A Melodious Addition
While not an RV accessory per se, pack a guitar and/or a harmonica if you can. These instruments can effortlessly make the boring times much more enjoyable, and turn merely enjoyable campfires into awesome, unforgettable moments.
RVs are the essential American travel tool. Everyone loves an RV trip. You are in total control of your trip, you don't need to spend on accommodation, you can cook your own food―it's your home away from home!

However, it is important to remember that to keep it useful and as cozy as your home, you need to keep it well-stocked and well-fitted. An ill-equipped RV can easily become an annoyance, and in some cases, a dangerous nuisance.

Here is a list of essential accessories your RV must have.

Must-have RV Accessories

Some of these accessories may come as standard with some RVs or caravans. Most, however, won't, and lest you feel the pang of regret at a later, thoroughly misfortune time, it is worth taking a thorough look at what your RV has and needs.

First-aid Kit

first aid kit

You may be the most proficient mechanic west of the Atlantic or the most skillful cook east of the Pacific, but safety comes first. You don't need to take medic and surgical equipment with you, but minor burns or scratches can turn nasty if proper care is not given. Nothing is easier than just pulling the antiseptic cream or bandage out of a handy first aid kit; don't try to be a hero!

Shower Head

shower head

It's the simple things in life that make a house a home, and few objects are simpler and homier than a shower head. The comforting shower in your home bathroom is what allows you to relax after a hectic day at work, and it's the same when you are on the road. Driving long distances, particularly if the roads are bumpy, can get very tiring. Counteract the inevitable fatigue with this unassuming addition―you'll thank yourself later ...

Vacuum Cleaner

vacuum cleaner

... However, if your name just happens to be Monica Geller, a shower won't do the trick. You need this bad boy! In the likelier scenario that you are not a 90s' TV character, a vacuum cleaner is one of the most useful additions you can make to your RV. Don't get a full-sized one, since it will just eat up your space, but make it a point to get a table-top cleaner. The floor of your RV will get dirty (believe the emphasis, regardless of how neat you think you are) and sweeping it out with your feet will start to become a bit annoying after some time. Always keep this helpful tool handy.

Mini BBQ

mini bbq

After all, what's the point of using a recreational vehicle if you are not going to have a camp barbecue? A BBQ, along with a saucepan, is one of the most versatile utensils you can have, so if you are a bit short on money or space, get these two and you'll be fine.

Disposable and Heavy-duty Gloves

disposable gloves
heavy duty gloves

If you have been on a camping trip before, you will know exactly what I mean when I say that disposable plastic gloves are quite possibly the most useful addition you can make to your luggage. Their most obvious use is, of course, while handling the sewer hoses and sewer hookups. However, they have many other uses, such as when scraping mud and other splashes off your vehicle, and maintaining general hygiene. Heavy-duty gloves provide extra grip, and can thus be used when doing some mechanical work with the RV. They can also double as oven mitts while using the BBQ or other utensils.



It is surprising how so many RV owners neglect/forget to install an awning on their vehicle. It is perfect for an afternoon siesta in the open air, and ideal for an alfresco lunch. This is one component where you don't want to be miserly, since poor-quality awnings can easily fall prey to mildew or other such undesirable elements. Make sure to get a mildew-resistant, waterproof awning.

Foldaway Chairs

foldaway chairs

This, of course, goes with the awning. One of the great pleasures in traveling with an RV is the liberty to pull up at a moment's notice and be able to set up a quasi-living room in no time. Great for naps, great for reading, and great for lazily strumming your guitar, these accessories are a definite must-have.

Wheel Chock


A very specialized, but very useful accessory that must be on every RV traveler's inventory. These blocks grip onto the ground and prevent unintended motion of an RV. Proper use of the gear knob will do this job just as easily, but the availability of flat parking spaces and the reliability of automotive components is not something you should take for granted.

Entry Mat

entry mat

One of the most frustrating occurrences for mothers all over the world is their kids coming home with mud on their shoes. Imagine having to sweep and mop out the intruding dirt even while you are on vacation. An entry mat helps massively in keeping out the dirt and mud on incoming shoes. A regular shakedown is all that is needed to clean it and prepare it for fresh incoming dirt. This makes it a worthwhile addition no wife would let her husband forget!


Though this isn't an 'accessory', this is probably the most vital addition of them all! Always have spares ready for tires and the various hoses and electrical equipment, all of which can be annoyingly fickle. Your confidence in your RV can lead you to places that are far from human civilization; that, in fact, may be the whole point of the RV in your mind. When you are in such remote locations, you don't want to wake up to find your cell phone quietly breathing its last breath, the charger smugly refusing to charge it up, and the tire deflating your cheerfulness along with itself. Keep commonly needed spares handy, and learn how to make minor repairs.

Once you tick these items off the checklist, you are ready to get on the road!