What to Look for When Buying Toys for Children With Cerebral Palsy
Toys for kids with cerebral palsy
Children who have cerebral palsy require to have specialized toys. These toys are specially designed keeping in mind their limitations and special needs. Cerebral palsy is a broad term used to describe any one of the several...
How to Choose a Perfect Play Kitchen for Your Little Chef at Home
Tips to choose a play kitchen
Play or toy kitchens are an integral part of early childhood, and kids learn their initial lessons of life through this toy. Kitchen sets have kept pace with the changing times, and to choose a perfect play kitchen set for your kids...
How to Clean Off Battery Corrosion in Toys and Why It's Necessary
Steps to clean off battery corrosion in toys
A toy you simply love is not working? Maybe it has a corroded battery in it? You need not chuck it into the trash just yet. We'll tell you why this happens and how you can still save your favorite toy.
How to Make a Rubber Band Helicopter That You Can Be Proud Of
Things required to make a rubber band helicopter
Are you creative with a knack for learning new and innovative things? Well, then this article that tells you how to make a rubber band helicopter, is sure to interest you. Read it once, and you'll be amazed to find out how easy...
Spy Gadgets for Kids
Spy gadgets for kids
For all those aspiring kids who want to grow up to become a real spy, there are a few handy spy gadgets which you must have to have in order to fulfill your dream in future.
Adorable Teddy Bear Names That are Alluring and Spot On
Teddy bear names
We all love our stuffed friend, read Teddy Bear, so much that we consider it to be an integral part of our family. Hence, naming our cuddly friends becomes a must.
18 Little-known Facts About the History of the Teddy Bear
History of the Teddy bear
The Teddy Bear has ruled the toy world ever since time immemorial. Did you know that this cute toy has an interesting history? Read this Buzzle post to know all bout how the Teddy Bear came into the toy world.
Here's an Easy DIY Guide on How to Build a Rubber Band-powered Car
Tip to build a rubber band-powered car
In the following Buzzle article, we will give you step by step instructions on how to build a car that is powered by a simple rubber band. It's an engaging and informative project that both, kids and adults will love.
How to Build a Toy Car from Scratch
How to build a toy car
Churning out toy cars at home may not be as easy as pie, and having your child help you in the process -- a far-fetched idea, indeed. Well, we just heard you! Here are simple toy-car-making ideas that actively involve your child in...
Remote Control Cars for Kids
Fact about costs of remote control cars for kids
Children as well as adults get excited by the thrill and entertainment provided by remote control cars. Here's a list of some of the best remote control cars your kids would adore. Continue reading this Buzzle article to find an...
Are Glow Sticks Toxic?
Fact about toxicity of glow sticks
Glow sticks are popular during Halloween, 4th of July fireworks, and warm summer events, to name a few. Even pet owners are excited to put these glowing pieces of jewelry to their pets' lease or collar. But are glow sticks toxic?...
Expert Tips for Buying RC Toys for Your Child
Tip for buying RC toy for your child
Buying an RC toy is not as easy as it may seem, especially with numerous choices in the market. This Buzzle article provides tips that will help you look for the best features while choosing an RC toy.
How to Choose Toys for Kids with Special Needs
Choosing toys for kids with special needs
Choosing the right toy for a kid with special needs is not easy as you need to consider the child's abilities and stage of development before making your choice. Here is a guide to help you understand the factors that are important...
A Guide for Buying Your First Remote-controlled Helicopter
Guide to buy remote-controlled helicopter
Remote-controlled helicopters are loads of fun to play around with. If you too are looking to get your hands on one of these, this Buzzle article should come in handy to pick the right one.
Best Websites To Buy Kids' Toys Online
Best websites to buy kids' toys online
Buying toys online is a great way to avoid the hassle associated with shopping at brick and mortar stores that generally have huge crowds, no parking space, and unavailability of toys. In this Buzzle article, we provide a list of...
Benefits of Shape Sorter Toys
Benefits of shape sorter toys
Shape sorters are classic educational toys that teach children about shapes and colors while helping in the development of fine motor and problem-solving skills. This Buzzle article provides a detailed description of some amazing...
Tips for Buying Kids' Toys Online
Tips for buying kids' toys online
Toys are an essential part of a child's development and growth. Unfortunately, for parents, buying toys in a store can be a major hassle. To ease the process, many online toy retailers have mushroomed in recent years. If you are...
What to Buy for Kids: Plastic or Wooden Toys?
Wooden toys are better for kids
With a plethora of toys in the market, parents are bound to get confused. While buying toys for their child, parents need to consider the child's safety and the toy's durability as well. This is the reason why more parents are...
Things to Consider When Buying Toys for Your Baby
Tip to buy toys for your baby
There are parents who randomly buy toys for their baby without giving much thought to its use. Toys not only keep the baby engrossed, but also help in the emotional, physical, and cognitive development of the child. This Buzzle...
Are Toy Guns Bad for Children?
Are toy guns bad for children
Considering the exposure that our children have to violence, it is natural for parents to worry about their kids' safety and well-being. One such debate that haunts many parents is whether or not to provide children with toy guns....
Scientific Toys - Educational Science Toys
Magnetic Skeleton maze - educational toy
Children learn and grasp the most when learning is fun. Scientific and educational toys not only make learning fun, but also stimulate cognitive thinking and creativity. The market is flooded with educational science toys of all...
4 Simple Tips on How to Perfectly Paint a Model Car
Are you planning to spend this weekend in some interesting art work? Well, then why not paint a model car and give it a fresh and flashy finish? If you don't know the procedure of painting these miniature cars, then here are some...
Incredibly Smart Yo-yo Tricks for Beginners
The terra cota yo-yos used by Greeks in 500 BC are said to be the earliest. The different yo-yo tricks for beginners described below are easy to learn. It is just a matter of time before children learn to enjoy various interesting...
For Star Wars Fans! What are Lightsabers And How Do They Work?
Lightsaber is a weapon you must have spotted in the Star Wars episode, which most of us are familiar with. Let's know about this weapon and how it works from this article.
Best Ways to Clean Your Baby's Toys You'll Be Glad to Know
The little bundle of joy has begun crawling and exploring toys by tasting them in his mouth. Of course as a parent you are worried about every little issue and cleaning takes precedence over all other matters. As you are in great...
How to Do Yo-yo Tricks That are Fabulously Easy And Fun
Do you want to learn some simple tricks to do with the yo-yo? If yes, then read this article to learn some of the most basic acts that you can perform with this toy.
Choices of Stunningly Creative Toys for 2 Year Olds
Creative toys are beneficial for improving your kid's cognitive and motor skills. This article provides some information about such toys that are meant for two-year-old kids.
Best Baby Toys for 1 Year Olds That Will Make You Smile
If you have a 1 year old in the house, you need to have some toys with sounds and colors on them. Toddlers at this age love swinging and musical toys. Read on to know what are the best toys for 1 year old babies.
Ideas for Stylish And Beautiful Patterns of Barbie Doll Clothes
Making beautiful dresses for Barbie dolls is something many little girls like doing. This article provides some dress pattern ideas for the same.
Toys for 2 Year Olds That'll Make Them Jump for Joy
Toys for 2 year olds must be a great treat for their exploration and healthy overall development. Read this article to get some good tips for buying them.
Best Selling Toys of All Time That Will Make You Go Whoa!
Which are the best selling toys of all time? Well, here is an article on those toys that were a rage in the past and rule the minds of kids even today!
How to Make a Custom Barbie in 6 Simple Steps
Have you ever tried to create your own Barbie? If your answer is no, learn how to do so from the following step-by-step guide.
Unbelievably Helpful Learning Tools for Kids
Children learn faster than adults, for they have an unbiased approach to learning. Here are a few learning tools for kids, that can help you teach your child in a better way.
Adorably Cute Hamster Toys for Kids
Hamster toys for kids are the replica of real hamsters that would give you a feel of a real pet because of their movements and funny sounds that they produce. Read on to know more about hamster toys.
Best Educational Toys You'd Want to Buy for Your Kids
Parents love to see their child play and have fun. Seeing their children play whilst learning is an enriching experience. The best educational toys could lead your child on the path of an integrated and interactive learning process.
Here's How to Choose the Right Tricycle for Your Toddler
A tricycle may seem like something you can pick out at random, but it does require careful thought and consideration prior to making a buy. Let's take a look at what you need to bear in mind, before selecting a tricycle for your...
Want to Know the Toys Best-suited for 1 Year Old Boys? We Have Ideas
Hunting toys for your 1-year-old boy can be a difficult task given the number of options available today. In this article, we'll see what kind of toys you should prefer, thus making your job of selection a tad easier.
Don't Know How to Throw a Boomerang? We'll Tell You
Throwing a boomerang is not as simple as it seems. But with practice and perseverance, the boomerang will surely come back to you! This article is going to tell you more about throwing the boomerang.
Make Your Kiddo Happy! Learn How to Make a Rocking Horse
Children love horses and riding ponies is their all time favorite activity. You can build a rocking horse for your little ones, and watch them giggle with joy. The simple instructions in the following article will help you learn to...
Playhouse Ideas for Children That'll Make Their Dreams Soar High
Playhouse - A perfect place for your children to have their own tea-parties and the perfect option to turn your backyard into a fun-filled zone. Read on to know more about it.
Want to Buy Classic Toys for Toddlers? You'll Love These Suggestions
Toys are an important part of a toddler's world. Classic ones make for great gifts. Read on to get some suggestions.
A Guide to Choosing Educational Toys for Infants And Children
Childhood and toys are almost inseparable. The physical and mental development of a child depends on the right choice of toys, to a certain extent. This article provides some guidelines for parents to choose the right toys for...
Activity Toys That Aid a Healthy Development of Infants
Activity toys for infants helps them to develop skills, learn new things, and think for themselves. Here are few examples, so that you can buy the best toys for your baby.
What You Ought to Know About Buying And Storing Toys Safely
Toys that are seemingly safe for children to play with may not be necessarily so. This article provides tips for selecting toys that are safe, and for storing them properly.
Thinking of Adding Antique Toys to Your Collection? Then Read This
Toys that amuse children are today, also collectibles for adults, especially antique toys. The history of natural and crafted toys is as old as that of our civilization itself.
Things You Never Knew About the the Ancient And Modern Boomerangs
Boomerangs have a long and international history. Although they were first used in hunting, they are now more common in sporting events. Let's have a closer look...
All You Ever Wanted to Know About Electric Cars for Kids
Electric cars are the most exiting toys that you can gift to your kids. Classy designs, rich colors and models that imitate the famous cars, make these the most desired toys of many kids. Go through this article to know about the...
Be a Jedi Master: Simple Instructions on How to Make a Lightsaber
A lightsaber is a unique sci-fi device, that has been popularized by the Star War movies. To learn how to build one at home, scroll below.
Which Toys were Popular in the 1950s?
Some of the interesting and popular toys that set new trends were seen in the 1950s. Here's a quick look at some of these toys, which are also one of the most sought-after collectibles even today.
Toys for Toddlers with Autism
When it comes to choosing toys for toddlers with autism, one has to keep certain factors in mind - these will be explained in the article below, and certain options for the kind of toys that you can choose will be given as well.
Why Wooden Blocks are Better than Plastic
Plastic is all around us, and probably will be for quite a long time. When it comes to blocks, though, the plastic revolution might not be entirely good. This article recounts the rewarding experience of playing with wooden blocks,...
The Humble Yo-yo
The yo-yo is so much more than a cheap way to keep kids (somewhat) entertained. One of the oldest toys around, the simple concept of two discs, an axle and a string has way more potential than you thought...
Educational And Fun Learning Toys for 2 Year Olds
Learning toys serve as vital mainstays for the period when your kid is crossing over the transition phase from being a newborn to a toddler.
Toys for Autistic Children
Educational and developmental toys play an important role in helping autistic children develop essential coping skills. Autistic children, in the process, develop their cognitive skills.
Popular Kids Toys
The most popular toys are an awaited category to explore. Read the following article to learn about the most sought-after toys that you could lay your hands on and gift your child with the most exciting inroad to joy.
History of FAO Schwarz
In order to find out when FAO Schwarz was established, you have to go into the rich history of this toy retailer, which traces its journey from Baltimore to New York ... and various other parts of the world.
Lego Death Star Review
If you have been a big fan of Lego toys since your childhood, you should check out the Death Star review presented in this article. Read to know about this exciting Lego toy model set, designed with amazing details.
Want to Buy Cheap Yet Good Legos? Don't Miss These Places!
Want to buy Legos at low price? Finding cheap Lego sets might seem to be a tough task. But here are some tips and options that you can check out to grab the cheap and discount deals on this popular game.
History of Barbie
Though most of us have played with Barbie dolls, very few of us are aware of the history of Barbie dolls and how they came into existence. It all conceptualized in the mind of a visionary named Ruth Handler, who believed a teenage...
Creative Toys for Boys
To ensure that the creative potential of your boy is tapped to the fullest, this is one amazing thing to do. Buy him games which will not only keep him engaged but also give him tricks and techniques to unleash and improve his...
How to Build a Wooden Car
Planning to surprise your kids with a miniature wooden toy car? Well, you'll be glad to know that making it from scratch is not that difficult after all! So, how to build a wooden car? Read on to find out.
Electric Scooters for Kids
For ages, toy scooters have had the unique distinction of being the first real vehicle that kids have laid their hands upon. Electric scooters are a very popular choice among kids and teens of late.
Popular Educational Toys and Games
Using educational crutches during a session is helpful for kids who want to have a little fun while learning. Discover ways on how you can use fun in the classroom.