can nourish your body with. The fact that more than 60 percent of our body is composed of water, is enough to highlight the significance of this drink in our lives. Although now, soft drinks, wine, and beer have replaced this basic nourishment source, we have enough instances to resort back to the natural ways of survival.

It becomes difficult for most people to drink the required amount of water everyday. Some don't feel all that thirsty, and others just don't like to drink something tasteless. Well, the fact is, something tasty can always boost one's thirst, and also make it easy to consume the desired amount of water―which is about 2 liters everyday! The refreshing, cooling, and soothing taste of cucumbers can do all that it would take for you to cover the distance between healthy fluid and your mouth. Nonetheless, you'll be all the more motivated after learning what this concoction can do to your health, in a definitely good way.

1. It's a Weight Loss Drink

In today's carb-laden, fat-influential world, where junk has taken over organic, who doesn't need a safe way for losing weight? If you are struggling hard to let go of the flavorsome aerated drinks and stick to the good yet plain old water, then try cucumber water. A study done by the Harvard School of Public Health states that, when you replace your 12-oz. soda or fruit-flavored drink with a glass of cucumber water, you reduce your total calorie intake by 150 calories! Which means, a simple effortless switch makes you lose around 15 lbs. in a year! So, what are you waiting for?

2. It's a Great Relief from Hangover

Weekends end, and Monday arrives. Sadly, most of us still get caught with that terrible hangover headache, in spite of pretending that all we did was pending office work at home! If that's your plight, just grab some cucumber water―we already know it doesn't take much to prepare―and drink it up. Cucumbers contain a great deal of vitamins and electrolytes to relieve yourself from the aftereffects of alcohol.

3. It's Your Natural Anti-aging Drink

Spending hundreds, or perhaps even thousands of dollars for keeping your skin fresh and young? Well, add some cucumber water to your daily diet, and see your skin feel refreshed all over again. Cucumber contains nutrients that your skin needs to fight free radicals and damage. It has vitamin C which is great for keeping your skin young, and give it that chubby bounce that marks a fresh and lively skin. According to Livestrong, "One cup of sliced cucumber contains 3.8 mg of vitamin C."

4. It's a Healing Booster

Vitamin C keeps the skin healthy because it aids healing which is not just confined to the skin! Also, the peel of cucumber has another healing agent―vitamin K. This vitamin helps in healing injuries and promotes healthy blood circulation in the body. As we all know, blood flow helps in supplying oxygen to the different parts of the body, and keeping our body healthy and functional. This drink is also loaded with vitamin A and B, which enables strengthening of the immune system that helps you stay healthy and fresh.

5. It'll Help You Fight Cancer

Cucumbers are believed to be a great natural dietary supplement, especially when it comes to fighting cancer. This is because of the presence of lariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secoisolariciresinol, which, as research suggests, play a vital role in reducing the risk of developing this disease.

6. It Improves Bone Health

The reason this melon is great for bones is because of the presence of vitamin K. It is believed that vitamin K activates the proteins that form healthy bone tissue. Not only this, it is believed that cucumber water can also boost joint health, and relieve painful symptoms of bone diseases such as arthritis and gout, due to presence of the compound 'silica'.

7. Say Goodbye to Bad Breath

How many chewing gums have you been consuming everyday to spare yourself from the embarrassment of bad breath? Alas, here is the way to get rid of this troublesome nagging odor. When you have your drink, just hold a slice at the roof of your mouth for about 45 seconds. Cucumber contains phytochemicals that help get rid of bad breath. The juice of this fruit is also helpful in healing gum diseases. In some cases, bad breath is also associated with digestion problems, and cucumber works great towards enabling smooth digestion in the body.

8. Helpful Against Heart Problems, Cholesterol, Obesity, and Diabetes

First off, as we have already discussed previously, this drink has very few calories, less than 50 calories after you've put one entire cucumber in it. Minus the cucumber slices, it is fewer than 5 calories. This makes it an excellent weight loss drink. Obesity has also been linked to cholesterol, heart problems, and diabetes, which means that all these health issues can also be kept at bay with this drink. Other than having minimal calories, cucumber also contains 'sterols' that help reduce the bad cholesterol in the body. Cucumber is also known to have a hormone that helps the pancreas secrete insulin. In addition to this, this green gift of nature also has potassium, which helps control blood pressure and regulate proper heart functioning.

9. Enables Smooth Body Functioning

What makes this drink great is the fact that you are consuming water and some great nutrients, making it the drink! Water provides the necessary oxygen to the tissues, and when it also has potassium, it stimulates proper functioning of the cells and muscles, as well. Cucumber is also known to help lower the levels of uric acid, thereby keeping the kidneys healthy. Some sources also state that prolonged consumption of cucumber water can also help dissolve kidney stones. This is because it has antiviral and antibacterial properties that enable flushing out of toxins from the body. The water content in the fruit replenishes each and every cell in the body, enabling smooth functioning overall.

10. The Caretaker of Your Hair, Nails, and Skin

We have already discussed how this wondrous drink helps keep your skin radiant and supple; well-hydrated all throughout. However, this drink could also work towards improving the health of your hair and nails. It is said that the presence of silica and sulfur in this fruit is beneficial for boosting hair growth. The compound silica is also known to be helpful in treating the brittleness of nails. If this is one problem your nails are facing, this drink is definitely for you.

So, here were the 10 reasons to switch your beer or soda with this refreshing drink of nature. Your senses will be refreshed, your taste buds would love it, your breath would embrace it, and your body will benefit greatly from it. You can either stick to the traditional recipe mentioned right at the beginning of this article, or you could add a little zing to it by adding other healthy ingredients such as carrot juice, spinach juice, or perhaps some freshly squeezed orange juice. Cheers to health!

Disclaimer: This Buzzle article is meant for educational purposes only and should not be considered as a replacement for an expert advice.