Russian baby boy name and meaning
Moving with the Trend
According to the official civil registry figures in Russia, in 2012, maximum baby boys were registered by the name Alexander (Aleksander).

It is the happiest moment in the life of a couple when they have a baby. But it might be tough to find a perfect name for their little angel. Having an exotic and unique name for babies has become a trend these days. Following this trend, try out the Russian names given below, which are a mixture of traditional and contemporary ones. Some are cute, while others are unusual.

The Russian names given below come along with their meanings, which will help you choose the one you love, for your little prince. We have also prepared a list in alphabetical order to aid you in your name selection.

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Name Meaning
Abraham Father of many nations
Adrik Man of Adria
Ahmar Immortal
Afanasy Immortal
Albert Nobel
Alek Defender of man
Aleksander Defender of man
Aleksei Defender of man
Alik Protector of mankind
Alyosha One who helps man
Aloyoshenka Defends mankind
Amaliji Industrious
Anastas Resurrection
Anatoly Dawn, daybreak, or sunrise
Andrei Manly
Andrick Brave
Andrusha Manly
Antinko Inestimable
Antosha Praiseworthy
Anton Inestimable
Anzor Free
Arkasha Diminutive from Arckadi
Arkadi Bold
Arman Army man
Arseni Masculine
Artem Devoted to Artemis
Artemii Name of Saint; Greek goddess of Moon
Artyom Follower
Avel Breath
Avgust Venerated

Name Meaning
Baran A noble warrior
Bogdasha A gift from God
Bogumil Behind the name
Bohdan God has rendered
Boris A fighter
Borya A fighter
Brody Second son
Bronislaw Glorious armor
Casimir To destroy
Constantin Steadfast
Cheslav One who lives in a strong camp
Czar Name of the Emperor
Daniil God is my Judge
Danya Pet name for names starting with D
David Beloved
Demyan A tamer, A Greek God
Denya God of Wine
Dima A follower of Greek God
Dimah Torrential rain
Dimitri Earth lover
Dimochka Devoted to
Denis God of Wine
Dominik Belonging to God

Name Meaning
Edik Rich protector
Eduard Rich protector
Efim Fair speech, good voice
Efrem A form of Hebrew name Ephraim
Egor A farmer
Ermolai A heap of stones
Evgeniy Of noble descent
Faddie Bean farmer
Fadeaushka Bold
Fadeyka Brave
Fadeynka A gift from God
Fedor A powerful ruler
Feliks Fortunate, lucky
Feofan Epiphany
Filip Love horses
Foka Of Phocaea
Foma Twin
Fredek Peaceful ruler
Fyodor A gift from God

Name Meaning
Galia Calm
Ganya God is my strength
Garry Spear
Gav Worships God
Gavrel Worships God
Gavrie Man of God
Gavrilovich Worships God
Gavyn Worships God
Gennadiy Noble, generous
Geni Well born
Georgy Farmer
Gerasim Honorable elder
German Brother
Gleb Heir of God
Gorya Archer's bow, farmer
Gosha Earth worker
Gregori On the watch
Grisha Watchful
Hedeon One who cuts trees, destroyer
Iakov Supplanter, a Russian version of Jacob
Igoryok Farmer
Ilie The Lord is God
Ilya From Elijah
Ieremijah The Lord will rise
Ieremiya The Lord will rise
Ignat Fiery
Igor Warrior of peace
Igorek Yew, bow+army
Igus Yew, bow+army
Illarion Cheerful
Ilya Yahwe is my God
Immanuel God is with us
Innokenti Innocent
Ioann God has favored me
Ioakim From Job
Iosif He will grow
Iov God will establish
Ivan God is gracious
Ivano Medieval variant for Sir Walter Scott

Name Meaning
Jasha Supplanter
Jeirgif Russian form of George farmer
Jermijah God will uplift
Jov Supplanter
Jurek Earth worker
Jurg Farmer
Karl German name popular in Russia
Karol Strong
Karolek Strong
Kazimir Keeper of peace
Kir Farsighted, throne
Kiril Lordly
Kliment Merciful, mild
Kodiak An island
Kolenka Conquering people
Kolya Victory of the people
Konstenka Constant
Kostya Steadfast
Kuzma Harmony, universe
Laurente Russian form of Laurel
Laurentij Crowded with Laurel
Laverenty Of Laurentum
Lazar My God has helped
Leonid Lion
Lev Lion
Lyova Lion

Name Meaning
Makar The blessed one
Maks Great
Maksim The greatest
Marat Desired
Mark Roman God of war
Marko God of war
Markov Of Mars
Matfei God's gift
Matish God's gift
Matvei God has rewarded
Maximiano Son of Maximus
Mikhail One who resembles God
Miroslav Peace and glory
Misha God-like
Moisey Drawn out of water
Moriz Moorish, dark
Motya God's gift
Misha One who is like God
Naum The comforter
Nestor Wisdom and longevity
Nikifor The victory bearer
Nikita Unconquered
Nikolai Victory of people
Noe Russian translation for Noah
Oleg Dedicated to God, Holy
Olegushka Successful
Olik Successful
Onisim Profitable, useful
Orel Eagel
Osip Prosperity

Name Meaning
Pabiyan Bean farmer
Pasha Small and humble
Pankrati Almighty
Patya Most high, supreme
Pavel Small and humble
Petya Stone, rock
Prokhor Leader of dance
Pyotr Stone
Ratmir Peace protector
Radomil Happy favor
Robert Fame and bright
Rodion Sprung from a hero
Roman From Rome
Rostilav Glory
Rurik Famous ruler
Ruslan Lion man
Sachar God remembers
Sasha Defender of mankind
Semyon God is listening
Senya Crown or wreath
Sergei Shepherd, servant
Serafim Burning one, snake
Seriozenka Attendant
Simon The listener
Slava Person of fame
Spiridon Spirit
Stanislav Glorious government
Stefan Crown or wreath
Svyatopolk Celebrating people

Name Meaning
Taras Poseidon's son
Timofei One who honors God
Tomek Twin
Tolenka From the east
Tolya Dawn
Tosya Beyond expectation
Trofim Breadwinner
Urie God is light
Usbeorne Divine warrior
Ustin Little bear
Vadim The knowing one
Valerian To be strong
Vanya God is gracious
Varfolomei Son of Talmai
Vassily King
Vasya King
Venedikt Blessed
Veniamin Son of the right hand
Vikenti Conqueror
Viktor Conqueror
Vitya Vital
Vlad Ruler
Vladimir Peaceful ruler
Vladislav Rules with glory
Vlasiy Talks with lisp
Volya Peaceful ruler
Vsevolod Ruler of all
Vyacheslav More glory

Name Meaning
Yakim Jehovah raises up
Yakov Supplanter
Yaromir Spring peace
Yaroslav Glory of sun
Yasha Defends men
Yefrem Fruitful
Yegor Farmer
Yermolai People of Hermes
Yevgeny Of noble descent
Yulian Descended from Jupiter, youthful
Yuma Chief's son
Yuri Farmer
Zakhar Whom God remembered
Zeno Noble
Zernebog Black God
Zhora Farmer
Zigor Farmer
Zinoviy Life of Zeus
Zion Highest point
Zivon Alive, lively
Zory Farmer

The name you choose is the first gift to your baby. So, pull up your socks, use this list as a reference, and pick up the precise name for your child.