World's Highest IQ

What's the highest possible IQ score a person can reach? Who holds the title of having the world's highest IQ? Read the article to find out more.
Marilyn vos Savant IQ record
IQ is an acronym for "intelligence quotient". It is a score derived from various standardized tests designed to measure people's intelligence. French psychologist, Alfred Binet developed the concept first in 1905 by constructing an IQ test. His reason behind inventing the IQ test was to test the knowledge for children in order to find out which of them would require additional academic help. Today, the test is used regularly and is based on a model of the Stanford Binet Intelligence scale. Using the IQ tests for decades now, finding the score in the world is not impossible.

People With the Highest IQs

Although there isn't enough data available on the score in the world by an individual, there is information on the person, or should I say, persons. So what is this high number yet? Here are our top 2 finalists.

Marilyn Vos Savant
The score in the world ever recorded is of Marilyn Vos Savant who scored 228 in the test. Savant is an American magazine columnist, author, playwright, and lecturer. Her name has been enlisted in the Guinness World Records for being able to receive such an astounding score. She writes a column, Ask Marilyn for the Sunday edition of the Parade Magazine and solves her readers' queries on a wide range of topics and puzzles.

Kim Ung-Yong
Our other finalist to hold the highest score in the world title is Kim Ung-Yong from Korea. Kim showed extraordinary intellectual abilities since he was 6 months old. At the age of 3, Kim could read Korean, English, German, and Japanese fluently, and by age 6, he was able to solve calculus problems which he saw on television. He was the first kid to have been invited to NASA by the U.S. at the age of 7. He finished his Ph.D. in Physics before he was 15. In the year 2010, Kim made his way to the Guinness World Records for being able to receive a score of 210.

Of course, apart from these famous people, there are others who have made scored incredible scores. Christopher Michael Langan who lives in Missouri, US has a score of 195, Philip Emeagwali born in Nigeria has a score of 190, and the world chess champion Garry Kasparov has a score of 190. Quite impressive, aren't they?

Highest IQ Country

Collecting information on the highest IQ possible of various countries require lot of time, resources, and so much more. Plus, conducting IQ tests worldwide would be something of a "herculean" task. That is why scientists use an approximate value by acquiring average scores of neighboring nations.

Rank Country IQ Estimate
1 Hong Kong 107
2 South Korea 106
3 Japan 105
4 Republic of China (Taiwan) 104
5 Singapore 103
6 Germany 102
6 Austria 102
6 Netherlands 102
6 Italy 102
10 Switzerland 101
10 Sweden 101

The Scoring System

Modern scoring is based on various standardized tests which are specifically designed to evaluate a person's intelligence. These scores are used for various purposes; right from predicting educational achievements, to special needs, job, or income. Scientists study the world's score and reveal a number of qualities and predictions based on it. This score is used to test a person's abilities to make decisions, like a test before entering a company for a job. Scores of tests like intelligence quotients are also considered. The score range and intelligence classification is a standardized way to measure any individual's intellect, however the category names may vary. To understand the calculating process, a general reference table is mentioned below.

IQ Score Intelligence Classification
140 + (~.25%) Extremely Genius or Highly Superior
130 - 139 Extremely Gifted or Talented
120 - 129 High Intelligence
110 - 119 Superior Intelligence
90 - 109 Average or Normal Intelligence
80 - 89 Dullness or Normal Dull
70 - 79 Borderline Inadequacy / Mental Disability
50 - 70 Mild Mental Disability
35 - 50 Moderate Mental Disability
20 - 35 Severe Mental Disability
< 20 Profound Mental Disability (1%)

When you put your mind to it, you can actually achieve anything. And that same theory applies here as well. IQ tests and the scoring methods/techniques have been in continuous debate, as to which influences the scores, nature or nurture. But, one thing is for sure, as long as our civilization has brilliant minds like Savant and Ung-Yong, who's to know what will come next. The highest score for a person and country will keep going further as both nature and nurture play equal parts.
Last Updated: June 21, 2012
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The love monkey I don't tend to believe only half or less of what's said, on this website. I could really care less about I.q. And I.q. Test . I have the best concern of genuine interest in how you feel. My mental intellect doesn't concern no one it doesn't matter and who cares ! I wish you the best life has to offer and really mind you being honest good job! I'm a very meek man thank you for healthy criticism. Your good friend victor Bradley - Victor bradley [September 25, 2014]
IQ is not a good way to classify individuals. People have other good qualities about them too, not just high intellect. One must consider everything about another one's creativeness. That's just life. - Unknown [June 28, 2014]
Why isn't Israel on that list? Also, Marilyn Vos Savant's 228 iq score was thrown out because the test was scored incorrectly. The iq test she took had a cap of 160, and she didn't get all the questions right. She still has an impressive iq of 132 according to that test. - Edward F. [November 22, 2013]
Victor Bradley I am sure you are making you're IQ score up. You would pay attention to capitalization in your comment. You are a fruad - the love monkey [November 17, 2013]
I victor Bradley scored 212 on cattle i.q.test and 217 on weschlers or212 these are exactly the same type of test that Kim ung yong and Marilyn vos. Savant have taken. Marilyn scored an, actual 186, or 188 like mental age with chronological 40 PTs. Added like they do gifted children her i.q. Then, is 186 or188 period. I baR none hold worlds record i do believe Kim ung yong is smart and highly educated but, I have the record. I had a miracle and god did it this miracle for me no one has a higher record then then gods his i.q. His is 777 billion. - Victor bradley [November 16, 2012]
Now, I admit that most Asians were very geniuses and have a high IQ in the whole world. I am proud to be a asian and you'll notice that most of the country here such as japan, and south korea have their advance producing a gadgets that would be resulted into a high economic standard when it comes in technology. Because of those people who have a great thinkers... One of the technologies were Robots, HD Television, cellphones, and many more. - DarylNepomuceno [May 19, 2012]
Wow the US didn't even make the top ten. Pretty sad but not so surprising.
My IQ: 137
- Dee S [November 23, 2011]
My IQ is 190. - Roberto Autran [June 19, 2011]
You can say what you want, but orginal thought, or inventions mark the smartest people. A person may be a brain surgon, but he was trained in that field. Orginal thought is the measure of intelligence and that has to go to the GERMAN PEOPLE. - MIKE [June 3, 2011]
I think all IQ tests are falsly based apon what someone has already learned even if that person learned an incredable amount by an early age. I do not think the ability to memorize and retain is the same as being able to figure out things from nothing. - Bill [May 23, 2011]
Where's North Korea average IQ? I believe South and North Korea are the same people, but one on the list, and the other one is absent LOL - katiushavn [August 10, 2010]