Sexual Intercourse - How to Make Love Whole Night!

Love making is the most magnificent celestial experience. While making love, we forget about our past and feel absolutely no worries of our future; everything freezes to time and we live in the very moment. But unfortunately for some people; love making does not last longer and they are not able to enjoy every bit of it. Continue reading if you are willing to know how you can make love for a whole night!
Warning: Discretionary Content ~ This article may contain material that is either inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.

Normally, people can stretch love making to an hour long activity, but making love for whole night is always possible. All you need is some simple techniques which are to be followed by both the partners. If you follow step by step procedure and understand what is needed to be done at particular time, you can make your nights enjoyable and memorable too.

Before we start discussing the points, it is very important to understand that 100% participation and complete devotion of the partners, better mutual understanding, desire for passionate love making and readiness to take initiative in the game of love are the prerequisites. There are situations when one partner has to lead and let the other partner keep his/her desires burning - failing to understand this will cost in early ending of your passion-packed activity. Also please take care not to eat a heavy meal, because it affects your active participation in love making.

Foreplay, knowing the peak point of one's partner, taking the lead alternatively, use of different sex positions and some more are the key points to be learned about before even thinking about having nightlong sex.

It is important to start the sexual activity with a prolonged and sensual foreplay. The only difference in foreplay carried out during normal sexual intercourse and the foreplay intended for a nightlong sex activity is that this foreplay has to be carried out for longer period and should be divided in some parts. These parts should be performed from time to time. Foreplay is an art of expressing love and is a perfect invitation for a sex activity. Foreplay is important in order to arouse your male/female partner for the game of love.

Knowing your partner's peak time can help him/her slow down when he/she reaches to the extreme level, people who face a problem of early ejaculation can be helped by their partners during intercourse in many ways. In order not to shoot before time, one should follow "Slowing Down" and/or "Packet" techniques.
  • Slowing down when it's a highly sensitive moment pushes the shooting point further, allowing both the partners to enjoy intercourse for some more time.
  • Packet technique is used when it's hard to slow down, at this point the stroking activity is stopped by the weak partner for some time and extended/advanced foreplay is used to give your partner continuous experience of intercourse whereas the partner having problem of early ejaculation gets some more time to calm down his/her desires to a certain level and then again, both the partners can resume their activity.
Extended/advanced foreplay involves stimulating your partner and allowing him/her to continue experiencing intercourse by fingering or a blowjob performed by the weak partner. Another technique that can help in increasing 'shooting time' is by pressing weak partner's semen carrying vein (which is situated just below the scrotum) with the help of a finger by other partner, this surely allows late ejaculation for the weak partner. One advantage of this technique is that if you follow this technique for many days, it improves performance of male partner (who has an early ejaculation problem) and he can enjoy longer and stronger strokes after little practice as well as gain control over his senses, which otherwise cause early ejaculation.

Use of different sex positions has its own importance in sexual intercourse activity. There are different sex positions which allow both the partners choose the way they want to enjoy their time. Some positions allow both the partners to keep showering love on the other partner for longer time without shooting up early. Both the partners can use different sex positions during one intercourse. It's never possible to enjoy sex all nightlong unless both the partners take the lead alternatively. If one partner is leading, he/she should help the other partner to keep the desires in control without reaching the endpoint early; at the same time the leading partner should make sure that whatever activity is followed, it should appease the burning desires of both the partners and should drive them slowly towards the celestial experience allowing them to enjoy each moment during the intercourse. There can be more than one complete intercourse during the nightlong sex activity, but both the partners should never let the passion fade, which can cause decline in interest of the other partner. The combination of foreplay, advanced foreplay and different sex positions makes it possible to enjoy sex during the whole night, so both the partners should have a proper understanding of these points.
Published: June 14, 2004
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Idk what to do... this guy told me that he wants to have sex with me in the middle of a bunch of people... but I said no... then he asked why... I said that I don't want a bunch of people to see me... I am fine with having sex with him in the house... but he won't take no for an answer... he wants to have people see how beautiful I am... does any one know what I should do? I am 18 and I am still a virgin... but I really want to have sex with him... he always tells me I am beautiful... Does anyone know what I should do to tell him no? - Unknown [May 4, 2014]
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To: Maya
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actually how can one contorle him or her self one tahat person is in terms to make love to a person and does not get the chance to what can be use to eschew the behavoiur the person is going through - bernard [April 27, 2008]
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Hi ashfaque,
The best way you can solve your problem is by visiting a good physician or any homeopathy practitioner.
I would suggest you to first visit homeopathy practitioner ... I am very much sure that you will find solution to your problem!

All the best and just don't worry ... there is nothing wrong if you ejaculate early ... its jus that you need to take extra care of yourself!

Nilesh Parekh
- parekhnileshp [January 14, 2008]
just i want to share one question i have problem of early ejaculation
still i'm single before i marry i want solve this problem with your support
- ashfaque [January 12, 2008]
Thanks a lot very good and informative to enrich our sex life - nidhi [January 7, 2008]
I realy think its useful info - Maya [January 2, 2008]
I feel love with a man but he don't like to kiss me on my tongs normally; he beleives that i am not so clean or may be i feel like a prostition girl; my loverer is an ASIAN MAN.; THAT IS NOT A HIGH CONSIDERATION ABOUT MY PURE LOVE. HOW CAN I GET MARRY WITH OR TO BECOME HIS WIFE. FOR THIS SAVAGE MAN CONSIDER ME LIKE HIS LOVERER PRISONERS OR MAY A PROSTITUTION.

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its nice reading your word or advice. take care.
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- Stonehall [November 1, 2007]
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Dear Kingsley,
Best sex is possible only when your partner is involved as much as you are. And if your female partner is not interested, then it may disrupt the pleasure. Be clear ... you cannot force someone to love you, all you need to do is to understand what your partner want's. If your partner is not interested, then in that case you need to first find out how you can comfort her/him, as I already have mentioned in my article "Foreplay tips – sexual intercourse navigator!" men are ever-ready for sex but we need to get women in the mood.

Hope this will help,
Nilesh Parekh
- parekhnileshp [October 13, 2007]
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I am 40 old and i have a child of 9 years. Now i want another issue. But till date i didn't get. My all reports & tests are OK. Give me the right suggestion.
- Indu [August 22, 2007]
Hi Con,
You can use calming down techniques mentioned in the article, all you need ot understand is that you need more practice to control yourself when the moment is coming.

Hope it helps
Nilesh Parekh
- parekhnileshp [August 17, 2007]
good mate - Matt [August 17, 2007]
you are good how did you come up with this things are you married. - josephine [August 16, 2007]
Hi shinner,
You can expect some help from Ayurveda Medicines, Homeopathy (the best one so far) and quite a few herbal medicines which are available in market.

Kindly consult your physician on this issue and please do not be ashamed to do so as its very important to be sexually healty in order to maintain mental balance.

There is a herbal product which can help you (BUT PLEASE DO CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE YOU START USING THE DRUG). The product is completely herbal and safe too as it does not have any side effect.

Please mail me at nileshparekh at buzzle dot com in order to find out more about this drug.

(PLEASE NOTE: I am doing it as a help to those who are facing problem related to sexual health, I do not get any type of benefit in any way (economically or any other way) when I suggest the name of product to anyone suffering from sex related problems. Its only a help for those who need it most and no one is charged!)

Hope this helps,
Nilesh Parekh
- parekhnileshp [August 16, 2007]
when is too young to have sex? im 13... i gots a nice big one and girls love me cause im hot... i have done it like 3-4 times but im beggining to think im too young... ame i right? - bennet [August 14, 2007]
I suffer from a very bad case of Premature Ejaculation, in recent times. Am male, 32yrs old, in long term relationship. Becoming a big problem, as can't make love for more than 20/30 seconds. Have often masturbated beforehand to see if this will prolong love making but this still doesn't help. Please HELP - shinner [August 13, 2007]
Hi John,
Its up to your own interest if you want to shave your legs and arms ... but truly speaking ... its done by girls ... to attract their partners. So I don't think its very important for men. You surely can shave your arm-pits in order to get rid of the foul smell of your sweat ... and if you are very much interested ... then the hairs around your penis.

Hope this helps
Nilesh Parekh
- parekhnileshp [August 13, 2007]
i need to make perfect foreplay during my intercourse - leo [August 7, 2007]
i tried it with my partner. it worked .we made love al night and most part of the day . - julie [August 6, 2007]
Hi Jose,
Thank you very much!
First of all ... yes ... age factor does play role in everything related to sex. As people grow old ... they do need more and more time to get an errection and it also affects stamina at some extent. But this is not true for everyone!

Drugs or diet can help you ... but you also need to be mentally healthy. Mental health affects our sex life at a large extent. So be confident in yourself.

There are several herbal products available in market which can help you and at the same time there is no side effect from herbal medicines. Sex enhancing drugs and diets are available in market, but please do consult your physician before you really opt for any such thing.

Hope this helps!
Nilesh Parekh
- parekhnileshp [August 6, 2007]
that was a beautiful well composed piece!how long does a guy need at intervals?does age has to do with prolonged stamina?one need some drugs?which drugs ,diet or activities are safe ? - jose. usa [August 3, 2007]
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i like this article bec. partner have late ejaculation and that's my problem..i need and advice what i'm going to do..can you give me what are the sex position? - lorna [July 3, 2007]
Hi Geo,
Seek guidance from a good doctor. You may need to undergo an extensive treatment such as complete hormone change or more ...
Please approach a good physician/sexologist for further advice!

All the best!
- parekhnileshp [June 27, 2007]
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When i have sex it lasts for hours or minutes or seconds...which ever it is, it's really great. I can say that my boyfriend knows how to pleasure me. We have tried alot of different positions ...but guys...which position do you think guys feel or get the most pleasure because..i think that guys tend to feel different ways when your positioned a different way. - jenny [June 7, 2007]
Hmm well...with me and my boyfriend...our sex is really great. We always try new positions and different ways to satisfy each other. I love being on top because then i feel more in control. Our sex can take like a minute or hours...and it's really great. - Jenn [June 7, 2007]
hmmm i like... - Sarah [June 7, 2007]
Hi Asha,
I really couldn't get your question ... can you please re-phrase it and submit?

Based on whatever you have wrote ... I just could understand that you are married and you are still virgin just because you are afraid of the pain that will be caused due to having sex ...

Well ... for you kind information ... yes ... there will definitely be some pain when you do it for the first time ... but believe me ... its not very hard ... Please let it happen natural way ... let him take the lead and you follow the directions ... but if you are too afraid of the pain and getting hurt ... then just request him to be very slow in the beginning ... and then he can start pushing harder after you give him go ahead permission for rough sexual intercourse ...

If you think there will be problem during the first few intercourses in terms of his tool getting into you ... then you can surely try using oil or lubricant to help the smoothe process ....

Hope this helps ... do let us know if there is anything private you want to discuss ... but please keep your man informed about the same ... you can mail us any time at nileshparekh at buzzle.
Nilesh Parekh
- parekhnileshp [June 1, 2007]
i will like to know this things dear sexual advice ,i am vergin the first issue is i will like to do sex with my man but i can't coz of i do i afried for painfull feeling so i don't know what i have to do and i need soem advice ,but let me tell i was go before time in clinic and they say to me we can do to open but i can't letter then that my man everytime i give issue to say i can't to do this thing sometime his angry with me but i do know that is cost by that so what we have to do for us and what is good for us in our sexual intercouse please help our marriege thanks - Asha [May 31, 2007]
Hi ... I know a product name which can possibly be of real help for anyone who's suffering from sexual performance related problems. The product is 100% herbal and safe (according to the manufacturer). If anyone interested please mail me at catchnilu at rediffmail dot com ... please do not forget to mention in subject line BUZZLE REF: your name (for e.g. BUZZLE REF: Nilesh Parekh)

(Please Note: Its a help extended and not meant for business communication.)

Thanks and regards,
Nilesh Parekh
- parekhnileshp [May 27, 2007]
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This is rather very helpful to me,and I suggest the rest should take note on this. - JOHN ERNEST [May 12, 2007]
ok, yes, sex for the first time will be painful because there is a internal skin spread across the vagina that when you have sex for the first time, it is broken, and that is why it hurts. but don't worry, it's only for the first time.
so don't be afraid.

by the way, i'm only 13 and i know this.. don't ask how, and i've never had sex, but i know alot.
- lindsey [May 2, 2007]
you American can make love only ,you do not know what should be shame to. - Jappanes [April 16, 2007]
I agree with the article. It's good advice. In fact, whenever I don't have anyone to have sex with, and need to masturbate, I sometimes like to practice masturbating as if I'm making slow, long-lasting love, rather than vigorously masturbating just to "shoot" quickly. I think practicing slow massaging techniques can better prepare people for the real thing. So during this type of slow masturbation, I think about (& pretend to experience) all of the foreplay, and changing positions, and slowing down, as described in the article. Taking your time & doing it right even includes SIMPLE things, such as taking time to really appreciate & enjoy kissing someone's lips. I think kissing can be very sensual, but the importance of it is often overlooked, or forgotten about, in the heat of the moment. Thanks. - Steven [March 28, 2007]
let me tell u how its done - greeneel [March 17, 2007]
sex is great with goldfish - greeneel [March 17, 2007]
Hi Patrica,
First of all, it will be really nice of you if you could fight this problem by your husband's side.
There are many ways your husband can get his tool enlarged, such as surgery & medicines. There are a couple of good products available in market which can surely help you, and there is not side-effect as these products are 100% natural. But please do consult a good physician or specialist before you reach any decision.

Nilesh Parekh
- parekhnileshp [March 16, 2007]
I dont enjoy making love to my husband because he is small and I'm not getting the sexual satisfaction how can I help him to enlarge his dick. - Patrica [March 15, 2007]
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Sex should be very natural way of living,but it does not means u will apply a wild action inorder to fulfil your sexual passion.u can like some tips.kiss on her lips and her back side of the will give her a devine touch.,then give atleast five minutes for playing with her navel. - Manas tripathy [December 27, 2006]
didnt know condom was there and became pregnant at age of 22
please help
(dont like to mention my name)
- thsthzxh [November 1, 2006]
Hi Chetna,
If the whatever you have stated in above comment is true, I would suggest you not to go for any absurd decision. Take some time to understand what's wrong. Try to make your husband understand the problem, you both can find out solution for this problem and overcome it. Consult a good physician if possible who will be able to help your husband gain maximum control.
Don't break the ice and ruin your life. Its all about understanding and taking care of each other rather than just craving for sex.

Hope this helps.
- parekhnileshp [October 1, 2006]
I think that this aricule has all reason because when you want making love both partners must be in extreme desire of make to love. Thank you . I loved it ! - David Osborn [August 14, 2006]
I thing that this aricule has all reason because when you want making love both partners must be in extreme desire of make to love. Thank you . I loved it ! - David Osborn [August 14, 2006]
both should be eager and full of energy. - nisha [July 17, 2006]
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People asking for pictures and video clips for the sexual intercourses are requested to stop all this. As this article is intended to teach something and not to entertain anyone with sexual fantacy ...
Thank you very much.
- [March 24, 2006]
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