What to pack for a trip to Hawaii
"The beach is not a place to work; to read, write or to think."

―Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Even the thought of Hawaii can bring in tropical sunshine on a dreary winter day like this one. But what puts greater happiness into the day is actually planning a trip, and drawing up a list of things to pack.

Packing-wise, Hawaii stands clearly among the easiest destinations. Having said that, it is also easy for people to go overboard, and pack everything they own in a pre-trip frenzy. So, to avoid all that nonsense, here's a list of things you ought to take on your next outing to the Aloha State.

Before You Pack
  • The number of items you carry will obviously depend on the duration of your trip, and also the purpose. In this article, we're assuming that you're going on a vacation, but if your trip is official, you'll be replacing the casual outfits with formal ones.
  • Hawaii's weather can be super crazy―sunny one moment, while a sudden downpour the next. Carrying a light rain jacket makes sense.
  • Your water sports gear is best left at home; you can opt for cheap rentals in Hawaii.
  • Cotton and linen should be the fabric of choice while packing clothes.
  • Flip flops are the choice of footwear in Hawaii, but in case you're planning to visit the volcanoes, do carry a sturdy pair of hiking boots or walking shoes.
  • Some hotels may specify a dress code, which is resort wear. For women, this includes summer dresses, capris, casual skirts and tops. The men should take dress-shorts, khakis, and collared casual shirts.
Note: We've taken the liberty of adding a minimum column to the clothing checklists for women and men; for children, you will have a better idea about the number of items to carry, depending on the duration and activities planned. You may not wish to carry each item mentioned here, but they have been included to give you an idea about what ideally can be packed.

Women's Clothing

ITEMS Min. Qty.
Swimsuits 2
Sarongs or Cover-ups 2
Casual skirts 1
Casual shorts 1
Casual tops 4
Evening outfit 1
Jeans 1
Casual pants 1
Maxis or Sundresses 1
Sleepwear 2
Dressy flat sandals 1
Flip flops 1 Printables

Men's Clothing

ITEMS Min. Qty.
Swimwear 2
T-shirts 4
Shorts 2
Jeans 1
Khakis 1
Linen pants 1
Sleepwear 2
Closed footwear 1
Flip flops 1 Printables

Children's Clothing

Thin fleece/jacket
Beach shoes Printables


Note: Blank spaces have been left at the bottom so as to let you make additions.

Scarves (if needed)
Beach tote
Paperback(s) Printables


Note: Blank spaces have been left at the bottom so as to let you make additions.

Sunblock (min. SPF 30)
Sunblocking lip balm
Medication (if any)
Prescriptions Printables

Armed with these lists, you can't really go wrong. Now, set your eyes firmly on your destination, and keep dreaming about Hawaii until you get there.