O Positive Blood Type Facts

The blood group, though not unique, differs from person to person and blood types (or groups) cannot be mismatched. Broadly, there are 4 groups of blood, namely Group A, B, AB and O. It is a well-known fact that O positive blood type is the most common, and AB negative is the rarest form of blood group.
Blood type, which is also known as a blood group, is based upon inherited antigenic substance which is or is not based upon the surface of red blood cells, commonly known as RBCs. Antigens principally include proteins, carbohydrates, glycoproteins, or glycolipids and their presence or absence determines a person's blood group.

Blood types are classified according to what is known as ABO blood grouping system. These groups are further classified as per the Rh factor (rhesus factor). The Rh factor is the presence or absence of antigen on the red blood cells. The negatives A- B- AB- and O- are the blood groups that do not have any antigens on the red blood cells. The positive ones of course have antigens present on them. This ABO system which was established in the early 20th century has an international standing and has a long time affiliation with the International Society of Blood Transfusions.

Facts About O Positive Blood Type

An astounding fact about O positive blood type is, there are about 307,212,123 people in the United States alone who have this blood group, and it contributes to about 37.4% of the population of the United States. Well, here's something for all the people with this blood group.
  • Transfusion: The people from blood group O positive can receive donation from members of O positive only. It was believed that the O negative blood type was compatible with this blood group, however, there is quite a debate about this fact.
  • Donation: A donor from the O+ blood group can donate to any positive blood group A+, B+ and AB+. Hence, people with O blood group are also known as universal donors.
  • Personality: Believe it or not, like Zodiac signs, blood group type tends to influence your behavior. Widely thought to be the first blood group, people who have the O group are believed to have an aggressive and energetic personality. O positive blood type personality is often described to be powerful, productive, angry in positive and negative manner and also hyperactive and impulsive.
  • Plasma Compatibility: In case of emergencies, people with O+ can receive Plasma from any other blood group.
  • RBCs: People with O+ blood group, can donate RBCs to people from O+ and O- blood group.
  • Diet: The diet for O positive blood type that is more on meat based protein, coupled with intense exercises. Gluten based products should have a controlled O positive blood type diet, which leads to weight gain. Legumes and beans also tends to have an effect on the weight. It is widely observed that the people with O blood group tend to have an acidic stomach, hence berries and plums tend to have a soothing effect on the stomach.
The people with O+ blood group are needed all the time for blood donation as the RBC can be donated to all + blood groups and its plasma is compatible with O- group. Hence donating blood once in a while can help save some lives.
Published: November 16, 2010
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