Sample Personal Letters of Recommendation

Personal letters of recommendation are a sort of trend, that has been in vogue since the human resource managers started their hunt for better and talented employees, who have an urge to work hard and compete. Here, we have provided two examples of sample personal letters of recommendation which will help you draft one for yourself.
Imagine that you are a student who has just completed an internship and simultaneously also your college course. You are ready to go and achieve something in the outside world. You also have some interviews and job prospects lined up in front of you. However, nobody in the prospective employer's office knows you, since you have randomly answered all the employment related advertisements. Well, here is where the personal letters of recommendation come in.

Personal letters of recommendation are mostly written by the people who had a close contact with you, in your professional life. The basic intention in writing recommendation letters, is to build up faith about a person's productivity, efficiency and talents in the minds of his or her prospective employers, or the people he or she is bound to work with. Hence, if you are planning to write a personal letter of recommendation, go ahead and write one as it is bound to yield positive results for your friend.

While reading these sample personal letters of recommendation, observe the connectivity and the significance of the different paragraphs of the letter.

Letter of Recommendation Examples #1

To Whomsoever it may concern,

I have known Mr. Aeneas M, for quite a long time and have worked as his team leader for the past 15 months. He was completing his internship as a paralegal in the process of becoming a lawyer, during that time.

Aeneas is a very hardworking fellow and also aims at achieving the maximum possible efficiency, at all the possible areas of work that he handles. He is a person who puts in, his whole and soul into the task that has been assigned. This is probably the reason that he is able to complete seemingly herculean targets and tasks. Timely completion with the maximum efficiency is his motto of work. A knowledge thirsty person, he is always ready to learn and know more about things and is always up to achieving complete mastery over his work. These capabilities are also backed up by his excellent and meritorious achievements in academics and all the extra curricular activities at the law school. His internship at my law firm certainly proved to be beneficial to us, as he contributed a lot to many of the cases that we assigned to him.

I firmly believe that he would make an excellent lawyer for your company and will deliver a performance exceeding expectations. I feel that you would be lucky to have him work in your legal department.

Yours Truly,
Scholasticus K.


This letter is an example of the employment letters of recommendation. Among all the letters of recommendation examples, this is the most commonly used one, as it is written in good faith. Some recommendation letters may also be attached to the reference letters or cover letters.

Letter of Recommendation Example #2

Among the sample letters of recommendation, a prominent one that every person needs to know about, is the letter that is written at a personal level. The letter that is stated above is a sample letters of recommendation that is written at a professional level. Below I present a letter of recommendation, that is written as personal favor.

Dear Maisie,

I have been knowing Benhur for quite a long time and he has been my tenant for the past 5 years. I can with confidence say, that he is a very honest and hardworking fellow, who hasn't caused any trouble to his landlord. He is also very helpful and interactive and can strike up a conversation easily. He never gets into any antisocial or problematic activities and is also very religious. He is most definitely a safe bet, both in terms of timely rental payments, as well as in the maintenance and welfare of my property.

You will be certainly lucky to have him as a tenant.

Yours Truly,
Scholasticus K.


The individual writing a recommendation letter has to throw light on the positive working habits and traits of the individual who intends to use this letter. Hence it is important to write a very good and convincing letter that will help your friends, colleagues, deputies and superiors.
Published: August 21, 2009
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