What to Consider When Buying an Electronic Cigarette

With their increasing popularity, there is a greater demand for electronic cigarettes. If you are considering buying one, this Buzzle article enlists certain things to look for when purchasing an electronic cigarette.
What to consider when buying an electronic cigarette
Did You Know?
Electronic cigarettes are widely promoted as a smoking cessation tool. However, there has been no approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any scientific evidence to support these claims.
Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes as they are called, have become popular as a tool that helps in quitting smoking. They reduce the number of toxic chemicals that a person is exposed to, and are considered safer than normal cigarettes one smokes.

If you intend to quit smoking and are keen to try out this cigarette, then there are several factors to be kept in mind while buying one, which are discussed below.

Various models and types
The first and foremost thing to consider is the design and construction of the cigarette as well as its types. There are different specifications and details that you may want to consider. Most electronic cigarettes are available as a 2-piece or 3-piece unit.

Deciding between 2-piece and 3-piece models
It is a personal choice, whether you want to opt for a particular 2-piece or 3-piece model. In a 2-piece model, every cartridge has a fresh, new inbuilt atomizer, so you don't have to worry about purchasing a new one every time. The 3-piece ones come with a warranty, and the refill cartridges are also cheaper. Factors like replacement cost and ease of usage must be kept in mind while selecting an appropriate electronic cigarette.

Most of it is a personal choice; however, if you are a first-time buyer, you will need to buy an electronic cigarette starter kit. This kit will help you get acquainted with the device and its working. Once you are familiar with its operation, then you can opt for one which is elegant, classy, and suits your style.

Battery life and charging options
The durability and charging options of the batteries are other points to consider while checking out electronic cigarettes. You will want one which lasts longer and gives you the maximum number of puffs so that you don't have to keep on recharging the battery time and again. Consider a battery which lasts long and suits your lifestyle.

Pleasure of vaping
An e-cigarette should taste good, and give you an enjoyable nicotine hit at the back of your throat. You should feel like you have smoked a cigarette, and hence, considering the vapor produced is also very important. Some brands release relatively thick vapor which enhances the pleasure of smoking. Nicotine levels and different flavors that are available are all a personal choice which may vary according to your preference. So, you may have to look accordingly, and choose one which suits you the best.

Price and warranty
All this considered and done, price comes into the picture. Quality and performance of the electronic cigarette that you buy must be on par with their cost. Considering all the aforementioned factors, the cigarette that you buy should give good value for the money you spend on it. Also, checking the warranty offered is extremely important. They are very fragile, and you may need replacements sent out. Hence, understanding the warranty and sticking to their guidelines are very important if you want to take advantage of it.

Customer service
You may need to ask around to get information about the customer service and satisfaction of various brands. Defective products or delay in product delivery are common complaints. Also, effective dealing with consumer complaints and prompt customer service should also be looked into so that help will always be available at hand whenever you need it.

Make sure you check all the details so that it is customizable, inexpensive, and meets your individual preferences to make your experience enjoyable.
Published: November 15, 2013
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