Almost every culture, across the world has their own set of traditions when it comes to marriages, weddings, and celebrations. Irish culture holds the Celtic tattoos with significant value, which is why they incorporated its meaning into their daily lives. As these tattoos have no beginning or end, Celtic loops and knots are the perfect symbol of togetherness and forever.

Although, many Irish people choose to wear traditional rings, the Celtic tattoos have been one way of binding a couple's marriage, expressing their culture and heritage, and bringing in some kind of creativity to the whole wedding.

Celtic Tattoos

Any traditional wedding has the couple choosing and exchanging wedding rings for the ceremony. To keep the tradition alive but also adding their own unique twist to it, some newlyweds are adding that extra creativity to the whole thing. Getting wedding band tattoos inked on themselves, to show their love for one another. Plus, an added advantage of getting your wedding ring tattooed on yourself is, you won't ever lose it.

Design Ideas

  • Infinity Wedding Tattoo
  • Initials Wedding Tattoo
  • Linked Rings Wedding Tattoo
  • Phrase Wedding Tattoo
When you decide to spend the rest of your life with your true love, everything else seems unimportant somehow. You wish to display your love for him/her and make a statement about it. What could be bigger, louder, and permanent than a wedding tattoo? When the two of you bond on a level where no one can even imagine, it makes your relationship stronger than ever. And as a permanent reminder of that person, relationship, date, and/or place, you can get matching tattoos done.
  • Linked Rings - The linking of two wedding bands, on your ring finger, symbolizes your eternal and undying love for one another. The design shows unity and infinity all mixed in one. A union of two souls that can never break by making the design with endless Celtic knots.
  • Name/Initials - One of the most popular kind of tattoo is the name or initials tattoo. The names/initials go on each other's body, exactly on the same spot, and in the same font, size, style, and shape.
  • Wedding Bells - As the wedding bells have always been associated with the end of the wedding ceremony, the tattoo will preserve your union. You can get the wedding date inked in the middle of the bells and enhance it with elegant knot work.
Henna Tattoos

Apart from the Celtic tattoos, another popular culture also adopts the heritage of applying tattoos for wedding; India. Unlike other cultures, weddings in India are held on a grand scale as they have to follow a number of rituals, customs, and traditions. As one the important rituals for Hindu weddings, the temporary tattoos, also known as mehndi, are applied on the bride's hands and feet. It is believed that the henna tattoos signify the strength of a bride's marriage and the love she will receive after it. The darker the color of the tattoo, the stronger and longer the marriage will be.

Design Ideas

  • Wedding Henna Design for Bride
  • Dried Henna Design on Feet
  • Floral Henna Designs for Bride
  • Floral Henna Designs on Feet

The designs and patterns drawn on the hands and feet are very complicated. Although, the placement of these temporary tattoos are not specified, as mentioned before, they are generally applied on the hands and feet. Nowadays, apart from the bride, the rest of the family and friends, and the groom (in some cultures) also get the privilege of applying henna on their hands. However, only the bride gets the special attention and the most unique, creative, and beautiful designs when it comes to it.
  • Baraat - In plain English, baraat means the marriage procession which comes from the groom's house, accompanied by his family and friends. This entire scenario is drawn on one of her arms with intricate designs to match it. The tattoo actually starts at the top of her arm and runs down to her palm.
  • Doli - It is the end of the wedding ceremony and now the bride has to go to her husband's home. The detailed work that is put into the design takes many hours and lot of skill. To match the baraat scene, the doli is drawn on the other arm.
  • Flowers - The patterns are included in the entire design. The choice of flowers to be drawn are many. You can go with roses, lotuses, rose buds, daisies, and many more. These flowers are interconnected with the rest of the designs on the hands and feet.
  • Kalash - It is a metal brass, copper, silver, or gold pot is used in many wedding ceremonies. It is used in the ceremony to worship many Gods and Goddesses in Indian culture. The design is very popular and often has the name of the groom imprinted inside it.
  • Peacock - A peacock tattoo looks really gorgeous when the wings are drawn open with flower patterns in it. The henna tattoo artist makes sure that the designs are complex, yet beautiful.
The temporary tattoos will vanish completely in a couple of weeks, but the permanent one are a constant reminder of your decision. So, don't make hasty decisions as to what you wish to get as your tattoo and represent your wedding. Consult a professional tattoo artist to get ideas for designs and placements, to make the permanent decision.