Let's Find Out How Many Grams of Protein You Need Per Day
Daily protein requirement based on weight
Do you want to know how many grams of protein is healthy for consumption per day? Read on to know the amount of daily protein requirement for normal people, children and athletes.
Important Information About Low Globulin All Must Be Aware Of
Low levels of globulin
Low globulin levels in the blood signify a type of protein deficiency in the body. Scroll down to know all about this condition.
Here are the Answers to All Your Questions About Globulin Levels
Globulin levels
What is globulin? When is the amount of globulin in blood checked? What do high and low globulin levels indicate? The present article will answer all these questions. Read on to know the significance of normal levels of globulin in...
Everything About Cytokines: Their Function, Structure, and Properties
Cytokines function
What are cytokines? Well, they are a group of molecules that act as messengers in inter-cellular communication. They are released mainly to stimulate an immune response when the cells detect any foreign substances in the blood.
What are Some Good Sources of Proteins for Healthy Living?
Sources of protein
You should have adequate amounts of proteins in your daily diet for healthy muscles, youthful skin and lustrous hair. But do you know which food items contain the most proteins?
The Undeniable and Wonderful Role of Proteins in Living Organisms
Role of proteins
Rightly regarded as one of the building blocks of life, proteins do much more than just nourish our body.
Quick Snippet: Structure and Function of Transmembrane Proteins
Fact about transmembrane proteins
Transmembrane proteins span entirely across the cell membrane. Transmembrane proteins can have a number of functions and structures. Buzzle explains a few of them with the help of examples.
A Concise Overview: Structure and Functions of Proteoglycans
Structure of Proteoglycans
Proteoglycans are one of the major components of the extracellular matrix; they act as fillers between the spaces that occur between cells. This Buzzle post gives information on the structure of proteoglycans and its various...
Difference Between Peripheral and Integral Membrane Proteins
Difference between peripheral and integral membrane proteins
A membrane protein refers to a protein molecule that is associated with or attached to the membrane of a cell. Buzzle explains the difference between peripheral and integral membrane proteins.
Different Types of Proteins and Their Functions
Functions of proteins
Proteins are building blocks, and are involved in all the metabolic activities that take place in the human body. This Buzzle article enlists the different types of proteins, and the roles they play in different cell functions.
An Exhaustive List of Lean Protein Foods, Exclusively for You
Proteins should be an essential part of any diet since they are known to be the building blocks of life and vital to all bodily functions. The key though is to consume proteins that are low in fat. Here is a list of lean protein...
Too Much Protein in Blood? How Badly is it Affecting Your Health?
The presence of too much protein in blood could be a manifestation of something severely amiss in the body. Get to know about this condition from the following article.
This Crucial Information About Fibril Proteins Deserves a Read
This article brings to you a short description on fibril proteins and genetic diseases where they are implied.
Watch Out! Eating Too Much Protein Can Have Many Negative Effects
Eating too much protein can have serious consequences on one's health. This Buzzle article tells you what are the effects of including too much protein in your daily diet.
Significant Information About the Process of Digestion of Protein
Proteins play several functions that are necessary for the healthy functioning of the human body. Pepsin, trypsin, and chymotrypsin are enzymes that facilitate the digestion of proteins. This Buzzle write-up provides information...
Here are Some Interesting and Informative Facts About Proteins
Proteins are an important class of macromolecules that are present in all living organisms. Let's take a look at some of the important facts about proteins in this Buzzle article.
Simplified Explanation of the Steps Involved in Protein Synthesis
Protein synthesis is a relatively complex process. Read the following article to understand this process along with its numerous steps.
A Short Explanation of the Fascinating Process of Protein Synthesis
Protein synthesis refers to the construction of proteins by the living cells. Comprising two primary parts (transcription and translation), the process of protein synthesis involves ribonucleic acids (RNA), deoxyribonucleic acid...
Protein isn't Always the Answer, But They are Cool (and Healthy)
Protein shakes won't change your life, but proteins themselves are responsible for it.
Effects of Too Much Protein in Your Diet
Protein is the building component, that also repairs and aids other functions of the body, but too much protein in a diet can be quiet detrimental to your health. Find out exactly how much of protein is safe to consume, and what...
Different Types of Protein Supplements
Proteins are vital for the growth and maintenance of the entire human body and are aptly known as the 'building blocks'. The upcoming article sheds light on the various types of protein supplements that are widely used by heavy...
Tips to Improve Protein Digestibility
Proper digestion of protein is important because of the fact that our body does not manufacture protein nor does it store it. This article gives you a few tips to improve protein digestibility.
Plant Protein Vs. Animal Protein
Do you find yourself caught into the plant protein or animal protein dilemma, not able to decide which is better of the two? Understanding the difference between these two protein types will help you come up with a balanced diet...
How much Protein does a Vegetarian Need?
It is always a concern for vegetarians about their daily protein needs, as they don't eat meat and eggs. If you are wondering how much protein does a vegetarian need, read this article and find out.
Low Protein Foods
Low protein diet is prescribed to people with kidney or liver problems. It is easy to find foods high in protein, but hunting for low protein foods can often be a problem for a number of people. So, for the people who have to stick...
Low-protein Diet Plan
A low-protein diet plan is necessary for the well-being of necessary organs of the body like the liver and kidneys. Protein is an essential element which is required for the well-being of the body, but too much consumption may be...
Low-protein Diet
A diet low in proteins is usually prescribed to people suffering from kidney diseases. The following article will give you more information on the benefits and effects of this diet.
Recommended Protein Intake Per Day
Proteins are an integral part of our diet, and our body requires their sufficient intake for a variety of purposes. Once we know the recommended intake value, and the sources to get these proteins from, it becomes easier for us to...
Side Effects of Eating Too Much Protein
All those on a low-carb, high-protein diet should think twice before actually implementing this kind of diet plan, as there are numerous fall outs associated with too much proteins. This Buzzle article lists them out for you.