Most Popular Scottish Baby Boy Names and Their Meanings

Scottish names are becoming fairly popular quite fast. These names have a different ring to them and are really quite different and exclusive in the way that they sound. In this Buzzle article, we will peruse some of the most popular Scottish first names for boys.
Popular Scottish baby boy name and meaning
According to the General Register Office for Scotland and the National Records of Scotland, in the year 2012-2013 Jack was the most popular first name given to boys. It made up 2.1% of the first names for boys. The name has been on the first position for 6 consecutive years.
When it comes to naming a baby, most new-age parents want a name that sounds different and is unique. In the bid to have a unique name for their baby boy, many people are now looking into varied options that transcend over several cultures and regions. In that direction, traditional Scottish names are seen to be steadily rising on the popularity chart.

If you've had a baby boy recently and are thinking of giving him a name that has everyone sitting up with rapt attention, we'd urge you to give the following popular Scottish male names a look through.

Scottish Names for Boys and Their Meanings

Ail - From the stony place
Akir - Anchor
Adair - From the oak tree ford
Baen - Fair-skinned
Blake - Dark-haired
Bryce - Strength

Cadell - Battler
Cai - Rejoicer
Calan - Cailean Child
Donel - Brave
Doug - Dark stream
Duncan - Brown warrior

Edan - Fire
Evan - Young warrior
Euan - Youth
Fergus - Strong and manly
Firth - Woodland
Fraser - Curly hair

Gareth - Gentle
Gaven - White falcon
Gordon - Hill near the meadow
Hay - From the stockade
Hearn - Lord of the horses
Hume - From the cave

Ian - God is gracious
Inek - White river
Iver - Archer's bow
Janneth - God is gracious
Jestin - Righteous
Johnson - Son of John

Kane - Tribute
Kin - From the top of the cliff
Kynan - Chief
Leith - Broad river
Lennox - With many elm trees
Lyall - Loyal

Mitch - Like God
Morven - Mariner
Muire - From the moor
Neill - Champion
Ness - From the headland
Niall - Victorious

Ogilivie - From the high peak
Oidhche - Night
Oliphant - Great strength
Paden - Royal
Price - Son of the ardent one
Pherson - Parson

Quinn - Fifth
Quany - Proud
Quacey - Moonlight
Rae - Grace
Ray - Dear brook
Redd - Redheaded

Shaw - God is gracious
Sloan - Warrior
Stuart - Steward
Tavin - Homestead
Todd - Fox
Tyree - Island dweller

Uilleam - Will
Uisdean - Intelligent
Urquhart - From the fount on the knoll
Vojin - Protector
Victor - Victorious
Vincent - Conquering

Wal - Ruler
Wallace - Stranger
Ward - Guardian

Like we said, these baby names for boys will have you spoiled for choice while choosing a name that best suits your baby. And now that you have zeroed in on the perfect name for your baby boy, it's time to celebrate.
Published: July 4, 2014
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